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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
LTJG Jacob Dylan John Barlow
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 24
   Height: 214 - 223 cm
Eyes: Brown, Smallish
Hair: Dark Brown, Short
Skin: Tanned
Build/Posture: Thin but Muscular
Vocal Quality: Deep
Duty Status: Active
Name: Jacob Dylan John Barlow
Title/Rank: LTJG
Position/Occupation: Helm
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Lothlorien

Biography for LTJG Jacob Dylan John Barlow

Name:Jacob Dylan John Barlow
Age Gradutded from SFA:22
Ship:USS Lothlorien -D
Im a quiret person but one that can come up with ideas fast I applyed for the accadmny when i was 18 and past the entrance exsam straght away graduwated at the top of my class i got my first assiment 8 months after i graduated abourd the USS Lothlorien surving under LTJG Neko, Heiwa in the Tac/Sec Deparment i was exsited about it but nurvers espeshaly as on my first away misson i nearly died three times by a strang thing iv nicked named Blue Blob (Don't know why).
Shortly after that the USS Lothlorien - C encounted a probe of some sort witch was indirectly linked to the destruction of of the ship. we got the new USS Lothlorien - D Shortly after that witch at that pointi transferd to the Helm On SD 201011. i was promoted to LTJG Same Rank as Hewia Neko


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