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Nick: Eli
Nick: Eli
Nick: Eli
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Elias Randall Holden
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 17 to 20
   Height: 151 - 157 cm
Eyes: Grey blue
Hair: Dark blond, Shorter but still kinda shaggy
Skin: Fair
Build/Posture: Fit, toned
Clothing: Current teen styles
Vocal Quality: Smooth
Duty Status: Active
Name: Elias Randall Holden
Position/Occupation: Adopted son of Captain Michael Holden
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Elias Randall Holden

Elias Randall Sudbury is the only child of the late Lt Cmdr Bettina Turner Sudbury, an Archaeologist and late Lt Cmdr Thomas Sudbury an Anthropologist. Eli, as he prefers to be called was born on an unnamed planetoid with the designation Relas7245, when his mother went into early labor while at the dig site. Despite the unusual circumstances, his birth went smoothly.

Eli accompanied his parents on their various Starship postings. Everyone who knew them said his parents were a good match and that the Sudbury's seemed to be happy family. Eli was always closer to his mom because his father was more involved with his various projects. The majority of the parenting fell to Bettina when she was not on duty. This arrangement seemed to work well for the entire family for the first 13 years of Eli's life.

When Eli was 13, Bettina was working at a new dig site on an unfamiliar planet when she was stung by a tiny bug that was lurking underneath the soil. Thomas was nearby and saw his wife was in distress. He ran to her and called for emergency transport but before she could be beamed up, she died in her husband's arms.

After that, Thomas, who himself was grieving and had been the more distant parent, had to deal with a sullen, saddened child who missed his mother. Since Thomas did not put much stock in Psychology, his way of handling Eli's pain was to work him ever harder, filling his days with sports, weapons training and extra schoolwork. Eli had little time for his friends and his pleas to get out of some of the new routine were denied buy Thomas. Eli soon grew angry with his father. His attitude only made Eli more rebellious and difficult. Father and son lived together this way for a little more than two years.

Recently, Lt Cmdr Thomas Sudbury was KIA. With no relatives, Eli was alone.

Counselor N'Tazzia, who had formed a quasi-friendship/Counseling relationship with Eli previously, became aware of his circumstances and concerned for his well-being invited him to move into her quarters with her and her daughter.

He is currently still living with Taz and Malinda. His future is uncertain.


Klingon Language -- Fluent
Bat'leth Combat -- Advanced Basic
Hand to Hand Combat -- Advanced
Sculpting -- Novice
Ships of the Line -- Sight Identifcation
Enemy Ships -- Sight Identifcation
Phaser Combat -- Advanced
Energy Weapons -- Beginner
Psycology -- Novice

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