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Nick: Ulf
Nick: Ulf
Nick: Ulf
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Lieutenant Image
Lt Ulf Vetaan
   Species: Karn
   Gender: Male
   Age: 28 to 29
   Height: 251 - 261 cm
Eyes: Lightning blue, Almond
Hair: Natural: Dark brown. Dyed: Red, yellow and black, Vetaan Mohawk (H'rrlek'Vetaan)
Skin: Dull Grey
Distinct Features: Head: Covered in tattoos, large sharp pointed ears, flat (almost snake like) nose
Body: Three digit hands, animal like double jointed legs
Build/Posture: Strong Upper Body, fairly muscular, Strong, Confident
Clothing: Karn Chieftan (Captain) Armour
Accessories: Ear piercings
Equipment: Only For Battle: Disrupter Battle Axe, Energy Shield and Colbolt Blaster Spear.
Vocal Quality: Gruff cocky, deep voice (like other Karn)
Telepathy: Has a strong resistance to mind reading (Racial Trait)
Duty Status: Active
Name: Ulf Vetaan
Title/Rank: Lt
Position/Occupation: Assistant Chief Of Security, Security and Ex-Chieftain/Devara, Vetaan tribe
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Odyssey

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