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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Rayna L Elkhorn
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 24 to 28
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Black, Long messy, pulled up.
Skin: Ivory
Build/Posture: Petite, Confident
Accessories: Silver link chain with black stone pendant
Vocal Quality: Melodic, mezzo
Telepathy: Null
Duty Status: Active
Name: Rayna L Elkhorn
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Operations Manager, Operations
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Lieutenant Rayna L Elkhorn

Starfleet Department of Records
Docket Number: RLE-25962

Elkhorn, Rayna L

Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Department: Operations
Current Post: Operations Manager
Commanding Officer: Captain Dion Xiaoyen
Executive Officer: Commander K’hevok

Physical Description
Race: Human
Age: 26, July 13, 2366
Height: 175.26 cm, 5ft, 7in
Weight: 75.75 kg, 167lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light green
Skin Color: Ivory
Distinguishing Features: Mid-back length hair pulled up into half ponytail. Silver link necklace with Kyanite heart pendant.

Personal Background
Mother: Heather Jean (Greene) Elkhorn
Father: Justin Jay Elkhorn
Siblings: na

At a young age, Rayna surpassed her schoolmates and soon grew bored on Alpha Eridani II. She struggled with depression until her parents realized her potential and sent her to study on Earth. Always soaking knowledge like a wet sponge, Rayna’s guardian Sunera Ramanasha guided the teenager toward Starfleet, where she was accepted.

Starfleet Background
Rayna’s course focus at the Academy was in Operations and Tactical, though she spent her free time taking courses in all fields of study. Her broad knowledge of other departments made her quite the utility officer.

Rayna was reassigned from the USS Hermes to the USS Aldrin. The transfer was delayed when their transport ship, the USS Lorelei, assisted with a mission on Malahakir, resulting in Rayna’s abduction. She has been cleared for return to duty with a caution to maintain counseling for the ordeal.

Promotions, Awards and Commendations
66705.22 Graduated SF Academy
66705.22 Promoted to Ensign
66705.29 Assigned to SB 38
67908.13 Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
69705.01 Promoted to Chief Operations Officer
69807.19 Promoted to Lieutenant
69807.19 Assigned to USS Hermes
70211.29 Presented the Lynx Award
70301.14 Assigned to USS Aldrin

Medical and Psychological Profile
Rayna Elkhorn is physically fit and active.

Rayna has been diagnosed by Doctor Erik Vaeros as having Dissociative Identity Disorder, though further evaluation by Doctor Niels Rocha has pointed to a misdiagnosis.

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