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C1 Image
Cadet Barak Teven Rel
   Species: Vulcanoid
   Gender: Male
   Age: 39 to 43
   Height: 183 - 190 cm
Eyes: Chestnut right, black left, Small
Hair: Brown, Long slight wave
Skin: Greenish hue, tan spots
Distinct Features: Head: Vulcan ears, mustashe
Build/Posture: Bordering on portly, Ridged on duty, relaxed off duty
Clothing: Prefers vulcan guarb off duty
Accessories: IDIC madelian
Vocal Quality: Very smooth tenor
Telepathy: Highly telepathic and empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Barak Teven Rel
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: Major counseling, minor security
Core Grade: C1
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Cadet Barak Teven Rel

Starfleet Academy
Bio: Cadet Barak Rel
Barak Of Vulcan (2298- ) Born son of Berak son of Beruk of Vulcan Learned to play the lute by age five. At age 7 mated with his wife to be (T’Paa). Age 10 while exploring an abandoned mine with a childhood friend the roof collapsed trapping him inside and killing his friend. In his mind he could hear the death screams but could do nothing for his legs were pinned. In addition to normal schooling at the Vulcan Institute for Children he was enrolled in the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts. Age 15 he was engaged by the masters in the right of Kolinahr which he achieved by his next Pon Farr at which time he took T’Paa as his wife Age 28 was accepted to the Vulcan Science Academy Served many posts on science vessels with wife. Has no children wife was killed in same malfunction that combined him with the trill science officer at age 60.
Suffers from Tephephobia (being buried alive) and claustrophobia.
Teven Rel (2325- ) Teven Pal was born on the Trill home world. A natural born explorer by age four ran off from home to explore the caves of Mak’ala on his own. Family found him half starved to death three days later without a scratch. By age 19 he was climbing the Tenaran Ice Cliffs with a group of three friends. One of his friends harness’ snapped and was barely able to catch him. No one in the group had a com chip with them and though the young man tried to regain a grip on the surface of the glazier he was unable to and eventually Teven’s grip failed. He watched as the man slammed into the ground and has felt guilty for his death since. Age 23 was accepted by the Symbiosis Commis-sion to join with Rel(symbiot). Age 29 Rel’s former host (Daret) dies and Teven is joined dropping his own given name in honor of the new symbiot as is trill tradition. Age 31 Involved in the transporter accident that joins him to the Vulcan Helmsman.
Suffers the fear of falling – Basophobia
Rel was born in the deepest chambers of the caves of Mak’ala.
He was harvested by the symbiosis commission when he was approximately a hundred and fifty years old. By this point in his life he had bread dozens of offspring and had decided to stop doing so after six year cycles of mating were up.
Sueiv Rel – Oceanographer
Druid Rel – Sportsman
Cocker Rel - Engineer
Anton Rel - Mineralogist
Asrel Rel – Diplomat to Andoria
Palus Rel – Diplomat to Vulcan
Dorious Rel – medical doctor
Xenos Rel – Diplomatic attaché for trill world to Earth serving on USS Columbia NX-02 as guide
Hathos Rel – Freighter Captain
Lucius Rel - Teacher at Trill School for the physically and emotionally challenged
Josia Rel – crewmember on Commodore Robert Wesley’s USS Lexington NCC-1709
Daret Rel Crewman on USS Bozeman NCC-1941
The symbiot Rel joined with Teven, his thirteenth host and given that thought feared for his safety. Teven’s mind was strong and comforted his “companion.”
Rel is suffering from Techaphobia – (#13)

Transporter Accident 0f 2358:
Teven Rel (Trill) was headed down for a geological survey while Barak and his wife T'Paa headed down for some shore leave. During the beam out everything looked normal, but the transporter beam ended up being refracted by the atmosphere and then twisted by the strong shearing winds on part of the continent. The transporter tech stepped back so that an Engineer could step up to try to correct the problem while the three were in the ACB to reverse the transport back to the Polaris. Unfortunately, a surge of electromagnetically charged plasma shot off the confinement beam. The charge killed the transporter tech and eradicated T'Paa's signature from the buffer before the engineer was able to erect a Level 2 forcefield. The part of the charge that did bounce back from the forcefield ended up infiltrating the ACB, neutralizing it and reintegrating the two remaining life forms in to one being. After considerable time was spent trying to determine if a separation could be completed, and consulting with the Trill government because Teven was a joined Trill, it was determined to be too risky to risk a separation. Therefore a new species hybrid of Vulcan/Joined Trill was created who now goes by the name Barak Rel.
Barak, Teven,& Rel have been joined for the last thirty years where they have learned to use each other strengths. Telepathy, mind control for serenity, skills learned over 13 lifetimes yet have to deal with all the combined phobias.

KNOWN Allergies: Insect venom - interferes with trill symbiot neurological functions and Andorian blood.

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