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Nick: Thad
Nick: Thad
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant j.g. Thaddeus Other
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 25
   Height: 2 - 2 cm
Hair: Blonde, Short
Build/Posture: Slim muscular
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Thaddeus Other
Title/Rank: Lieutenant j.g.
Position/Occupation: Engineer
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Lieutenant j.g. Thaddeus Other

Current rank
Lieutenant junior grade
Current Assignment
Engineer - U.S.S. Excelsior
Year born
Marital status

Family Spouse:  Hermia (Malfoi) Other, Ensign
  Father: Ronald David Other
  Mother: Theona (Petrocollis) Other
Physical Information-------
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 150 lbs
]Hair- Blond
Eyes- Brown
Build- Slim, muscular
Pre-Academy Education:
      Thad attended the public school system, in Brisbane, California, on the Northern American continent, planet Earth.  He was enrolled in the technical education curriculum.  
Personal History
Thad with his guitar
      Thaddeus was born May1, 2367, in Brisbane, California, on the North American Continent on Earth.   His father worked as a shuttle pilot, shuttling dignitaries around the globe, and within the Sol System.  Sarrina Other was employed as a English teacher in the high school Thaddeus attended.
     As a boy, Thad was not outgoing and had very few friends.  He was very self-conscientious about his stutter.  It wasn't until after Thad had found his talent with the guitar, and singing, that he started to show improvement, not just in social situations, but educational development as well.
     Thad graduated just above average, in his class.
     Thad was accepted to Starfleet Academy and started classes in the fall of 2385.  He was roomed with Malachi Styles, a second year cadet.
     January 2386, Thaddeus, along with fellow cadets was awarded the Starfleet Rescue Operations medal for his actions on Rigel IV, after the planet had been attacked by the Borg.  Thad was part of the away team which set up the emergency shelters, then took care of refugees.
     In the spring of 2386, Thad became involved with Sr. Luke's Episcopal Church, run by the Reverend Judas Watkins.  Reverend Watkins had seen Thad perform, musically, at one othe Academy mixers, and asked the boy to join the church choir.  Thad's parents are devout Episcopalians so Thad easily agreed to join.  It was here that he met Hermia "Mia" Malfoi, who was preparing to enroll for the fall semester at Starfleet Academy.  The two developed a quick and deep relationship.
  In the summer of 2387, Thad was part of the crew of the U.S.S. Sutherland when it was sent to investigate a energy anomaly just over the border of Sector 002. The anomaly quickly grew, engulfing the Academy ship, and sending it twelve years into the future of an alternate universe. In this universe a race known as the T'Kil had all but wiped out all life in the Alpha Quadrant. Led by then Captain Severine, the Academy crew was able to locate a small fleet, which was all that was left of Starfleet. In this universe, Thad had met the furure version of himself who was in command of one of the remaining ships. The future Thad was married to Hermia Malfoi, and had two children, one of them being a son named after Thad's father. The Sutherland crew aided the rag-tag gleet in defeating the T'Kil, and were then aided in their own quest to get back to their own universe and timeline. The entire crew was sworn to secrecy about the entire affair. Should they breach their oath, they not only would face expulsion from Starfleet, but incarceration in a penal institute.
In 2389, Thad graduated Starfleet Academy and received the assignment as an engineering officer aboard the U.S.S.Excelsior. In the fall he and Hermia Malfoi were married. There was an incident which was a direct result of Thad's bachelor party. The Excelsior returned to Earth, and Ensign Other's crewmates took him "out on the town." The resulting drinking and debauchery went from the streets of San Francisco, to Las Vegas, to Texas where some vandalism was reported at the Alamo museum. During their time in Las Vegas, as a prank, a shuttle was "borrowed" and flown back to San Francisco, dissassembled and reassembled inside one of the laboratories at Starfleet Academy. Ensign Other was found, devoid of uniform, sleeping off his inebriation inside the craft. All parties involved were disciplined by the dean of the academy, and the command staff of the Excelsior.
In 2390 (Stardate 201311.24) Other was prom0ted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade.
Starfleet Record

2385 Started in the fall semester at the Academy. Major: Engineering; Minors; Operations
 Awarded the Starfleet Rescue Service Medal for his actions on Rigel IV
Graduted Starfleet Academy. Assigned to U.S.S. Excelsior, under the commander of Captain Joshua Trellis
2390Stardate 201311.24, promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

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