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Nick: Kale
Nick: Kale
Nick: Kale
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kale Edward Barron
   Species: Terran
   Gender: Male
   Age: 18 to 25
   Height: 2 - 2 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short
Skin: Light tan
Build/Posture: Slim
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Kale Edward Barron
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position/Occupation: Operations
Core Grade: O02
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Lieutenant Junior Grade Kale Edward Barron

(Recorded Academy Photo)

Name: Kale Edward Baron
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Starbase Everest - OPS
Year Born: November 2, 2369
Species: Terran
Planet of Origin: Earth

Physical Appearance:
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Marital status: Single
Parents: Thomas E. Barron, III & Kaleray (Born on Trebus)
Siblings: Brother: Edward E. IV
                  Sister: Regina Mae
                  Brother: Ronald David
                  Sister Elizabeth Mae (called Beth)
Personal History:
    Kale was born and raised near Nashville, TN - Earth. He i
s the youngest of five, having two older brothers and two older sisters.  His father, Thomas Baron, III was born and raised in the Nashville area and is a respected music producer.  Kale's mother Kaleray is a native of the colony Trebus, and was discovered by Thomas.  The two fell in love and made their home and living on Earth.
    Kale's childhood was pretty normal.  His parents were strict and demanded only the best from their children.  Kale was more than over-shadowed by his over-achieving siblings.  Music was a major factor in their growing up, and Kale was considered quite talented in the vocal department, though he only learned basic chords on the guitar.
    Kale was never an outstanding student.  He did what he could to get average grades and generally disliked school.  It was only when he found that he would require better grades to get into Starfleet Academy, which he had become very interested in in the 10th grade.  His parents were none too thrilled to learn their youngest wanted to go in the service instead of becoming a professional like his other older siblings.  Still it was by his mother's insistance that they support whatever Kale chose to do.  Out of high school, Kale enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
    His time in the academy had its ups and downs.  Kale was called into the dean's office more than once due to class work or tardiness to class.  One such incident, during his freshman year, Kale was caught with a PADD depicting a not-so0-flattering picture of a Klingon with an equally offensive caption.  It was later discovered that the PADD had not belonged to Barron, but he had taken responsibility for it, protecting the actual cadet whose PADD it was.
    In another incident, also in his freshman year, he and Cadet Barak Rel were brought in after they had almost destroyed the old bridge simulator.  Still, he strove to do better.
    During his senior year, at the academy, Kale went out on the intern program.  He was assigned to the Mars Perimeter Defense fleet as an operations officer. His commanding officer had nothing but praise for the cadet when graduation came around and offered Barron a permanent position with the force.  Kale declined the offer, and watched for other openings throughout the fleet.  He eventually took the position of operations officer on Starbase Everest.

2389 - Enrolled in the academy
2393 - Graduated Starfleet Academy took his first billet as operations officer on Starbase Everest as an ensign.

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