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Nick: Tapal
Nick: Tapal
Nick: Tapal
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
LTJG Tapal Carmello
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Tapal Carmello
Title/Rank: LTJG
Position/Occupation: Tactical/Security Officer
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for LTJG Tapal Carmello

LTJG Tapal Carmello
Age 26
Sex female
Post: tactical officer on the USS Hermes
Eyes: right eye is blue, left eye is violet
Hair: black, straight, down her back, always wears headbands
Parents: Raised along side Heiwa Neko, cousins. Father: Tuvok. Mother: Florence. Brother: Spown Husband: LTJG Andrew Carmello
Height: 5'
Weight: 150
Species: Human, Japanese/part Vulcan

Academy info:
At the young age of 17, Rainbow was enrolled at the academy, but only stayed for a few years. She was so proud of her cousin when she heard what she did, but then when her uncle, who is Heiwa's father, found out, he placed the Neko name on her shoulders, and Rainbow couldnt handle it. When she turned 20 years of age, she dropped out after only finishing 3 years at the academy, and opened her own jewelry business where she makes jewelry from real seashells that she finds on the beach.
Starfeel information:
Rainbow had her own shop for about 4 years, and then a letter came in the mail. This surprised Rainbow big time, the only person that knew of her location was Adam McMhn, so she opened the letter, and it was an assignment letter to the USS Independence. Rainbow was blown out of her mind, she would be the only uncommissioned officer on this ship, and it scared her. She answered the letter letting the captain know that she would be with the next transport to the ship. The captain was no other than Adam McMhn, her only friend at the academy, suddenly she knew why he asked her to join his ship, Adam could trust her with anything, and thats the kind of officer that the captain wanted at science. Rainbow still felt out of place until she stumbled into Justic Jiprin, the commander of the ship, and he offered to help her prepare for these tests for commission. Rainbow agreed, and during 6 months, she and Jiprin worked hard on classes to get her knowledge up to date, and he allowed her to stay in his quarters, but during that time, feelings on both ends started to spark. But on the stardate of her test, Jiprin wasnt there, so he missed her becoming a commissioned officer of the Independence, but that also ended the events that they shared for 6 months. Rainbow had moved back to her quarters and remembered everything that Justic taught her. But then her cousin asked her to join her on a quest, and she was gone for 4 months. She came back, and was lucky to find out that she was able to come back to the ship, unlike her friend Kirei who lost her post on her ship.
Family story:
After an away mission to a planet, Rainbow Kern felt very stressed from the mission. At first she had dreams with not only herself, but two of her friends. The images in these dreams are just her minds way of telling her something she already knows. Her father helped her to remember how her life was before she was sent to earth to live with her cousin, Heiwa Neko. While she was remembering Tuvok told her that her birth name was Tapal. She has taken up her birth name as her name from now on. Tapal has been tortured, and nearly killed more than one time. For years she had been hidden from the Purifiers only for her safety. She is the chosen one to destroy them once and for all. She now serves with a new captain, her family is with her, and she has a fiance to love. Her brother stays at her side at all times, while her father continues to meditate with her.
When it was time for the wedding, everythingwas at peace in the family. Tapal had learned to forgive her brother and her brother had accepted Andrew as a honorable man for his sister. tapal had 2 weddings, one traditional human wedding, and then to honor her Vulcan side, Tuvok performed the Vulcan marriage ritual and helped both Tapal and Carmello to touch each other's mind.

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