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Nick: SlimJim
Nick: SlimJim
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Ensign Image
Ens James Harvey Slim
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 23
   Height: 155 - 161 cm
Eyes: Green, Almond
Hair: Black, Short dence curls
Skin: Dark brown
Build/Posture: Muscular, Military
Accessories: Small portable toolkit w/ initials
Vocal Quality: Smooth & deep
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: James Harvey Slim
Title/Rank: Ens
Position/Occupation: Security
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Ares
NPC Owned By: $npcowner_linked_name$

Biography for Ens James Harvey Slim

Ensign James Harvey Slim (engineer)
Age 43 Tall, thin build, sports a mustache

Starfleet Basic Training age 19-22
Enlisted career:
Assigned maintenance Starbase 1 age 22
Married wife age 23;
Assigned to cadet vessel later that year as shuttle bay tech
Son was born six months later
Age 25 first cruise in time of war...transferred to damage control party
Age 26 daughter born, wife dies as a result of an attack on the ship
Returns to earth for 8 years raising children during this period works in san fran as transport tech
Age 34 returns to active ship duties, shore leave with family results in daughter being partially paralyzed due to a micro organic parasite attacking her spinal cord, the children are shipped to uncle on earth to keep them out of harm's way.
Age 35 son is killed by a train...Daughter is responsible though he is not aware of it, considers retiring but is offered command training on earth… accepts to be near daughter.
Officer career:
37 earns Ensign rank offered a post on starbase Everest. Accepts as long as daughter goes with him … enroute acquires decommissioned, and later modified mining shuttle discovered to be USS Lexington class F shuttle as family transport since daughter is in a wheelchair. Works in engineering department but is going nowhere in his career due to keeping his daughter's interests above his own.
After several disciplinary actions taken by his chief engineer he is transferred off the station. He is stationed on mars colony for two years working at the fleet yards. His daughter dies due to another viral infection, Leading him to drink. After a serious binge enters a rehab on earth. Sent to a Klingon outpost for a year as an attache officer. His career is nearly in shambles when an option to return to active duty on the Roddenberry is presented to him.

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