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Nick: Th'Hanera
Nick: Th'Hanera
Nick: Th'Hanera
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C1 Image
Cadet Soan th'Hanera
   Species: Andorian
   Gender: Male
   Age: 18 to 22
Hair: White
Skin: Blue
Build/Posture: Slim muscular
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Soan th'Hanera
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: Security cadet
Core Grade: C1
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Cadet Soan th'Hanera

NAME: Dizetsoan (Soan) th'Hanera
RANK: Cadet
RACE: Andorian
SEX: thaan (male)
YEAR BORN: 2371 (Federation calendar)
HEIGHT: 1.83 meters
WEIGHT: 70.81 kg
HAIR: White
EYES: Midnight blue
PARENTS: Deceased
MARITAL STATUS: Single (Bond-mates all deceased)
Kale was born and raised in the Andorian capitol city of Laibok.  It had been shortly after his thenth birthday, while Soan was out of the city on a class field trip to the Wasters, that the Borg invaded the Alpha Quadrant, going to the major worlds of the Federation and wreaking havoc in their attempt to annihilate the Federation.  Their ships orbiting Andoria, leveled Laibok, leaving almost no time for evacuation. Soah, and most of his classmates were left orphans.

Knowing his home was destroyed, and his parents dead, Soan set out to survive any way he could.  He lived on the streets of whichever metropolitan area he landed in.  He had met one person, a zhen, that he considered a friend.  He was twelve years of age when he saw a female Andorian being attacked by two thann.  He distracted the two, by hurling rocks, hitting one in the antenna and immediately disabling the youthful thaan for the duration of the incident.  The zhen, whose name was Dorna zh'Thrang, was then able to battle off the second, now distracted, thaan.  She and Soan ran off before the two thaan could recover and give chase.

Soan and Dorna continued a "partnership" for the next couple years, constantly moving through Andoria's underground cities.  Their own interests (and Soan's attitude) made them eventually part ways.  The last time Soan saw Dorna, in 2393, was at an official reception for the Starfleet Academy cadets and crew.  Dorna was an aid to the councilor in charge of the reception.

Soan roamed more, pretty much with no real ambition.  It wasn't until he had actually come to the rescue of a Starfleet officer in Andoria's new capitol city.  There were still groups that harbored ill-will against the Federation and Starfleet for hiding information on a meta-gene that could be used to help solve the Andorian reproduction crisis.  Soan helped fight off the group that had ambushed the Starfleet science officer.  The officer than talked Soan into joining Starfleet Academy.

During his first year in the academy, Soan probably made more enemies than friends.  His attitude has kept most of the other cadets at more then arm's length, which is just fine by Soan.  Two cadets, both a year higher than Soan, have made more than an effort to befriend the Andorian. Cadet Flower Sheme, a fellow security cadet and Cadet NightWind to Slvao, both Felinoids, have been known to be sympathetic to Soan and shown him open friendship.  This came as a surprise to other cadets and professors as both Felinoids had lost Soan's trust during his first year.

On stardate 201608.13, Captain Rhea Janseen, Commandant of Starfleet Academy saw to it that Soan, along with his fellow cadets on the summer cruise aboard the U.S.S. sutherlanI were awarded a Commendation of Valor. On Stardate 201607.30, the academy starship had just departed Andoria and were ordered by Starfleet to execuate a slip-stream jump to the Hirarian Starbase, further out in the Beta Quadrant.  The starbase is a Starfleet-friendly station that had come under attack by two ships from the Enclave.  The two ships did not wish to confront the Sutherland and quickly left upon the starshp's arrival.  The cadets and officers were immediately put to work, rescuing Hirarian crew, providing medical assistance and emergency engineering repairs.  Soan was on a search and rescue team responsible for saving at least five lives.  He then worked in whatever way was required of him to help get the starbase back in useable condition.

2392 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2393 - Awarded Commendation of Valor due to heroic actions aboard the Hirarian starbase.

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