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Nick: Triessa
Nick: Triessa
Nick: Triessa
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Triessa
   Species: Vorta
   Gender: Female
   Age: 32 to 36
   Height: 13 - 13 cm
Eyes: Dark Violet
Hair: Chestnut Brown, Long wavy to shoulders
Skin: Light-olive
Build/Posture: Slightly heavy
Accessories: Wild Earrings and Bracelets
Vocal Quality: Firm, soft
Telepathy: Unknown
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Triessa
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: First Officer
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Triessa

Starfleet Personnel Record: Triessa 8

NAME: Triessa 8 (Uses Triessa)
HEIGHT: 5'10"
AGE: 21/ (equivalent to 34-36)
HAIR: Chestnut Brown
EYES: Violet

Triessa a.k.a. Triessa 8, was the sole remaining Vorta clone in her "family" (set of clones) at the end of the Dominion War.

Triessa 8 had not been activated during the war because Triessa 7 had shown evidence of defect in personality when she did not always act as though the Founders were Gods. Triessa 7 was "deactivated" by the Founders who no longer trusted her to act in their best interest. The only reason Triessa 8 wasn't killed outright was because the Founders wanted to study her genome in order to determine where the fault within her chromosomal structure was located.

Near the end of the Dominion War, a Jem'hadar ship had crashed in a remote location on Bajor. Because she was protected in her medical stasis tube Triessa survived the crash. A Bajoran Prylar came scavenging the ruins for salvage and he found her barely alive.

Starfleet took possession of her and took care of her with the intention of studying her for vulnerabilities to exploit

Triessa did not have the memories of her seven predecessors but she was created, like all Vorta,with instincts nagging at the back of her mind telling her a Vorta was superior to others and that she should be seeking her creators/Gods.

As a result, she was different and realized her place in the galaxy was somewhat unique. She did not want to be judged by the actions of other Vorta or as an enemy to the Federation. She successfully sued for the right to be emancipated and free from additional genetic testing and eventually she was allowed to attend Starfleet Academy.

Due to her species, she has found that people tend to distrust her. She initially studied counseling with the hope to be better equipped to work in somewhat a hostile world and also to be able to help others who were struggling with their personal demons. She understands from where the resentment stems and has learned to mostly ignore the behavior.

Though she studied counseling at SFA, and graduated at the top of her class with a stellar GPA, she found she longed to do more and decided that she was interested in learning about starships, command and exploration. She then re-entered the Academy for Command training. Again, she was a great student and graduated with highest honors.

Despite her academic prowess, she waited over a year for an assignment on a Starfleet Starship. On some level, she does believe that being a Vorta has suppressed her opportunities for career advancement and her options for variety of posts.

After another six months languishing and stewing on Earth, she took things back to the legal system and won.

She was assigned to a small science vessel, the USS Curie as a Counselor. While the ship explored the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, she did her best to ensure the crew was mentally fit. Her yearly reviews showed she was a competent counselor and a decent officers.

It was still four years, seven months and three days before she was promoted to Lt j.g..

Her next posting was to the staff of a newly appointed ambassador who was traveling to a world called Djaena IV. The Djaena's were recently warp capable and upon venturing from their home world they stumbled upon a deep space listening post and figured out how to contact Starfleet. Traveling with Ambassador T'Seyel she was acting as the tactical officer of the small transport. It was ambushed by pirates and thru her quick response, the ship only took minor damage and no loss of life.

Triessa felt invigorated by the encounter and put that energy into assisting the ambassador in any way possible, including serving as XO of the small Djaena ship which was given for to T'Seyel to travel among the Djaen system worlds. There were a number of incidents where her counseling skills came in handy diplomatically and more where she was able to stretch her wings and become an effective officers.

When her time with T'Seyel ended she received numerous commendations and a promotion to full lieutenant. She was sent back to Earth and given a part-time position counseling personnel with "personal" problems. Triessa was bummed that she seemed to be back in the same rut.

Then, the incident involving the Aldrin and the Ares occurred and caught her attention. She figured that some of the surviving crew would eventually manifest their survivor's guilt as excessive drinking, gambling and the like, so she studied up on it.

When she saw that Captain Jake Markson was given command of a new Ares, she put in a request for assignment. Figuring she would be relegated to counselor, but believed that her skills would be put to good use. While studying the list of open positions on the reborn , she noted that first officer was not filled, and crossing her fingers, she amended her request to include a desire to be assigned as XO.

Triessa's recent medical review revealed no physical diseases or defects. They noted her weight issue and suggested a behavior modification program but she has yet to explore that option.

Her recent Psych eval mentions her feelings of not fitting in, though she tends to repress and deny them. She has a desire to prove herself to her superiors and has a strong competitive streak. They also noted that she is about 20 lbs overweight and determined it is because she has been trying to counter the poor sense of taste the Founders imbued her with by trying various cuisines, hoping to find one that may be more appealing than the others. She also has taken up jewelry craft as an attempt to overcome her lack of aesthetic sensibilities. The only point of concern mentioned in her Psych eval was the seeming lack of personal relationships Both Medical and Psych have cleared her for active service.

SFA Academic Highlights

From her Counseling studies:
Psychoanalytic Theories
Combat Psychology
Non-Race Specific Psychology
One on One Counseling
Psychology Phobias
Common Psychological Issues
Crew Morale and Relationship Building
Abnormal Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Family Counseling
Psychology of Additions and Addictive Behaviors
Psychoanalytic Theories
Klingon Psychology
Ferengi Psychology
Bajoran Psychology
Betazoid Psychology
Vulcan Psychology
Research Methods and Practices
Interspecies Ethics
Interspecies Protocol

From Command School:
Small Arms Familiarity
Starship Weapon Systems
Starship Security Systems
Starship Ops
Starship Command
Starfleet Orders and Directives
Jurisdictional Factors in Starfleet Security
Ship Identification
Starship Scanners and Sensors
Basic Engineering Principles
Starship Security Tactics
Crew Management
Public Speaking
Earth Based and other Allied Security Organizations
Intrasystem Peacekeeping Operations
Arrest, Restraint and Detention
Anti-Terrorist Tactics and Hostage Negotiation Training
Search and Rescue Procedures
Tactical Analysis
Hand to Hand Combat
Federation Law
Combat Triage and First Aid
Shuttlecraft and Small Ship Piloting
Federation Standard, Vorta, Vulcan, Basic Klingon, Rudimentary Romulan

General Knowledge/Interests
Jewelry Making
The History of the Dominion War
Writing Romantic Fiction under a nom de plume
Parrises Squares (Played on the SFA team when there, is a bit rusty now.)
Holodeck Programming

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