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Nick: T'Valra
Nick: T'Valra
Nick: T'Valra
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C1 Image
Cadet T'Valra McMillian
   Species: Romulan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, Ponytaill
Skin: Light green
Build/Posture: Athletic, Thoughtful
Clothing: Warrior
Accessories: Sword
Vocal Quality: Smooth and intellagent
Duty Status: Active
Name: T'Valra McMillian
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: Science Officer
Core Grade: C1
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Cadet T'Valra McMillian

T'Valra first appeared Stardate 201202.28 1601.02 in Ah Mr. Bradley (2)
where Mr. Bradley Peter McMillians Family lawyer was being held by an
evil man named Tvar. It was revealed that 200 years ago 12 members of
the Tal'shiar were cast out of Romulus because even by the Romulans
standard their want of destruction of humans was terrible. after
killing their escort the were hunted and found themselves heading
towards a black whole. They had made it appear as the got sucked in.
while there she was discovered after which a plot was devised to
destroy the humans from within. several Romulan spies had been sent but
one ended up falling in love marrying a human and having a child. We
then learned that peters Father was the man who fell in love he had
developed a very deadly poison to humans but after he fell in love he
went away from the plan and planed on kidnapped peter to force his
father to tell him where the poison was so he could annihilate all

Then on Stardate 201202.29 2212.02 in Lady in White (3) Peters father
was reveled to be alive and T'Valra began telling her story. She was a
member of a Race of people whose planet was dying so they went off in
search of a new planet to call home. However they encountered a
Whitehole and the technology that was keeping them alive somehow
managed to trigger her race into a new and higher life form. She
explained that they became not that different from the Q. To them time
had no meaning ever race every life every event became know in an
instant. She also revealed that they longer had need for sex but some a
rare few were drawn to specific humans. Somehow they had become
connected to that individuals soul and forever and got stuck in that
persons life time. When that Person felt pain they would feel pain.
And their children would be special not immortal but their lives would
be extended. She revealed that she purposely trapped herself 200 years
in the past because she know what the Outcasts were planing. She called
Peter's Father dad and reveled that when peter got closer shed be able
to rescue all of the prisoners.

On Stardate 201203.01 1407.02 in Danger will Excell, Danger (4)
T'Valra simply tried sending a message to the Excelsior trying to warn
of danger to Peter from a version of his holographic mother. However it
was to garbled to be understood.

On Stardate 201203.10 1111.02 in The Metting and Betrayal (5) T'Valra
had a meeting her 6 most
trusted officers in an attempt to make a plan for defeating Tvar.
However Tvar suspected she was a traitor and she was forced to kill him
early. Then she began worrying for the McMillian's safety

On Stardate 201203.17 1012.05 in The Rescue (6) T'Valra then put on her
special armor on it was described as a vest of some kind it was black
and had two sword sheaths in it. Romulan soldier were gonna kill the
McMillan's but she killed the leader blocking Mr. Bradley's cell. The
other Romulans ran away because of fear from her. Matthew quickly began
to thank her as they went to rescue Peters mother. She quickly said
she didn’t do it for him she did it for Peter stating she didn’t even
like him. As the arrived at his mothers cell she ran into a mob of
angry and weapon toting mob of Romulans. After hearing Peters Mother
say Peter would kill them all on day. T'Valra killed them all with
extreme prejudice. Then she looked at Malinda Peter's mother and
healed all her wounds and returned her to the age she was when she
first met Peters father. Weakened buy using so much of healing powers
she said one more stop to make. As she was arrives at Peters fathers
cell she encounters more Romulans and something she called a
Blackwhovian. After some posturing from both of them she throws Matthew
her second sword to dispose of the Romulans while she dealt with the
Blackwhovian. After some more posturing she allowed the Blackwhovian to
live but promised if it returned she would not be so kind. Then after
beaming the 4 of them up to a nearby ship she blew up the base and
explained that the Blackwhovian's were her races enemy. Then feared
Peter finding out.

On Stardate 201203.21 1019.01 in The Crash (7) after arriving on the
bridge she asks for a status report. Shes told this 200 year up ship
wasn’t meant for these kinda storms. Then Before crashing Tells her
officers to send a hail to the federation giving there location
Travaxia. After being asked why the federation she explains better the
federation find then the Romulans. The ship then crashes killing all
But her, The McMillian's and Mr. Bradley.

On Sim Log - USS Excelsior - SD: 201203.25 she and the McMillian's were
rescued by the Excelsior.
Captain Tashal was very weary to help. It takes quite some time before
she allows they to be beamed aboard. Before she allows them aboard
orders both Lobren and Peter to be in turbo lift to greet them.
When the arrive immediately orders them to sick bay to be identified.
After they all arrive in sickbay she insists they will be identified as
the real McMillian's and asks if she could speak to Captain at earliest
Convenience. She senses Lobren is the head of security and willingly
hands over the weapons out of honor. She then tells of the events that
lead her here and how much endanger Peter was.
Lobren then is called the bridge as the ion storm was approaching. The
Xl joined a fleet of ships and then sim was over.

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