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Nick: Zarian
Nick: Zarian
Nick: Zarian
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Commander Image
Commander Zarian Lobren
   Species: Brikarian
   Gender: Male
   Height: 201 - 209 cm
Eyes: Black, Orbs
Hair: Hairless
Skin: Grayish
Build/Posture: Heavy, Stiff
Equipment: Carries a gravity compensator
Vocal Quality: Slight gravely
Duty Status: Active
Name: Zarian Lobren
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Commander Zarian Lobren

Name: Zarian Lobren Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Department: Security/Tactical

Home planet: Brikar
Year born: 2365
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 496 lbs
Eyes: black
Skin: Rocklike, silicate based, hairless.

Notes on Brikar- (Drawn from Memory Beta Wiki)

  The Brikarians are a species native to the planet Brikar. They have thick, rock-like skin that enables them to withstand and simply shake off disruptor blasts. Their strength is renowned -- if Zak Kebron (one of the very few Brikarians in Starfleet along with Titan officer Roakn) is any indication, they can easily lift several hundred pounds with little effort. Their equivalent of puberty involves a skin molting process wherein their old skin flakes off to reveal another surface underneath. They must wear gravity compensators in normal gravity, otherwise they'd be unable to move. Their hands have three fingers. Their average life-span is at least several hundred years.

Personal History:
  Zarian was born, in the year 2365, on the planet Brikar, into the Lobren clan. His father is a freight shipper, and his mother a school teacher. He had a typical Brikarian upbringing, and always dreamed of heading off to Starfleet. In 2382, Zarian left Brikar and joined Starfleet Academy.
  Much like most Brikarian, Zarian likes to keep to himself. He counts only two of his fellow cadets as friends, and has a strong dislike for Klingons, due to the Empire’s attempt to conquer the Brikar. Zarian does wear a small gravity compensator, at all times, He has attained high scores in marksmanship, though he was deemed quite efficient in all forms of security protocol. However, he has always preferred hand to hand combat for a variety of reasons.
  After graduating from the academy Zarian was posted to Europa Colony. The colony did not last long, and Zarian transferred to the Excelsior, just prior to it's destruction during rescue efforts resulting from the Hobus star explosion.
  Stardate 200904.10: Ensign Lobren was moved to bridge duty. On the shakedown cruise of the new Excelsior, Zarian was forced to take over the OPS console. His experience at this post, prompted him to revisit Starfleet Academy, where he sought out extra training for this position. Zarian then made himself available for the OPS position as well as tactical.
  Stardate 201001.31: Zarian was promoted to lieutenant junior grade.   Stardate 201005.23: Promoted to full lieutenant and named to the post of Chief Tactical Officer.
  Stardate 201101.16, promoted to First Lieutenant.
  Stardate 201101.31: Zarian was involved in the rescue of Shigurei Dire, from his Dominion Captors. Shigurei is the young son of Keisuke Dire, the Excelsior's chief engineer. The Dominion was holding the boy to keep as leverage against Dire, to do their bidding (See Dire's history for full details). In a swift attack, the Excelsior went right at the Dominion base, while Lobren slipped off in a shuttle to extract Shigurei.
  Stardate 201102.11: Shigurei, as a sign of appreciation to his "Uncle Zarian," visited the Brikarian in his quarters with a gift. The gift was a wolf cub from their special pack of intelligent wolves. Rei explained to Zarian, that much like Shiku (Rei's own wolf) could communicate telepathically with him, that in time, the wolf cub would develop the same link with the Brikarian. Lobren named the cub, Maverick, and the two almost instantly became inseparable. Maverick now accompanies Lobren wherever he goes on the ship. He stays dutifully by the side of "Akela" (wolf pack leader).   Stardate 201103.28: After seeing how close his son, Shigurei, and the Brikarian had become, Keisuke Dire decided to make Zarian the boy's godfather. The elder Dire realized that Zarian would go to any lengths to protect the boy, much as he would, and asked LObren if he would do the honor of becoming Shigurei's godfather. He also bestowed the honor of his first name "Keisuke" to Zarian. For all others on the ship. Dire is referred to as Isato.
  Stardate 201109.25: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Stardate 201206 to 201209.15: Zarian served as the Excelsior's acting executive officer, followint the death of Captain T'Ashal while in Romulan space.

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