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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant LiMei Kalmaku
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 22 to 29
   Height: 13 - 13 cm
Eyes: Brown, Almond
Hair: Black, wavy, Wavy, hip length
Skin: Olive
Build/Posture: Thin, some tone, Dancer
Vocal Quality: Sing-song soprano
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: LiMei Kalmaku
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Science Officer
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Odyssey

Biography for Lieutenant LiMei Kalmaku

Starfleet Department of Records:
Docket Number: 935-48-72 

Kalmaku, LiMei

1) Status

Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Odyssey
Department: Science
Current Post: Assistant Science Officer
Commanding Officer: Captain Jake Markson
Executive Officer: Commander Suavek

2) Physical Description

Race: Human
Ethnic Background: Chinese/Polynesian
Age: 31 years
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair Color: Black (extra long – hip length)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Distinguishing Features: none

3) Notes of Importance
Mother: Miyachi (Chen) Kalmkau – deceased
Father: Pekelo Kalmaku – 69, retired entertainer
Makaio Kalmaku – brother, 41 years old, property broker
Lieutenant Commander Xian Kalmaku – sister, 36 years old, Science Officer, USS Aldrin
Rajim Kalmaku - son, Klingon/Deltan/Human, 10 years old
Vinala Kalmaku - daughter, Caitian/Betazoid/Human, 8 years old
Kaius Kalmaku - son, Caitian/Klingon/Human, 7 years old

Born the last child of three, LiMei Kalmaku was always on the move.  Her father's Polynesian influence inspired Li Mei to learn many different forms of the Polynesian dance.  She has excelled in Holo Mai Pele, Kanaka Wai Wai, Lahaina Luna, and the War Chant, winning numerous competitions and awards.  LiMei is also known for her voracious appetite.  At 18, LiMei attended university and received a master’s degree with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.  During her four years at Starfleet Academy, LiMei received her doctorate in Biology.

4) Starfleet Background

LiMei Kalmaku entered Starfleet late at the age of 22.  Her marks throughout her schooling were always above average.  She excelled in both Biology and Chemistry.  LiMei graduated from the Academy on Stardate 0605.15 and received a promotion to Ensign.  LiMei's first assignment is on board the USS Darmok, under command of Vice Admiral Oliver. 

During a mission, the Darmok was transported to an alternate universe and LiMei contracted a deadly virus, along with several other crew.  The medical staff put her into stasis until they could return to their universe and be cared for by the best physicians.  Upon returning to the correct universe, the shuttle carrying the stasis pods was ambushed by a rogue geneticist named Vaughn Barron.  The megalomaniac cured the two women on the shuttle and kept them in his compound.

During her captivity, LiMei gave birth to two genetically altered children - Rajim, a Klingon, Deltan, and human boy, and Vilana, a Caitian, Betazoid, and human girl.  Upon their rescue by the USS Aldrin, LiMei returned to Earth to remain under the care of Starfleet Medical while she gave birth to her third child, Kaius, a Caitian, Klingon, and human boy.  She remained on Earth as an assistant professor at the Academy until she was assigned to DS9 for a short study on the wormhole.  Once the research was complete, she was assigned to the USS Odyssey.

5) Psychological Profile

This free spirited young woman is a pleasant officer who relishes her free time and makes use of it wisely.  She is the life of the party no matter where she might find or crash one.
- Christopher Bronson
New York Psych Academy
Despite the hardships she has gone through, LiMei remains a free spirited woman with vitality.  Her children are her joy and they continue to grow together.  She is an asset to any crew.
- Commander Darlene Higenbottham
Starfleet Medical, Psychologist

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