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Nick: T'Mara
Nick: T'Mara
Nick: T'Mara
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant (j.g) T'Mara
   Species: Vulcan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 177 - 184 cm
Eyes: Dark brown, Almond shaped
Hair: Black, Short bob cut
Skin: Pale, smooth
Distinct Features: Head: Vulcan Ears ; Body: Hidden tattoo
Build/Posture: Lithe but muscular
Vocal Quality: Alto voice usually monotone
Duty Status: Active
Name: T'Mara
Title/Rank: Lieutenant (j.g)
Position/Occupation: Tactical Officer
Core Grade: O02
Sim: Outpost Phoenix

Biography for Lieutenant (j.g) T'Mara

Species: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Age: 25 to 30
Height: 5’5
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black, short bob cut
Skin: Pale, smooth
Distinct Features: Vulcan ears, hidden tattoo
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Adoptive Mother: T’Pake Juno
Adoptive Father: Saden Juno
History: Little is known about T’Mara’s birth or her life before she arrived in T’Paal. She was found by a recon mission after Rateg was attacked by Klingons. Since she appeared much more Vulcan than Romulan she was sent to an orphanage on T’Paal with nothing, not even her name.
She stayed in the orphanage for only a few weeks until she was nearly five months old when she was adopted by T’Pake a housewife and her husband Saden, a botanist. T’Mara was their first child as they thought they were unable to convince but after she was born T’Pake had two other children by birth, twins a boy and a girl. T’Mara is not at all close with her siblings, in fact they have had no contact since she left T’Paal for the academy.
T’Mara’s childhood was anything but normal. She walked at nine months and spoke in nearly full sentences by the time she was eighteen months old. Her mother thought she was a bright child and nothing more. When she was two she began to have intense tantrums when she wouldn’t get her way. Her parents tried everything but she was nearly inconsolable. When she turned six her siblings were born and T’Pake sent T’Mara to the capital to attend a boarding school.
Often the little girl would find herself in trouble at school for fighting. She was very smart, especially when it came to langue’s which she seemed to pick up nearly instantly, but she was expelled for a week once when she threw a book at another child. T’Mara rarely went home after that, she would stay school year round and seemed to be trying to behave. Where the other children had no problems controlling their emotions T'Ma’a found great difficulty.
Her grades kept her from attending the Vulcan Science Academy and so she settled for her second choice of Starfleet. Highly trained in Suus Mahna and Sha’mura she was a natural fit for tactical and excelled in her courses.
Having turned away from her Vulcan roots she rarely lets her ears be seen and seems to be sensitive about them. Her uncanny ability to speak any langue nearly instantly almost made her choose communications but lack of people skills made it a less likely choice. She is very strong for her size and heals at a faster rate than most Vulcans. The reason for her adaptations are unclear, however in her star fleet file there is a reference a symbol tattooed on the bottom of her ribcage on the right side.

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