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Nick: Slith
Nick: Slith
Nick: Slith
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Slith Cloudchaser
   Species: Gorn
   Gender: Male
   Height: 18 - 19 cm
Eyes: Mutifashited
Skin: Bronze
Build/Posture: Muscular, Lizard
Clothing: None expet sash as everythng internal
Equipment: X bow and taddas
Vocal Quality: Deep
Telepathy: Shilded
Duty Status: Active
Name: Slith Cloudchaser
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Security/Tactical Officer, Operations
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Slith Cloudchaser


Subject: Slith Cloudchaser

Current Assignment: Lieutenant comander (Technical Star Fleet Rank...Gorn Navy has no formal system of rank).

Species: Gorn
Height: 7 ft.9 in.
Weight: 469 lb. (includes tail)
Age: 22 STD. Yrs.
Sex: Male
Hair Color: N/A, scales are bronze with a hint of green
Eye Color: Gold, multifaceted

Distinguishing features: Scar on tail

Location Of Birth: Unknown
Genetic Parents: Unknown to Star Fleet, believed deceased
Marital Status: N/A (Gorn society has no formal equivalent of marriage)
Children: None

Physical Description: Tall, reptilian-appearing humanoid with a bronze-green, scaly hide and a saw-toothed ridge running along the spine and tail. Large, segmented eyes resembling those of insects. Mouth is filled with many large, razor sharp teeth. Always wears mesh type combat armor on body and head. Typically carries a crossbow with a 300 lb. draw instead of an energy weapon. Is also armed with a taddsss, a 7 ft. long staff with a spiked metallic band at each end.

Personality: Little is known, but is reputed to be a fierce warrior with a strong love of combat.

Background: On exchange to ISS Reciprocity from Gorn Imperial Navy through Starfleet Officer Exchange Program

Psychological profile: Known to prefer hand-to-hand fighting over ranged combat. Shuns energy weapons, prefers crossbow. Said to be a fierce fighter, fond of combat. Nothing else known. Gorns refused to provide further information.
Note to Engineering staff: Subject has been known to use live weapons during holodeck simulations.

Update added by Captain Adam Android, SD 60112.28: Slith Cloudchaser has been exiled from the Gorn Empire for activities that are considered crimes within their borders. The actions are not crimes according to Federation law and the Federation holds him blameless. He is accepted as an Exchange Officer and assigned to the Marine Division of the ISS Reciprocity.

SD 50303.19
And to the Scaled Guard, Slith Cloudchaser and the Raptors, since they are not Starfleet and cannot receive Starfleet Medals, a Special Commendation, ��� The Silver Dagger, for their service to the Captain, the Commander, and the Sojourner in general. They are hereby also discharged of this duty and granted transfer to the USS Maverick.

Stardate 60201.09
Lieutenant Junior Grade Slith Cloudchaser:
./\. The Classic Species Award
&C& Creative Log Writing Award - (with Voya on the "Sickbay" Series)

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