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Nick: Renik
Nick: Renik
Nick: Renik
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   Species: Vulcan-Betazoid
   Gender: Male
   Age: 12 to 15
   Height: 153 - 159 cm
Hair: Dark brown, Tousled (mosty)
Skin: Caucasian
Build/Posture: Slim
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Strong telepathic abilities
Duty Status: Active
Name: Renik
Position/Occupation: Civilian, adopted child
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Renik



Name:                 REnik

Species:              Vulcan-Betazoid hybrid

Born:                   April, 2380 (best estimate from full medical physical conducted)

Planet of origin: Unknown. Possibley Eachis III, the planet where the once-tourist attraction of Calridden was, as Renik claimed he grew up on the streets of that city.

Height:                5'1"€

Weight: 101 lbs

Hair:                    Dark brown

Parents:              Deceased

Siblings:              None

Abilites:              Proven high telepathic abilities


    It is presumed that Renik was born in April of 2380 (the precise day could not be pinned down), on the planet of Eachis III, a resort-planet not too far from Tzenkethi space. Now it is possible that Renik was born elsewhere and his parents were merely vacationing in the city of Calridden when it was savagely attacked by unknown raiders.  The raiders were in dark unmarked ships and wiped out a major section of the city, taking advantage of the Federation’s still weakened ship resources after the final Borg invasion.  All that is known, and this is from Renik’s own account, is that he grew up on the streets of what was left of Calridden, which had never recovered to the resort status it once enjoyed.

    In December of 2393, Renik was found, along with over two dozen other children in small stasis chambers aboard a Birellian freighter at Starbase Everest.  The Birellians were taken into custody (but had escaped Federation custody once they had been transferred from the station), and the children all revived.  It was found out that Renik, like the other children were orphans who would never be missed and were due to be sold on the Black Market.

    Renik, and the other children, were put into foster care.  His first foster parents aboard the starbase wre a science officer and her husband. Renik, using his telepathic/empathic abilities was able to sense that the husband really did not want the boy in his home, so Renk fled, deciding to try and secure a way off the station. As he was using skills he had learned on te streets, he was spotted shop-lifting and consequently caught.  As he fled from station security, he was phaser-stunned by a new ensign, and was sent to the starbase hospital.  There he attempted to use his telepathic abilities to, again, escape custody, but was confronted by the starbase’s acting executive officer, Lt. Commander Malachi Styles.  Styles, also an adept telepath, sensed the activity and knew it was from Renik.

    When confronted by Styles, Renik sensed something different in the Starfleet officer and ceased running.  At that point, Styles assumed charge of the youth, including applying to be his foster father.  Renik had befriended Styles’ younger half brother, Ronov Fyrstk, so this paved the way for the relationship between foster parent and child.

    As of the time of this dara entry, Renik had never attended a day of formal schooling.  He was tested with standard aptitude tests, and did not do well on the more complicated parts of the test.


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