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Nick: Cari
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Commander Carishai
USF Host
   Species: Denobulan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 35 to 55
   Height: 166 - 173 cm
Eyes: Cerulean Blue
Hair: Auburn with honey-gold streaks, Full & slightly wavy, just past shoulder length
Skin: Light olive
Distinct Features: Head: Denobulan ridges
Build/Posture: Athletic
Accessories: Frequently wears headband
Vocal Quality: Expressive, mid-range
Duty Status: Active
Name: Carishai
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Executive officer
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Commander Carishai


Species: Denobulan

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 105 lbs

Eye Color: Cerulean

Hair Color: Auburn mixed with honey-gold streaks.

Hairstyle: Shoulder length wavy hair often held back with a headband while on duty

Physique: Athletic

Complexion: Light Olive

Voice: Moderately pitched

Birthplace: Denobula

Age: 58, but looks more like 35-40 Human years

Familial Groupings:

NOTE: Denobulan families are very large and complex with multiple spouses being the norm.

Father: Nord

Mother: Sesha

Siblings: 8 full siblings (2 older brothers, 3 older sisters, 1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters), 62+ “shared” siblings in her immediate familial groupings.

Primary Family (Spouses, children plus their spouses & children):

Selected as third wife of Milx (deceased)

Two chosen husbands: 1st - Taja & 2nd – Wujen

Biological Children: Five

Rakk and Dakk, 12 year old twin sons (with Milx)

Vela, 11 year old daughter (with Taja)

Seelan, 8 year old son (with Wujen)

Pandi, 6 year old daughter(with Taja)

Taja has two additional selected wives, Janya and Betta

Wulen has been chosen by one wife, Trave.

Janya has just announced she has chosen a potential new husband, Broun

Additional children:

Nelea, 4 year old daughter (Janya and Taja)

Ariz, 10 yr old son (Taja and Betta)

Arlla, 9 yr old daughter (Taja and Betta)

Asdi, 6 yrd old son (Taja and Betta)

Densi,2 year old son (Wujen and Trave)

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