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Nick: Vasari
Nick: Vasari
Nick: Vasari
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Lieutenant Image
Doctor S. Jane Vasari
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 20 to 25
   Height: 168 - 175 cm
Eyes: Cognac brown (gold flecks in the right light), Almond
Hair: Black, Shoulder length, straight
Skin: Fair olive complexion
Build/Posture: Athletic
Clothing: Lab coat over uniform
Vocal Quality: Sultry contralto, noticeable Italian accent
Duty Status: Active
Name: S. Jane Vasari
Title/Rank: Doctor
Position/Occupation: Medical Officer, Medical
Core Grade: O03
Sim: Outpost Phoenix

Biography for Doctor S. Jane Vasari

STARDATE 201804.15

FULL NAME:  Vasari, S. Jane
DATE OF BIRTH:  199601.12  (22 years of age)
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Arezzo Province, Tuscany Region, Italy

CURRENT POST:  Medical Officer
CURRENT RANK:  Lieutenant

- Stardate 201708.06:  Assigned to Outpost Phoenix
- Stardate 201802.04:  Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Stardate 201804.08:  Promoted to Lieutenant

- BA: Bachelor of Science - Medicine
- MS: Master of science - Emergency Medicine
- NCC: Neurological Surgery, Critical Care Medicine
- NS: Neurological Surgery
- NSP: Neurology, Pediatric Surgery

EYE COLOUR:  brown
HEIGHT:  170 cm (5’7”)
WEIGHT:  59 kg (130 lbs.)
FEATURES:  lighting shaped birthmark on inner and upper right thigh

MATERNITY:  Bianca (Caserza) Vasari
PATERNITY:  Evandro Vasari
OCCUPATION:  Art Historian


Vasari was born and raised in Comune di Arezzo.  She is a direct descendant of Giorgio Vasari of the 16th century, who was made most famous for his writing Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects and is considered the ideological foundation of art history.  Her family is well respected and influential, generation after generation adding to the rich history and life of the province.  Because of this, she is well-known in Arezzo and is constantly reminded of the reputation she must maintain.

As a child, she excelled in the arts, with oil being her preferred medium.  She showed potential in architecture and writing. It was believed she would follow in the Vasari footsteps.  It came as a surprise to both parents when she announced her desire to join Starfleet and become a medical officer.  She is the first to receive her medical doctorate and specializes in microbiology. After accepting her assignment to Outpost Phoenix, Vasar received an acceptance to complete a surgical residency program in the prestigious program on Bel’mara.  Due to her commitments to Starfleet, she was granted permission to complete her residency on Outpost Phoenix. She specializes in neurosurgery.


While she is intrinsically an introvert, Vasari is known amongst her friends to be easy-going and fairly sociable.  She flourishes well in smaller groups,but can manage in large social gatherings. She is flirtatious with a select few, though she is hesitant to become involved with anyone romantically as she views relationships as being in direct conflict with her ambitions.  She considers Lukas Behr her best friend. She is considered fit for duty.

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