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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Paul Christopher Sanders
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 21 to 25
   Height: 186 - 193 cm
Eyes: Brown, Small
Hair: Black, Short,Crew Cut
Skin: Caucassion
Build/Posture: Muscular
Vocal Quality: Bass
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Paul Christopher Sanders
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Acting Chief Tactical/Security, Security/Tactical
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Lieutenant Paul Christopher Sanders

Name:Paul Christopher Sanders


Date of Birth:44220.36 (March 22nd,2367)

Place Of Birth:New York City,New York

Previous Rank(s):


Current Year:2390

Position:Security Officer Helm(if needed)

Previous Assignment(s):

Current Assignment:Security Officer on board the USS Ares under the command of Captain T'Marahoi

Parents:Mother-Heather Nancy Sanders DOB-June 21st,2342 Occupation-Stay At Home Mom
Father-Johnny Nathan Sanders(Deceased) DOB-May 12th,2340 Occupation-Security Officer for a Federation Bar in New York City DOD-June 10th,2383

Grandparents:Grandfather-Randy Oscar Sanders(Deceased) DOB-April 3rd,2310 Occupation-Security Officer on board the USS Solstice 2329-2353 DOD-January 14th,2353
Grandmother-Patrica LeeAnn Sanders DOB-September 16th,2315 Occupation-Stay At Home Mom

Siblings:Sister-Jennifer Megan Sanders DOB-February 22nd,2370 Occupation-Doctor on board the USS Roddenberry
Sister-Lilly Katherine Sanders DOB-August 22nd,2374 Occupation-None

History: I am the oldest of my family and the only boy as well. My father Johnny Sanders was a member of security for a Federation bar in New York for nearly 15 years.His father my grandfather was a Security Officer on board a Nova Class Starship The USS Solstice. On 2353,The Solstice and the USS Everest(Ambassador Class) came under attack by Borg forces while the Solstice was under going a survey mission within the Delta Quadrant with the escort of the Everest. My grandmother and my father received word that The Everest was destroyed fighting and protecting The Solstice to escape but to no avail. They were told that they were boarded and everyone was assimilated. As years went by,my father decide to follow in his footsteps and join Starfleet. But after he met my mother and was married and started having me and my sisters,he decided to stay and help raise his kids. He taught me some Security lessons so that I can follow in my grandfathers footsteps when I was 8 years old. He decide to be a Security Officer at a Federation Bar in New York and stay close with his family. On June 10th,2383,my father passed due to a violent fight that broke out in the bar. We held a funeral for him 1 week after the incident and it was difficult for me to forget. I wanted to make my father and my grandfather proud. So when I turned 19,I went to San Fransisco to enlist in Starfleet and learn all there is in Security. At the age of 22 and on Stardate 67062.69 (January 23rd,2390),I have been assigned to the USS Ares as a Security Officer and also Helmsman when needed.

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