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Nick: Raeyana
Nick: Raeyana
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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant Raeyana Arron Laurie
   Species: Bajoran
   Gender: Female
   Age: 24 to 25
   Height: 166 - 172 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Redish brown, Short
Build/Posture: Athletic; muscular
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Senses intentions and emotions; can send and receive thoughts telepathicly
Duty Status: Active
Name: Raeyana Arron Laurie
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Science Officer, Science and Assistant Tactical/Security Officer, Tactical/Security
Core Grade: O04
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for First Lieutenant Raeyana Arron Laurie

Personnel File No. 2383.01.1237

--Access Granted. File Open--

Name: Raeyana Arron Laurie
Current Post: USS Independence
Assignment: Assistant Science Officer & Tactical/Security Officer
Rank: First Lieutenant


Preferred Name: Rae

Age: 28

Species: Bajoran/Betazoid

Place of Birth: Bajor VIII

Date of Birth: SD 235808.09

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Short, reddish brown hair.

Features: Bajoran ridges on nose (five creases)


Betazoid Mother: Siena Rae Tarein (Diseased)
Bajoran Father: Robert Arron (surname) Vick (given name) (Diseased)

Adoptive Father: Derek Laurie

Personal History:

           Rae’s parents were both humanitarian doctors who traveled to different worlds giving aide to victims of natural disasters or refugees of war torn planets.  Her parents met on Bajor VIII where her mother, Siena, went to provide aid for people injured in a terrorist bombing towards the end of the Cardassian Occupation.  Vick had been a doctor on the planet and also aiding in the efforts to free Bajor of the Cardassians.

The two fell in love and after the end of the Cardassian Occupation they got married and devoted their lives to helping people in need.  Vick hated war, and had only been apart of the war efforts against the Cardassians because of the strong belief he had in freedom for his people.  Raeyana was conceived and born on Bajor VIII, but soon thereafter the family left on Siena’s Shuttle, the Paladin, and traveled from planet to planet healing injuries and organizing relief camps for anyone in need.

When Raeyana was 7 years old they went to Korva Prime to aid in the aftermath of a Cardassian attack.  Korva Prime is located in the Korva system just on the outskirts of federation territory.  Raeyana’s parents were in the process of organizing a relief camp for the colonists when a second attack occurred.  Her parents were killed in the attack along with a number of other colonists.  The federation sent a couple of their ships to protect Korva Prime and was able to keep the Cardassians from claiming control of the planet.  The federation gave aide to the survivors of the colony, but Rae knew they could do nothing for her.  She was now alone in the universe.

Rae had only her memories along with the diary and travel logs saved in the Paladin’s database left of her parents.  She had no known relatives to contact, and she did not yet know how to pilot the shuttle so she had to remain on the planet with only her survival instincts to depend on.  The Paladin became her home; her shelter.

The Cardassian attack left many youth without parents and without a place to go.  Those who had the means left the planet, those left behind made due with what they had.  The philosophy quickly became ‘everyone for themselves’.  Rae, along with the others in the same situation, learned early on how to take advantage of every opportunity that came their way in order to survive.  It was difficult, but Rae was able to make the best of her situation.  Her Betazoid heritage gave her an advantage by allowing her to sense when others were around and also their intentions.

She protected her home and when she wasn’t out trying to find food, or defending herself against intruders she was reading her parent’s logs.  Rae also explored every inch of her shuttle; she knew it inside and out.  In order to keep it safe and running she learned how to replace broken parts and troubleshoot any problems.  It had been slightly damaged in the Cardassian attack rendering it unable to fly.  As she grew older she hoped to one day get her hands on the parts she needed to fix the craft and leave the planet.

At the age of 15 she was approached by a retired Starfleet Officer who offered to adopt her and take her to live with him back on earth.  Rae saw him as her ticket off world and went along with it, as long as he agreed to fix her shuttle and bring it back with them.  She originally planed on leaving him once her shuttle was fixed up and the opportunity presented itself. 

But over the years, mutual trust and respect formed between them and a loving father-daughter relationship was created.  At the age of 23, Rae decided to join Starfleet.  Her interest in Science and her unique experience with survival led her to double major in Science and Tactical/Security with a minor in engineering.

    Shortly after joining the Independence crew as her first assignment in Starfleet, Rae, along with the rest of the crew, were all cloned by an AI known as the “Keeper”.  The crew was placed under a sort of stasis by the Keeper, apparently to keep around for further cloning in case the original clones died off.  Sure enough, the clones became very ill and began to de-solidify.  The clone crew managed to return to the independence and revived the Real Doctor Darz who worked with her clone to save the clone crew.  Rae was uncomfortable with the fact that she had been cloned and did not want anything to do with her clone, even though the clone tried to make peace with her.  The Clone Rae, realizing she would not be welcomed in Rae’s life, decided to accompany Clone Darz and other clones who set out to explore the stars on a ship provided by Starfleet.  Rae still refused to admit she was ever cloned, and wishes to forget the incidence entirely. 

