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Nick: Renna
Nick: Renna
Nick: Renna
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Ensign Image
Ensign Renna Sarrate
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Renna Sarrate
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Helmsman
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Ensign Renna Sarrate

Renuwal “Renna” Nalas Apren
“A buffoon fires his without a defensible position to fall back upon,
A noble man contests with words and needs none.

Posting: Engineer
Species: Bajoran/Arbazan
Gender: hermaphrodite/looks female
Place of birth: Azbazan IV
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: scar on left shoulder from blaster at high stun in close range.
Family: Father: EL’ak of Arbazan – Governor (head of house of El’los)
Mother: Dal’alu Apren of Bajor - died during child birth

Biographical information:
Born SD 199006.09 (2358) on Arbazan. Her mother, a Bajoran Ambassador, had died during her birth.
By age three developed the skill of reading animals minds.
By age five she heard so many voices in her head that she was having trouble making sentences. Her farther moved the family to Vulcan to help stabilize his daughter’s mind.
By age 7 she was playing Kaltoh and studying the Kolinahr. In doing so she was able to bring peace of mind to the surface. She gained the eye of the Vulcan Science Academy and was made an honorary student. Attending class on a semi-regular schedule she was introduced to other cultures.
By age 10 she was working through advanced high school courses in her studies. Spent the summer on Sol III (Earth as it was called by the natives) was forced to deal with her emotions and the chaos in her mind. With the training she developed on Vulcan she was able to block most thoughts except those directed directly at her. She learned tri-dimensional chess.
Returning to Earth the fallowing year father talked with Star Fleet personnel and found an individual that would be able to take her training further. That individual was given permission by the parent to be invasive towards his daughter. At the same time she would be aided by a Star Fleet staff in coping with fear brought on by the invasions and Vulcan master to access her mental recovery. She was also enrolled in self defiance classes through the Academy.
Age 14 Now Residing on earth and continuing classes at the academy returned to Vulcan for the summer father finally tells his daughter about his mother’s home world. And the crisis it has endured under the cardasians. Explains if she wanted to observe the situation first hand he knew a Cardasian Gul who would protect her and explain to her the reason’s the Cardasian Union took possession of the planet. She graduates with a Dartmouth Diploma with a major in psychology and minor in her Star Fleet courses.
Age 15 She is then allowed to explore Bajoran culture. She worked under Gul Joret. For her she acted as a courier between him and his men. She was awarded the honorary title of Legate when she saved a Cardasian youth caught in the crossfire of a “staged” three man raid agreed on in advance by Juret and the resistance commander, Bareil Vedek. This action would allow her more ease of access as a liaison to interact an officer named Elim that Joret believed to be a sympathizer within the Obsidian Command.
Late that same year, Gul Joret, fearing that his dealings with the Bajorans would be found out by his own staff devised a way to get Renuwal into the hands of the “enemy” without any losses on either side. She would become a Diplomatic Attaché until he was accused of aiding the Bajoran resistance and stripped of rank and title.
Age 17 She entered the Bajoran resistance when she heard what had happened to the now title less Joret. She was involved in many raids including one that Juret was captured in.
She made time to learn to play an instrument called a harmonic resonance interface or HRI for short used by Bajorans during religious “High- ceremonies.”
(2375) Age 19 After the occupation she entered Bajoran military. She served 9 months while waiting for Star Fleet Command to evaluate and accept her application. During this time she was involved in the liberation of the Rakantha interment facility run buy Juret’s direct superiors (on a tip from Elim on Juret’s channel) earning her the rank of Lieutenant J.G. During this year she came across a half dead Hora Cat and nursed it back to health. She named it Joret Vedek. The name she thought was Bajor’s best hope for peace if these two men could see eye to eye others might fallow their example.
The cat is tame and has no claws. It’s an herbivore, and primarily nocturnal. It is sensitive to the moods and intentions of people and barks like a dog to warn owner of foul intent.
In a second raid she participated in the officer in charge of the mission was killed and though wounded in the shoulder herself, she rallied her troops to retake control of the Chambers from outraged factions once again seeking dominance in the provisional government and this time they were backed by the Kohn Ma. Again she was promoted this time to full lieutenant.
Age 20 She entered Star Fleet and attended classes both day and night doubling workload to graduate in two years (first student ever to do so). She only sleeps four hours a day during this period but that is all she needs due to increased stamina of Arbazan males genes she inherited from her father.
Age 22 - Star Fleet Academy: Graduated Class of 2378. Though officer qualified by SFA Diploma Command feels that Ensign Apren has not had enough time on training vessels racing through the bookwork as quick as she did.

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