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Nick: Ravel
Nick: Ravel
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Lieutenant Image
Doctor Ba'Talia Ravel
   Species: Klingon
   Gender: Female
   Age: 30 to 39
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black, wavy, Shoulder length
Skin: Dark olive
Build/Posture: Toned
Vocal Quality: Gentle grumble
Telepathy: Telepathic, minor empath
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Ba'Talia Ravel
Title/Rank: Doctor
Position/Occupation: Doctor, Medical and Counselor, Medical
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Doctor Ba'Talia Ravel

Ba’Talia Ravel
38172 RBT

Starfleet Department of Records:
Docket Number: 396-38172 BTR

Ravel, ba’Talia

Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Previous Assignment: Outpost Phoenix
Department: Medical
Current Post: Assistant Medical Officer
Previous Post: Counselor, Chief Medical Officer
Commanding Officer: Captain Cersei Naal
Executive Officer: Commander Yari Nazir

Race: Klingon/Betazoid
Age: 40 years
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 236 lbs
Hair Color: Black (wavy, shoulder length)
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Light brown
Birthdate: 7705.09
Mother: Aileen Ravel
Father: Chu’dok of the House of dak’Cha, la’ of KDF bird-of-prey sto’Ka
Siblings: ba’Resh Ravel, twin sister

ba’Talia and ba’Resh were born out of wedlock to Chu’dok of dak’Cha and Aileen Ravel on Starbase 82. Chu’dok was only around for the first three months of the twin’s life. Aileen moved back to her homeworld, Betazed, and raised ba’Talia and ba’Resh there. Aileen possessed great telepathic and empathic powers, though these abilities diseased her mind. Within years, Aileen’s mental state deteriorated and she was sent to an institution. The twins lived with foster parents, Gelar and Marion Jivak, for fourteen years until their seventeenth birthday. During that time, they attended special classes on Betazed to help focus their own skills. Being mirror identicals, ba’Talia right handed, while ba’Resh was left handed, they also exhibited opposite telepathic skills. ba’Talia’s telepathic projection came through as a dominant trait and her empathic reception was recessive. Determined to spend their lives together, the twins applied at Starfleet Academy and were accepted.

Inseparable, the twins spent their Starfleet career side by side. They spent their first two years as Security specialists. ba’Talia also showed some skill at the Academy Flight Range and became part of the touring group of cadets that demonstrated fighter prowess for prospective cadets. An elective class in Abnormal Psychology caused them to switch tracks. Both Ravel girls became psychology students. The twins graduated within the top fifteenth percentile of their class. Upon promotion to Ensign, ba’Talia was assigned to the USS Omaha as a Security officer and took classes, working toward her doctorate in Psychology.

SD 9505.10 – Joined Starfleet Academy
SD 9601.14 – Assigned to the Academy Flight Demonstration Team, call sign “Bolero”
SD 9708.25 – Switched majors from Security to Psychology/Medical
SD 9906.01 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, Promoted to Ensign
SD 9906.15 – Assigned to the USS Omaha, Assistant Security Officer
SD 0103.22 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
SD 0212.18 – Transferred to Counselor in the Medical Department
SD 0405.30 – Promoted to Lieutenant
SD 0606.09 – Transferred to the USS Agamemnon
SD 0703.17 – Transferred to Starfleet Medical for Doctorate coursework, commission suspended
SD 0812.02 – Received Doctorate in Psychology and General Medicine, commission reinstated
SD 0904.15 – Transferred to Outpost Phoenix, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
SD 1006.07 – Kidnapped Bokaramin Sibelius from Outpost Phoenix
SD 1008.27 – Captured and sentenced to a penal colony
SD 1604.14 – Recruited into Starfleet Intelligence for a suspended sentence

Physical / Psychological exams:
“ba’Talia Ravel is a fine officer and fit for duty. She has done an exceptional job of dealing with her past and preventing it from marring her future. She also does an extraordinary job of controlling her Klingon tendencies. If she didn’t look part Klingon, one would never know. Ensign Ravel is an asset to her crew.”
- by Commander Amy Sheridan, Starfleet Academy Psychology Department
“Lieutenant Ravel returned to SF Medical for her doctorate coursework and has excelled in both Psychology and General Medicine. She shows an aptitude for her field and great control of her possibly tumultuous mental state. This well rounded officer is ready for any assignment handed to her.”
- by Lieutenant Commander Richard Detrone, Starfleet Medical

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