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Nick: Sorul
Nick: Sorul
Nick: Sorul
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Sorul
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Sorul
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Medical Officer, Medical
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Lieutenant Sorul

Basic Demographics
Name: Sorul
Education: Doctor of Comparative Medicine; Vulcan Medical Academy
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Title: Medical Officer

Basic Biometric Data
Species: Vulcan
Age: 33
DOB in Traditional Earth Calendar: August 28th
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 178 lbs.
Hair: Brown/ Black
Eyes: Brown

Family History
Father: Sernar (Expired; Bendii Syndrome)
Mother: T'Von
Siblings: T'Lex (Younger Sister; Expired at birth due to obstetrical complications)
Spouse: In an adult union with T'Doe, his arranged wife per Vulcan marital culture

Personal History
Sorul was born on Vulcan and is the offspring of Sernar and T'Von. He is the oldest sibling in his family unit, with his older younger sister expiring during birth when Sorul was 7 Earth years old. Sorul grew up in a traditional Vulcan family and engaged in the customary Vulcan childhood events, such as the being left to fend for himself in the desert as a child (known as Kahs-wan), having an arranged spouse decided at the age of 7, for example. Sorul completed his education at the Vulcan Medical Academy was awarded a Doctor of Comparative Medicine prior to joining Starfleet. Sorul's father was once a prominent stellar cartographer at the Vulcan Science Academy but expired two years ago with a form of early-onset Bendii Syndrome at the age of 103 Earth-years while Sorul was a physician at Starfleet Medical. Shortly after his father's death, Sorul took a one year leave from Starfleet to return to Vulcan for one year to formally unite with T'Doe, his pre-arranged spouse from childhood. Since his father expired with Bendii Syndrome, Sorul has become extremely interested in the devastating disease and has focused much of his recent medical career in Bendii Syndrome research.

Stafleet History
Shortly after finishing his medical education on Vulcan, Sorul moved to Earth. This was much to the dislike of his father, who believed Sorul should pursue a traditional Vulcan life on the Vulcan homework. Starfleet quickly granted Sorul approval to use his Doctor of Comparative Medicine degree and Sorul enrolled in Starfleet Officer Training Courses. After completing these courses, Sorul immediately applied for any open position within Starfleet Medical. After three months of waiting, he received his first posting aboard the USS Excelsior under the command of Captain Eric Praethen. After serving as science officer for a short time, he applied for a change of position into the medical department under the direction of Doctor Stacy Harris. Sorul was at this position for several months. After applying for a transfer, he served as medical officer aboard the USS Columbia as the ships physician. Within two months, Starfleet reassigned Sorul to the USS Eclipse, where he served as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Sorul was later transferred to Outpost Phoenix before taking his leave of absence to marry his pre-arranged wife. After one year of leave on Vulcan, Sorul requested special assignment in the deep-space Starfleet Metagenic Research Laboratory, where he worked on Bendii Syndrome treatment and other metagenic projects. Most recently, Sorul was abruptly reassigned to Starbase Everest, which is in urgent need of medical officers, leaving his Bendii Syndrome research hanging in the balance.

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