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Nick: Dara
Nick: Dara
Nick: Dara
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Ensign Image
Ensign Dara'zihl
   Species: Romulan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 27 to 35
   Height: 14 - 14 cm
Eyes: Aqua
Hair: Black with chunky aqua highlights, Long bob to shoulders
Skin: Dark olive complexion
Distinct Features: Head: Large, ragged scar on face
Build/Posture: Slightly heavy
Clothing: Modern Professional
Accessories: Row of small onyx studs in each ear
Vocal Quality: Low, firm
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Dara'zihl
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Physician, Surgeon, Scientist
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Ensign Dara'zihl

Personnel Record: Dara'zihl

Species: Romulan
Age: appears to be 27-35 in human years
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lb
Hair color: Jet Black with aqua chunks
Distinguishing Marks: Jagged scar on left side of face
Family: Deceased
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pets: Iguana, Fish
Education: Romulan Medical Society, Romulan Fleet Academy, Veterinary Studies/Starfleet Medical, Starfleet Academy, Specialties: Medicine – MD with Exobiology and Exophysiology
Science Specializations: Cybernetics, Robotics

Biographical Information:

Born on Romulus, Dara'zihl showed an aptitude for science and felt drawn to healing. She took care of injured wildlife and was known by the locals as skilled in nursing animals to health. She initially wanted to pursue a career as a vet but since she also wished to serve in the Romulan Fleet she changed her major and studied to be a doctor.

After graduating from the medical academy with highest honors, she was accepted into the Fleet Academy and completed her training there with high honors as well. She found herself assigned as a medical officer on a starship and served there for ten years.

As a ship's physician she took an interest in studying other species and eagerly performed examinations and autopsies on Romulan captives. One of the human captives she treated on the ship knew he was dying and he asked her to care for his pet, a large green, iguana. She agreed. Caring for Diego hearkened back to her childhood and reignited her interest in caring for other creatures.

Dara'zihl was back on Romulan for additional training when the Hobus disaster unfolded. She could have evacuated with other officers but choose to stay behind and tend to the ill and injured, hoping that they would be rescued in time.

Rescue came, but almost too late. At the last minute, the Federation starship USS Excelsior swooped in and took Romulan refugees aboard. Captain Praethen insisted on remaining in place for as long as he could and as a result the Excelsior was nearly destroyed in the explosion.

Dara'zihl was gravely injured. Her right leg was crushed and mangled at the knee and had to be amputated in the field. Her skull suffered a huge blow and the left cranial bone was shattered, shards of which severed her optic nerve and artery causing her to lose her left eye.

During her extended recovery on Earth she was offered the best in medical care and was treated as an equal, her Romulan heritage seemingly didn't matter. She made several friends while recovering and over the next two years she began to appreciate the ideals of the Federation and the integrity of Starfleet officers. Dara'zihl decided that she was more suited to life in the Federation and began to supplement her medical knowledge with hopes of resuming her medical career in some fashion.

Lasting reminders of her brush with death include a cybernetic knee and lower leg, a poly-carbon cranial plate and a bionic eye. Her left cheek is marred by a jagged scar where a portion of bulkhead ripped into her head. She has chosen to leave the scar as a reminder of what happened to her original homeworld.

Dara'zihl has renounced her Romulan citizenship and her rank in order to swear allegiance to the United Federation of Planets. It was on Earth she learned unconditional acceptance, compassion and a type of honor which appealed to her more than the Romulan way of life.

Her injuries and her journey have also left her in considerable chronic pain and with a bit of lower self-esteem.

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