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Nick: Mazzi
Nick: Mazzi
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant Junior Grade Tomas Ilario Mazzi
   Species: Betazoid/Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 177 - 184 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond, Styled easily
Skin: Tan
Build/Posture: Lean, athletic
Vocal Quality: Baritone, raspy, English accent
Telepathy: Empathic and telepathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Tomas Ilario Mazzi
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position/Occupation: Engineering Officer
Core Grade: O02
Sim: Outpost Phoenix

Biography for Lieutenant Junior Grade Tomas Ilario Mazzi

STARDATE 201801.17

FULL NAME:  Mazzi, Tomas Ilario
ASSIGNMENT:  Outpost Phoenix
POST:  Engineering Officer
DEPARTMENT:  Engineering

DATE OF BIRTH:  199302.23  (25 years of age)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Rye, Sussex, England
SPECIES:  Human/Betazoid
HEIGHT:  179 cm (5’10)
WEIGHT:  83 kg (180 lbs.)
EYE COLOUR:  blond

MOTHER:  Eza Zayi Mazzi
SPECIES:  Betazoid
OCCUPATION:  Professor of Microarchitecture
FATHER: Leonardo Neri Mazzi
OCCUPATION:  Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Rear Admiral
SIBLING:  Demetrio Ezio Mazzi (elder identical twin)
OCCUPATION: Associate Professor, Engineering

  • Stardate 201712.03: Posted to Outpost Phoenix

Tomas Mazzi was born in a small village several kilometers from a popular seaside village.  As a child, he was known for his cheerfulness and keen ability to pay attention to details.  He had a natural pull to mathematics and the sciences.  However, life as an exact twin proved to be much, for Tom and he sought to prove himself an individual.  His childhood years were punctuated by repeated suspensions from school for fighting and/or disruptive behaviour, much to the chagrin of his parents.  It did not improve until a near-death experience on his fifteenth (15th) birthday.  He resolved to become more disciplined and no further incidents are noted on his record.  He joined Starfleet upon acceptance, earning himself a degree in engineering, specialising in system mechanics and data programming.

Tom is a driven and ambitious individual.  He is knowledgeable in his area of expertise, but is an excellent problem solver and troubleshooter.  He is close to his identical twin and considers him his best friend.  Their genetic ability allows them to maintain strong ties despite the distance, sensing another’s presence beyond what is considered a typical “twin phenomenon”.  Once Tomas’ wild child days were over, he and Demetrio were known to share everything.  Both men tend to be competitive with one another, though it is done in good fun.  

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