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Commander Image
Commander Jade Silver Smith
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Jade Silver Smith
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Second Officer and Tactical
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Federation

Biography for Commander Jade Silver Smith

UNITED SPACE FEDERATION OFFICER DATABANK - BIOGRAPHICAL ARCHIVE Commander Jade Silver Smith VITAL STATS Name: Jade Silver Smith Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 32 DOB: Federation Standard 2354.3.4 OFFICER STATUS Status: Active, On Assignment, Standard Commission Rank: Commander Post: Starbase Everest
Second Officer

Jade Smith was born on Earth, in Brookland New York, the only son to Thomas Smith, and Beulah Smith. The Smith's were a relatively poor family but Thomas had planned for Jade to enroll in Starfleet.

The boy had special abilities and Thomas knew that. Thomas wanted Jade to be on a starship and chart strange and new worlds like the legendary James Kirk. If he had known that Jade would have later been posted with a descendant of Kirk's he would have been especially happy.

But Thomas didn't live long enough to see Jade get out of elementary school, he was killed in a freak mountain climbing accident at age 34. Thomas' rope snapped and he plummetted 3000 feet to his death. With the loss of his father Jade was mentally lost for a couple of years. He

did not know what was right, or what was wrong. Jade finally cleaned up his act after he was caught in a gang at the age of 14 by an unlikely man, an ex-admiral of Starfleet. The admiral took Jade under his wing after the approval of Jade's mother and raised the boy on the values and morals of an upstanding southern diplomat.

When it came time for Jade to enter starfleet his new guardian helped him get in. Little did Jade know at the time however that the only ship he was to be posted on, the Odyssey would be posted his future wife, Tara Kelly.

Awards: Department Log Award for August '02
Second Highest Log Producer for August '02


Jade Smith was posted to the Odyssey fresh out of Starfleet Academy. Placed in Security under the supervision of Chief of Security Ron Styles Jade was brought under the older man's wings and was sculpted into a proper security officer. Many months went by and there was an explosion of Romulan crossings into the Neutral Zone. In response Starfleet sent officers to the small planet of Biopen VII, a little rock near the Neutral Zone.

A small Federation outpost was built on Biopen VII and it was the job of Jade and the other officers to repulse the Romulans from gaining control of it. It took over a year but the Romulans finally relented, going back to Romulan space. Jade was promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and was sent back to the Odyssey where Ron Styles was still the Chief of Security. Styles soon retired and Fst Lieutenant Bane took over.

When Bane was posted to the Chief of Operations Jade was given the title of Chief of Security. Then, a few months later he was promoted to Full Lieutenant, then First Lieutenant and finally Lieutenant Commander. After about a year of being a Lt. Commander Jade was promoted to full Commander and took the XO position on the Everest.

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