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Nick: Siboyze183
Nick: Siboyze183
Nick: Siboyze183
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant Junior Grade Siboyze 183
   Species: Hermat
   Gender: Dual, but appears more male
   Age: 24 to 33
   Height: 178 - 185 cm
Hair: Blond, Short, usually slicked back
Build/Posture: Slender, with slight female features
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Siboyze 183
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position/Occupation: Assistant Engineer, Engineering
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Lieutenant Junior Grade Siboyze 183

Rank:       Lieutenant junior grade
Position:  Engineer
Posting:  U.S.S. Independence
Species: Hermat
Gender:  Dual
Age:        26 Terran years of age
Height:   180 cm
Weight:  72.57 kg
Hair:       Blond
Eyes:     Brown
Home planet:  Amphibalus III
Parents:  Siboyze 182
Personal History:
    Siboyze 183 has been labeled an anomaly among hir people.  The Hermat as a rule have difficulties dealing with other races.  Siboyze 183 is very sociable and finds it easy to get along with hir crewmates.  S/he has been reported as being quite the flirt with all other crewmates s/he deals with.
* - Stardate 201210.01: Siboyze 183 graduated Starfleet Academy.
* - Stardate 201211.01 Reported for hir first assignment as engineer aboard the U.S.S. Independence.
* - Stardate 201408.28

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