    Another notable event in Rae’s life happened sometime later when the Independence had a run in with the infamous “Nexus” ribbon.  While in the Nexus, Rae experienced life as it could have been had her parents never been killed.  She was on the family craft along with her parents and younger sister.  Her father proceeded to quiz her on nebulas and space anomalies.  Rae felt as if her parents were warning her about the nexus and helping her to realize the importance of returning to the Independence and helping the crew exit the Nexus.  Rae felt as though the experience was kind of a closure moment for her where she was able to see her parents and interact with them again even after all these years after their death.  Rae heard the other telepaths of the crew calling to her.  She was able to say goodbye to her family before returning to the Independence and helping to bring the remaining crew back to the Independence so they would not be lost in the Nexus.  


SD 201008.29: Began her first assignment as Assistant Security officer/Science officer aboard the USS Independence.

SD 201011.18: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

SD 201104.28: Promoted to Lieutenant.

SD 201109.15: Promoted to First Lieutenant.

Medical File:

Graduation Evaluation—Fit for duty, okay to graduate.

Signed--Doctor Erica Smith MD, & Doctor Bridget Jones MD; PhD in Psychiatry

Medical Notes:

--Physiology is typical of Bajoran/Betazoid hybrid.  Her heart is mirrored along a horizontal axis according to Bajoran physiology and her brain contains the typical Psionic receptors and neurotransmitters common for a Betazoid.
--No complications found due to mixed heritage.
--No lingering effects from years of malnutrition and lack of medical attention was found.  Also, no signs of injury or chronic condition of any kind.

Signed--Doctor Erica Smith MD

Counselor Notes:

Rae is very bright and intellectually can handle anything.  However, her social skills are lacking due to her unique childhood.  She is strong willed and has a “tough girl” attitude.  This helps her to stay competitive in school and will help make her an excellent Starfleet officer as long as she learns when certain behaviors are appropriate and when they are not.  I highly recommend ships counselor see Rae for a few months to help with the transition from Academy life to life on a Starship.  Recommend at least 2 sessions a month for the first three months.  I do not believe she will have any problems on duty, but off duty and in the social environment, she may need some direction.

--Doctor Bridget Jones MD; PhD in Psychiatry   

Counselor Notes from the USS Independence:

SD 201001.19

After my first psychiatric evaluation of Rae, I found it necessary to meet with Rae once a week to help her transition to life on a Starship.  Due to her rough childhood, Rae was lacking in the social skills required for successful interaction with crewmembers.  I have now worked with Rae for several months and she has shown incredible improvement in her interactions with others especially on the professional level.  She still feels uncomfortable in social situations such as parties or other social events and tends to avoid such events as much as she can.  She has a desire to be a good Starfleet officer and is afraid that her lack of social skills will lead to her doing something that might affect her Starfleet career.   


Rae has a natural wall that she tends to hide behind when she feels uncomfortable or threatened.  It is this protective tendency that can get her into trouble as she may say or do something that might be offensive to others. She is beginning to learn how to control these tendencies, especially while on duty.  I will continue to work with her and help her find a healthy and safe way to build her confidence and improve her social skills on and off duty.  

--Doctor Adrenna Darz, CMO and Ships Counselor

SD 201201.19

    Rae has made huge strides in her ability to interact with others.  She has made healthy relationships with fellow crew members.  A notable strong friendship has been formed with the Cloud twins who seem to have pulled Rae out of her shell quite nicely.  She has learned healthy ways to deal with her frustrations or fears and she has developed social skills that enable her to freely interact with the crew on and off duty.  Rae has also seemed to heal from many of her childhood psychological wounds.  She has made peace with her parents death.  A crucial point in her healing occurred during her experience with the Nexus ribbon last year.  She spoke of her experience seeing her parents again and being able to see and feel how proud they were of her.  Rae took the experience as a form of closure and has been able to move on from the experience with peace and joy in the memory of her parents. 

    Due to Rae's ability to adapt and the growth she has shown over the past two years, the necessity of our sessions has decreased gradually and the intervals between sessions has gradually increased.  I believe she is now sufficiently adjusted to life on a starship.  Mandated sessions have been eliminated, however she knows she can always come to my office when she feels the need to talk.

--Doctor Adrenna Darz, CMO and Ships Counselor

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