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Nick: Storak
Nick: Storak
Nick: Storak
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Storak
   Species: Vulcan
   Gender: Male
   Age: 18 to 25
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Build/Posture: Slim
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Touch telepath
Duty Status: Active
Name: Storak
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Science officer
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Lieutenant Storak

Name Storak
Current Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Current Assignment: U.S.S.Excelsior
Personal Information
Race: Vulcan
Planet of Birth: Vulcan
Year born: 2362
Height: 175.26 cm (5'9")
Weight: 70.31 kg (155 lbs)
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark brown
Parents: Father: Senok, Professor Vulcan Science Academy
Mother: T'Ponn, Surgeon, Takrok Medical Insture
Siblings: Senuk, born 2342, Professor Vulcan Science Adademy
T'Praal, born 2347, Professor Vulcan Science Adaxemy
T'Paol, born 2352, deceased, formerly a physician at Deneva Medical Center
Seruk, born 2355. Physician at Shi'Kahr Medical Center
Stisik, born 2358, Professor Shi'Kahr University.
Personal History
  Storak is the youngest of six shildren. He was born in Shi'Kahr, and lived in a modest home. His father is a well respected history professor, and his mother a cardiac surgeon. Storak is the only one of the children not to follow in either their father or mother's footsteps. Storak's older sister, T'Paol was killed in the Borg attack of the planet Deneva in 2380.
Starfleet History
2380 Entered Starfleet Academy. Major: Science, Minor: Operations
2384 Graduate Starfleet Academy, assigned to the Mars Perimeter defense forces
2388 Promoted to lieutenant junior grade, transferred to the U.S.S Excelsior

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