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Doctor Erik Jameson Vaeros
   Species: Draconian
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 178 - 185 cm
Eyes: Purple, Almond
Hair: Maroon, Messy
Skin: Tan, olive complexion
Build/Posture: Athletically muscular
Clothing: Dark slacks, button down shirt, lab coat
Vocal Quality: Baritone, gravelly
Telepathy: Hears and sees souls
Duty Status: Active
Name: Erik Jameson Vaeros
Title/Rank: Doctor
Position/Occupation: Head Ship's Counselor, Medical and Medical Officer, Medical
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Doctor Erik Jameson Vaeros


FULL TRANSLATED NAME: Vaeros, Erik Jameson
FULL DRACONIAN NAME: Drakivaeros, Endeem Jalan
APPARENT AGE: appears 36, actual age 250 (Terrian standard)
SPECIES: Dedreytisianeadreiyamian (loosely translated: Draconian)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Saphira, Eldoret
DATE OF BIRTH: 8601.12


Height: 1.83 meters / 6-feet Weight: 79.3 kilos / 175 lbs. Eyes: Purple Hair: Dark Red Skin: Tan, Olive complexion

Distinguishing Markings/Scars:

- Prominent canine teeth and pointed ears.
- 25-cm long and 0.30-cm wide scar, x-shaped, over abdominals
- 7.5-cm long and 0.25-cm wide scar over his left eye

Defining Features: Accent (similar to a soft Latin accent)

Erik is an athletic man of athletic muscular build and slightly above average height, with moderately dark tan skin tone. His dark hair that appears to be dark red and is normally styled in a messy fashion. He is often seen wearing a dark blue lab-coat like jacket over his normal wear of a dark coloured shirt and black slacks. During intense emotional situations, typically anger, Erik’s physical form changes. It is believed to be a natural characteristic of his Draconian history. Obvious changes include pupil dilation into slit-pupils and scale-like texture appearing on the top of his hands and forearms. These changes appear cosmetic in nature and do not appear to have any other purpose beyond defense. Draconians have a physiological defensive ability relating to the scent glands that are located in the back of their throat. In dangerous situations, it is believed that Erik can release a thin oneirogenic general anaesthetic - described as an almost sickly sweet aroma - that will render assailants asleep. There is no known danger to humanoids save for a lingering headache upon waking. It is a chemical reaction that can only be triggered by intense flight-or-fight instincts. Erik must ingest, via tea, a chemical for his nutritional benefit. This tea is highly poisonous to those who are not from Eldoret.

Erik’s physiology remains a mystery as Eldoret is not part of the United Federation of Planets and the information remains lacking.


- 1609.27 - Assigned as Ship’s Counselor, USS Hermes, 4501-G
- 1612.26 - Termination of Physician Exchange Program Status
- 1702.01 - Assigned as Ship’s Counselor, USS Aldrin, NCC 65358-B


- 0409.04 - Entered Saphira University
- 0906.09 - Graduated Saphira University (equivalent BS: Psychology, BS: Medicine)
- 0907.05 - Began residency at Emory University Hospital, Earth
- 1106.04 - Received MS: Emergency Medicine & Psy.D.: Psychiatry
- 1106.05 - Began fellowship program at Grady Hospital, Mars Campus
- 1608.01 - Completed fellowship program

- Bachelor of Science: Psychology, Medicine
- Master of Science: Emergency Medicine
- Doctorate of Psychiatric Medicine

Noted Certifications: ADP (Addiction Psychiatry), FBPN (Federation Board of Psychiatry and Neurology), FAFA (Fellow of the Federation Psychiatric Association).

FAMILY INFORMATION Full Name: Vaeros, Majeir
Relation: Father
Species: Draconian
Occupation: King

Full Name: Vaeros, Andra
Relation: Mother
Species: Draconian
Occupation: Queen

Information regarding siblings and extended family has not been provided.


Not much is known of Erik Jameson Vaeros as the subject was unwilling to provide more than the necessary information for his record. It is known that Erik’s actual name is Endeem Jalan Drakivaeros and he is the second son to his Mejeir and Andra Drakivaeros. He is considered the second in line for the throne though he has insisted on abdicating the role. He was born in the capital city, Saphira, of the continent Bakunawa on Eldoret. It is unknown as to how many siblings Erik has, though it is believed that he is one of eight children in the Vaeros family. Childhood disposition and history is unknown at this time.

What is known, however, is that Vaeros has continued to excel in his studies upon leaving Eldoret. He was described as confident, hard-working, and extremely sharp by his professors and peers. Although generally quiet and easy-going, he is also considered gruff by many as he is prone to insulting or being hostile, even to patients. Vaeros is known for his coarse tongue and is prone to giving nicknames to all those he encounters. In truth, he is extremely shy and prefers solitude to large groups.


Eldoret is the solitary planet in the heart of the Ezregura Nebula. It orbits a small yellow dwarf star. Due to its slow rotation on its axis, the planet experiences long hot days and cold evenings. It is a low-gravity and thin atmosphere Earth-like environment with several different climate zones. The largest landmass - Bakunawa - houses the sprawling mega-cities housed in glass domes to allow visitors the comforts of a normal gravity environment. Evolution has allowed the species to thrive in normal gravity under the safety of the glass domes, though the inhabitants are able to venture out into the natural environment with proper training. The planet is known for its beautiful singing forests and an impressive multitude of poisonous and carnivorous plants. It is a popular destination for scientists, specifically botanists and horticulturists.

The Dedreytisianeadreiyamian (loosely translated: Draconian) inhabit Eldoret. They are a peaceful and spiritual people who are deeply involved in all aspects of the sciences and arts. Typical lifespans are 500 to 600 years on Eldoret, with aging slowing after 100 years. The government is a monarch with a parliamentary system. The Drakivaeros has been the ruling family for five generations and has been considered the kindest of monarchs. Their reign has seen to be the most prosperous of all monarchs.

The religion has evolved to worship a large species that is native to the planet. The species of Dedreytisianeads (loosely translated: Dragons) are evasive and are considered to be myths to outsiders. However, historical records depict scaled serpent-like beings with feet and small wings that can reach up to 12-meters long and 4-meters tall. They are believed to live in all environments on the planet - from the dense forests to the near endless oceans.

Eldoret is currently considering entry into the United Federation of Planets.


Vaeros has a 25-cm long and 0.30-cm wide scar over the left side of his abdomen. No explanation was given for this injury.

He also has a 7.5-cm long and 0.25-cm wide scar over his left eye. It has not affected his visual acuity. No explanation was given for his injury.

Not much is known of Draconian physiology. It is unknown whether the prominent canine teeth and pointed ears are common among Draconians.

Vaeros has admitted to near-telepathic abilities, which he has stated is not uncommon among Draconians. He insists that he is unable to hear thoughts, instead describing it as listening to “souls”.

Vaeros suffers from motion sickness.


Vaeros enjoys hunting and weaponry. He has a fondness for reading. He also enjoys running as a sport.

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