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Nick: Wattsie
Nick: Wattsie
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Ensign Image
Ensign David Watts
   Species: Human/Q
   Gender: Male
   Age: 35 to 45
   Height: 186 - 193 cm
Eyes: Sandy Brown , Reflective
Hair: Sandy brown , Short and professional
Skin: Normal Human tan
Distinct Features: Head: mustache
Build/Posture: Medium
Accessories: Cowboy Belt Buckle
Vocal Quality: Husky voice
Duty Status: Active
Name: David Watts
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Engineering Officer, Engineering
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Roddenberry

Biography for Ensign David Watts

Age: 37
Gender: Male
Rank: Commander
Serial Number: SC-717-201

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Build: Medium Build/Athletic
Skin: White
Full Name: David Watts
Current Assignment: Executive Officer, USS Roddenberry
Date of Birth: July 4th, 2355
Place of Birth: Moab Utah, EARTH
Species: Human/Q **
Parents: Father- Donald P. Watts (living) Captain, Starfleet (Acting Commander, USS Pasteur)
Mother- Andrea Watts (living) housewife/elementary teacher (part time) (presently with husband, Donald, on USS Pasteur)
Siblings: Brother- Brandon A. Watts (living again) Commander, Starfleet
Sister- Amanda R. Barkley (living), Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Engineering Division, Earth married to Reginald Barkley, Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Engineering Division, Earth
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

************************************************************Medical and Psychological Profile for Watts, David SC-717-201 performed by Commander Colette Harrington, MD, Starfleet Medical****************************************

This was a standard 1 day observation and check up for Mr. Watts, who recently graduated from Starfleet Academy, and is awaiting his first mission assignment. Mr. Watts is an alert and healthy human Male, born to a human Father and a human Mother, though it should be noted that his mother, Andrea Watts, was part of the Q before she chose to abandon her powers and take the permanent form of a human female before she married and had children. No Q powers were detected with David during his youth. His siblings also showed negative when scanned for Q powers. All physical activity reports from Starfleet Academy show normal levels and I certify Mr. Watts to be fit for any type of duty. Psychological testing showed normal patterns and no concerns at this time. He is very alert and his quick thinking and reasoning, which earned him respect among his classmates in the Academy. Watts scored high particularly in combat stress testing, with the strong ability to take leadership roles as needed. It should be noted that Mr. Watts lost a brother during the beginnings of the Dominion wars and though he was young at the time, he took his brothers lost very hard which in time, helped to influence him to join Starfleet.

************************************************************************End Report***************************************************************************

*********************************************************************Previous Assignment Notes************************************************************
Report by Commander Donna Ganges
Ensign Watts has been assigned to the Tal Alpha System Outpost for the past 3 years in operations/science. During this time I observed Mr. Watts grow in his talents and abilities as a Starfleet Officer and has surpassed all expectations that could be made on such a new officer. In fact, I think he may have gotten a little too good... His marksmanship with a Phaser was unmatched, and his piloting skills in the shuttle craft and runabouts far exceeded any of the 2000 Starfleet personnel at the outpost.
Mr. Watts had several girlfriends who were fellow officers at the outpost, however nothing serious ever came of the relationships from what I have been told. Mr. Watts spent much of his free time enjoying the outdoors on Tal Alpha B, as well as making several trips into the nearby Yangis Nebula. Mr. Watts assistance during the evacuation and dismantlement of the outpost before a nearby star went nova was very appreciated although he spent 4 months alone in a runabout during his return to DS4 from the Tal Alpha system. I have sent in a request to Starfleet that Ensign Watts receive a promotion for his hard work these past 3 years, it has been an honor to serve with him.

*****************************************************************End Notes**********************************************************************

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