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Nick: Traviscloud
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lt. Commander Travis Cloud
   Species: Rigellian
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 29
   Height: 70 - 72 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond, Regulation length
Build/Posture: Slim muscular
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Has telepathic link with his twin brother
Duty Status: Active
Name: Travis Cloud
Title/Rank: Lt. Commander
Position/Occupation: Helm officer and 2nd officer (AXO)
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Lt. Commander Travis Cloud

Travis Cloud

Rank:    Lieutenant commander
Position: Acting XO, Officially helm officer
Personal Data:
Species:        Rigelian
Place of Birth: Deep Space 14</td></tr>
Date of Birth:  April 1, 2366
Sex:    Male
Height: 5'10.5"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color:  Blue
Parents:    Biological parents are unknown
            Adopted by James and Tina Cloud
Siblings:   Twin brother, Trevor Cloud (identical twin)

Starfleet Record
2384 Entered Starfleet Academy
2387 Graduated the academy, posted to the U.S.S. Independence, at the rank of ensign. Originally posted to OPS
Late 2387 Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2388 Stardate 201104.28: Promotes to Lieutenant
2389 Promoted to First Lieutenant
2391 Promoted to Lt. Commander
2391 (late) Assumed the role of Acging executive officer


Travis is one of identical twin boys born on space station Deep Space 14.  It is believed that he and his brother, Trevor, were abandoned because twins in the Rigelian culture is very rare, and blonde twins was an ill omen.  The boys were found in a Terran cuisine restaurant by the restaurant owner, James Cloud.  He and his wife, Tina considered it a blessing as they were having difficulties conceiving.  They named the boys Trevor Robert and Travis Ronald.

The boys were raised on Deep Space 14.  They attended the school aboard the station and had a fairly normal childhood.

Growing up, Travis was the toughest of the two, and the more outgoing personality.  Due to his pension for "trying absolutely anything," Travis was always getting in trouble, more times than not dragging his twin along with him.

Trevor was the more reserved and studious of the two.  He did well in classes, and would often help his twin get through classes as well.  The boys (unknown to most of their teachers) shared a mental link.  They could telepathically communicate with each other.  It was through this link, that Trevor would help Travis with his tests and other studies.

On a class trip to Betazed, the pilot of the shuttle the twins were traveling on, collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest.  The shuttle had already made Betazed's atmosphere and started spiraling out of control.  It was only by Travis' that the shuttle was pulled out of its dive and diverted away from the populated area.  The shuttle did crash, but the only one serously injured was Travis because of the way the shuttle hit.  It was because of this, the boys' link was put to a test.

The doctors were not optimistic about Travis' chances of survival, and during the time they were trying to stabilize him, they kept the twins apart.  They were shocked when Trevor was finally allowed to be with his brother.  Trevor immediately placed his hands on his brother and sent himself into t trance.  The doctors were amazed when Travis' vitals improved, and the teenager had been put into a healing trance.  It is because of this link, that Starfleet had decided to keep the boys together on their first assignment.

In their first year aboard the Independence the twins (along with the rest of the crew, cloned by a mechanical being known as "the Keeper."  The Keeper had rendered the crew unconscious as they leaving the planet, and cloned the crew in order to manipulate their DNA to repopulate the dead world.  Unfortunately the Keeper did not count on the many varied species that are on a Federation starship, and the clones started "breaking down."  A couple of the clones were able to overcome the keeper and return to the Independence, where they found the real crew unconscious.  The revived Dr. Darz, and she worked with her own clone to save all the rest of the clones.

The clones of Travis and Trevor, took on their middle names (Ron and Robert, respectively).  They eventually went with Dr. Darz's clone, on the ship provided by Starfleet, and went to explore unexplored areas.

The Indy traveled to the Delta quadrant to a research station being set up there.  Along with a run-in with the Hirogen, the Indy came across and opening to the Nexus.  The crew was "ghosted in" and each experienced the joys of the Nexus.  Trevor's experience took him to Rigel V, where he believed his birth mother was, and he hoped they would welcome him and Travis back into the clan.  Travis, however had a different desire, and did not go with his brother.  Because of this, Trevor sensed, pretty quickly, that this was not real, and was able to return to the Independence.  He convinced Travis to return as well, through his mental link.  The two worked with Lt. Roberts, and Captain T'Marahoi to get all the crew back to the ship.

In early 2388, while the Independence was visiting Stabase 42, Trevor was on the station looking around.  He made his way into the pet shop, and wound up adopting a puppy of German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix.  Trevor named the pup, Loki.  Travis was, initially, opposed to the idea of having the dog, but quickly warmed up to him.

On Stardate 201104.28 (2388) when the twins were promoted to full lieutenant, they were given the option to move to separate, single-person quarters.  They opted for adjoining quarters, so they could live by themselves yet close enough to still be by one another.

On Stardate 201109.15, the twins were promoted to First Lieutenant.

On Stardate 201409.11 Trevor (and brother Travis) was promoted to Lt. Commander.  Shortly after that, Travis assumed the role of acting executive officer after the departure of Dr. Addy Darz whom had been promoted to captain and given her own command.

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