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Commander Image
Commander Stacey Bones Harris
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 35 to 45
   Height: 15 - 15 cm
Eyes: Blue, Average
Hair: Medium blonde, Shoulder-length, wavy
Skin: Caucasian
Build/Posture: Athletic to thin, Normal but usually tense
Clothing: Standard Medical usually with lab coat like Dr. Crusher
Accessories: None, no jewelery, gets in the way
Equipment: None or as little as possible
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Cannot read thoughts, low-normal human psi range, psi null
Duty Status: Active
Name: Stacey Bones Harris
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Second Officer, Command and Chief Medical Officer, Medical
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Commander Stacey Bones Harris

Begin File....classification: xxxxxxxxx.        

Dr. Stacey Bones Harris- Current position: Chief Medical Officer, USS Excelsior    

Former Positions:
Chief Medical Officer, USS Stealth NCC1414-D, Executive Officer USS Stealth, AMO USS Stealth, MO USS Stealth.        

name: USFCmndrBones
rank: Commander
serial number: 4781327    
species: Human        
height: 5ft9        
weight: 136
hair: Blond        
eyes: Blue        
sex: Female        
age: 36

=^= Psychological and Background Information =^=        

Stacey "Bones" Williams entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 17.        
Upon graduating, she entered Starfleet Med school. The last 3 years of med        
school she spent studying part-time under Admiral Leonard H. McCoy. At the beginning of        
her last semester, during an experiment, a crazed Vulcan with a rare        
degenerative disease accidentally melded McCoy and Stacey together in a Fal-Tor-Pan-like        
mind meld. After months of therapy, both were released, but they still have minute    
traits of the other. McCoy is retired now, so the meld does not interfere        
with his life as seriously as it sometimes does with Commander Bones'. Bones graduated        
from medical school when she was 25. She then took a 6 month assignment on a        
colony, and then was transferred to the USS Stealth. She is a good        
doctor but is prone to bouts of      
anger, irritation, and cantankerousness, all characteristics of Dr. McCoy.        
She also has quite a bit of a nasty temper when pushed. Her pyschological profile shows she even exhibits signs of sharing Leonard McCoy's    
personal fears (listed below). When stress levels get high, she        
inadvertantly shows traits of Leonard McCoy. Nothing further can be done; she        
does house some of McCoy's mind in hers- and it often shows. Lt Stacey Bones married        
First Lt Kyle J. Harris of Vulcan on Stardate 9611.20. Shortly there after,        
she was promoted to FstLt, and a little later was appointed Chief Medical        
Officer of the Stealth. She was then promoted to Lieutenant Commander on        
9707.02. She was awarded a Purple Heart by Captain Sean Tarjoto on 9803.18. A        
few months later, she suffered the loss of Captain Sean Tarjoto. Captain        
Rigel took over the Stealth. In the beginning of the following year, her        
husband, Commander Kyle J. Harris disappeared in the line of duty and was        
presumed dead. Bones handled that latest blow of fate as well as to be        
expected, but it has been suggested to monitor her alcohol intake. Bones has        
inherited Leonard McCoy's propensity towards drink to deal with stressful        
situations. (signed Adm. Westerfield Jr., M.D. 9905.29) - Bones was promoted        
to the rank of commander and accepted promotion to Executive Officer of the        
USS Stealth on 0011.03.        
The USS Stealth was decommissioned on stardate 0505.10. Commander Bones accepted a posting as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Excelsior under Captain Praethen on stardate 0506.16 . Although becoming somewhat close to Captain Praethen, the doctor seems to have handled his untimely death in a fitting manner. Dr. Harris has not always handled authority, especially Starfleet authority and red-tape, as professionally as she could have.
Other awards/decorations: Longfellow Science and Medical Distinguished Recipient of the Year on 0712.01. Hobus ship-wide awards.

Other notes in med file: By Dr. Diana Dyson, Acting CMO, USS Excelsior- "I have been treating Dr. Harris onboard the Excelsior for the last 3.5 weeks. I am certifying her fit for duty as of today 0510.16. A month ago, she was kidnapped by Cardassians, and spent a terrifying 4 days captive by them. She came back to us with numerous injuries ranging from a broken nose to broken ribs, and a dependence on narcotics. As of today, I believe she is sufficiently recovered and rested physically. Psychologically may take a bit more time..." END NOTATION.

Stardate: 0901.05: Starfleet command notation recorded by request by under- secretary Daniella Dunmire: "All Command Crew-members of the USS Excelsior are here-by placed on stand-by pending temporary assignments during the re-fit of the USS Excelsior. List of names follows:...Lt. Cdr. Stacey Bones Harris (demoted on SD 081220 by Captain Eric Praethen citing bad judgment, disobeying direct order, no further comments entered)..."
LtCdr Bones re-instated by Captain Praethen to full Commander on SD 090321.

Other skills:        

-3rd degree black-belt in karate        
-piloting degree from the academy        

Known Phobias (since the meld with McCoy):        
1. Transporters        
2. Water (fear of drowning)        
3. Heights       

Upper Level Clearances only. End File.

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