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Nick: Omaie
Nick: Omaie
Nick: Omaie
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Ensign Image
Ensign D’rayaek Aun Omaie
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: D’rayaek Aun Omaie
Title/Rank: Ensign
Position/Occupation: Counselor, Medical
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Ensign D’rayaek Aun Omaie

BIO for Ensign D’rayaek Aun Omaie:


Ship: USS Independence

Assignment: Ships Counselor; doubles as medical officer when needed

Rank: Ensign


Name: D’rayaek Aun Omaie

Age: 75

Apparent age: 30-35

Species: Laerdian (humanoid)

Home Planet: Laerdia

Height: 5' 11”

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Light Orange

Hair: Black, long; slightly wavy

Features: Medium dark skin, elf-like pointed ears, tribal tattoo on forehead and just below right shoulder; very muscular build.

Personal History:

         Laerdia is a small planet located in the Delta Quadrant.  Laerdians are a tribal people who can live for several centuries.  There are seven tribes coexisting on Laerdia.  In ancient history the seven tribes constantly fought for possession of land.  Each tribe had their own specialty or advantage and they used them against each other to gain their military advances.

         When alien invasion threatened their world, they learned to work together to fight their common foe.  When the aliens were defeated they continued their peace treaty and worked together to make a better world for all tribes.  They used their differences to continue improving the world around them and increasing their defenses against off world attack.  They learned everything they could from the alien technologies and developed their own to match anything they came in contact with.  Certain tribes had a knack for learning foreign material, and expanding upon it.

         Omaie was a general for his tribe; in charge of military training and special ops missions.  He was proficient in stealth and hand to hand combat.  The planetary defenses included ships.  Omaie and his team would face alien attackers on the planet, or find their way onto the alien ships to take them by force.

         Omaie was well known for his victories.  But with war, there are always loses.  He hated to lose any of his people.  But the death that got to him the most was not due to war at all, but to disease.  His mother had always been a grounding force in his life; and when she died of an incurable disease Omaie was devastated.  He retired from his army and went to study in the temple of Ocu’Nida.  There he apprenticed with a medicine man who acted as counselor and doctor to tribe members.

         By the time Starfleet found Laerdia and met with the 7 Councilmen--the leaders of the planet--Omaie had become a medicine man in his own right.  Laerdian Leaders liked the idea of the federation.  They found their mission to be honorable and worthy and desired to join the federation.  As part of their induction into the federation they wanted to send 7 individuals to join Starfleet and represent Laerdia in the federation.  Each tribe chose one person to send.  Omaie was the favored choice from his tribe.

         Omaie did not want to leave his home or his practice as medicine man, but he was obligated by his duty to serve his tribe to accept their desire for him to join Starfleet.  Not to mention the fact that his father was the leader of his tribe and he put great pressure on him to go; informing Omaie that Fate herself had told him it was Omaie’s destiny to go.

         With a heavy heart he left and joined Starfleet.  He continued his mindset as medicine man and majored in medicine focusing on the career of Counseling.

         When he graduated from the academy he accepted a position on the USS Independence as primarily a Counselor with the ability to function as a medical officer when needed.  He prefers more alternative medicine to the typical Starfleet medicinal remedies but will use Starfleet medicine when applicable.

         Omaie finds the Starfleet Uniforms to be too restricting, and so he takes advantage of his special privileges as Counselor to wear alternate attire.  He normally wears a cream colored shirt, with a low V neck, a tan colored leather vest, and black non-restrictive pants.  In addition, he always wears his necklace that holds the tooth of a Dra'tu (Laerdia's menacing version of a mountain lion), and if he can help it he is never very far from his metal staff--which conveniently folds into a foot long metallic bar weapon that hangs from his belt.

Special Skills:

  • Empathic; sensitive to telepathic activity--Omaie cannot read un-projected thoughts, but he can receive thoughts that are directly sent to him or that are loudly projected in general.  He can sense when others are conversing telepathically.  But typically he just senses the emotions/stresses of those around him.

  • Very adept at hand to hand combat and stealth strategies.

  • Has a special ability involving bio-electricity and thermal heat.  He has the ability to use the energies within his body to project thermal or electrical energy, usually from his hands.  There are varying degrees of energy output he can project, and there are varying focus and intensity of the heat/flame he can produce from his hands.  It is one of the special abilities that he was given by Fate, the Goddess of his people.  He has trained throughout his life to control the ability and has gotten quite good at using it efficiently and effectively, especially when he remains focused.  This came in handy when he was the leader of his special forces; infiltrating alien ships that were attacking their world.  He could affect the alien technology; cause overloads, etc.  His armor and weapons of choice (such as his staff) were specifically made to enhance his abilities--they work with his unique ability and reacts to the different frequencies and intensities he projects through his hands.  This enables him to do more with his abilities without draining his needed energy for battle.

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