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Nick: N'Tazzia
Nick: N'Tazzia
Nick: N'Tazzia
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lt. Commander N'Tazzia
   Species: Tesshuan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 30 to 38
   Height: 15 - 15 cm
Eyes: Green, Cat-like
Hair: Snow White, Very long
Skin: Light Pink
Distinct Features: Head: Multicolored facial tattoo.
Build/Posture: Proportionate, Excellent
Clothing: When out of uniform, quite eclectic, makes her own clothing.
Vocal Quality: Even, smooth
Telepathy: Empathic and Telepathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: N'Tazzia
Title/Rank: Lt. Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief Counselor
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Lt. Commander N'Tazzia

=/\= United Space Federation =/\=
==Starfleet Biographical Database==

**UPDATED 201505.15**

PERSONNEL FILE: N'Tazzia also known as Taz/Tazzia *see note
Rank:1st Lt
Current Posting/Assignment: Chief Counselor aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior
Previous Postings: None

Physical Appearance:

Age: 33 Standard Years
Species/Race: Tesshuan
Birthplace: Lesua, Tesshua
Height: 6' tall/183cm
Weight: 158 lbs/72kg
Hair: Bright white, very long
Skin Color: Pale pink
Eyes: Green “cat” eyes
Physical Condition: Very fit, athletic build
Physical Health: Perfect
Mental Health: Prone to depression mainly connected to the loss of her daughter Rose.
Distinguishing Marks:
Complex tattooing above and below her right eye socket consists of a muted but multi-colored non-representational pattern which was formerly typical of certain Tesshuan religious beliefs. Her right eyebrow hair has been permanently removed to accommodate this tattoo placement.
Religious Affiliation: None currently


Birth Family: N'Rina (mother, deceased) P'Shantin (father,deceased) N'Cord (older brother, 45 years old) P'Shada (older sister, 38 yrs old ) Tiela (younger sister, 23 yrs old)

Relationship Status: Currently Engaged to Captain Michael Alan Holden,
Previously romantically involved with Dr. Fox Bailey
Divorced from 1st Lt Peter McMillian

Children: Malino --adopted son, Liomon, 7 in Liomon yrs but equivalent to 16 Terran years Malinda Rose – daughter, Tesshuan/Human/Vulcanoid Hybrid, 6 years old. Rose Malinda, daughter, Tesshuan/Human/Vulcanoid Hybrid /living but no longer in current timeline, age unknown) Elias “Eli” Randall Holden – soon-to-be adopted son or step-son (when she marries Captain Holden), human, 16 years old, Aenaek – potential daughter-in-law, Romulan, approximately 18 Terran years old


Lesua Institute of Fine Arts, Lesua, Tesshua: Sculpting, Painting, Textile Design, Garment Construction

Drezia Academy, Kraunua, Tesshua: Therapeutic Creative Self-Expression

Starfleet Medical: Concentration/Specialization: Psychology/Counseling

Starfleet Academy/Minors: Emergency/Field Medicine Procedures, Xeno(Exo)biology, Cultural Studies – Negotiation, First Contact Protocols, Public Speaking, Inter-species Relations, Crew Morale. The Prime Directive

Starfleet Medical Academy – Subspace Education Division: Awarded PsyD (Doctor of Psychology/Medicine) – Is now a Psychiatrist as well as a Psychologist.

Native Fluency in Tesshuan: Lessuan, Kraunuan, Selauan Advanced Fluency (no accent): Federation Standard. Basic knowledge of Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian. (Can understand better than speaking the, exhibits difficulty with grammar/syntax on occasion.)

Mental Communication Ability:

Fully Empathic, Telepathically “Receptive” Taz initially showed no particular capacity for empathy or telepathy. Once aboard the Excelsior and becoming close to certain individuals she developed a selective empathy which worked only with those with whom she considered more than just colleagues. She later learned that this was a “secret” ability previous known only among those classified with the “Priest Caste” on Tesshua and it only became more commonly known when the basis of Tesshuan religion was discredited.

Later, after experiencing several instances of temporal travel/contact, particularly around the time when her daughter Rose was taken by Temporal Agents, Taz began to pick up the feelings and emotions of anyone with whom she had contact. At first this was difficult for her until she sought out and studied with Kelandra, a Betazoid and T'Zel, a Vulcan, who taught her how to effectively block, filter, selectively activate and employ other skills which enable her to fine-tune and control her empathic abilities. As a result of this training and continued practicing Taz is able to choose to use her empathic sense and turn it off when she needs to or when it would be inappropriate. She is also is able to “tune in” and select specific individuals with whom to she use her skills. She is able to clearly and fully discern the moods, feelings and emotions of any species with whom empathic contact is possible.

Taz is also receptive to direct telepathic communications and telepathic “shouts” or broadcasts. This ability is still largely unexplored if she has been in contact with a specific telepath in the past she can also initiate telepathic communications. She cannot hear the thoughts of non-telepathic individuals, nor is she able to broadcast or speak telepathically with non-telepaths. She also cannot block direct telepathic communications.

Recent Medical and Psychological Fit Rep:
N'Tazzia is physically and mentally fit for duty. She has no physical problems and her disease history is clear. All required immunizations are current. N'Tazzia has elected to use Extended-Release DMPA-6 injections once a year as a contraception preventative. After the loss of her daughter Rose, N'Tazzia experienced a period of profound depression but has since sought treatment and has recovered completely. NOTE: It is recommended that N'Tazzia be periodically re-evaluated for possible recurrence of depression at least every 4-6 months for two years. Her complete medical/psychological history, doctor's notes and other records are available via Starfleet Medical Database.

N'Tazzia was introduced to team sports during her time at the Academy and when at the Academy she participated in them whenever she could. Most notably, she often joined her classmates for impromptu baseball games and enjoys watching team competitions.

While “Counseling” Captain Trellis, N'Tazzia began playing Velocity. She has since become quite proficient at the sport.

She enjoys cooking, both via replicator programming and more retro methods. She is still learning how to please a variety of different palates.

For recreation N'Tazzia also loves to sing and plays the Dalni (A Tesshuan stringed instrument like a cross between a guitar and a lute. She has a pleasant, tuneful voice in the mezzo-soprano range.

She works on her hand-to-hand combat skills weekly.

Pre-Starfleet Tesshuan Education:

Fine and Creative Artistic Expression –

Prior to leaving Tesshua and entering Starfleet Academy Taz was classified from age 6 as a member of the “Creative” Class/Caste on Tesshua, she trained extensively throughout her life up until the equivalent of the Bachelor's Degree level in multiple artistic disciplines and is by all accounts on her homeworld a very talented artist.

Painting – Most of her body of work consists of large, colorful acrylic paintings. She tends to favor flowers, landscapes and non-representational subject matter.

Textile and Clothing Design --Taz designs and works with textiles as an art form as well as using them to create clothing. Much of her off duty wardrobe consists of brisa, a style of Tesshuan dress which is contoured to the body from the waist up and free-flowing to various degrees and lengths from the waist down. Her brisa are often painted with large swaths of bright colors or floral patterns.

Sculpting – On Tesshua N'Tazzia was regarded as a very promising young sculptor and had won several awards for her sculptures. A number of her pieces are on display at various museums and galleries on Tesshua and her final project for her degree stands in the main square of her home city of Lesua. Additionally she created the sculpture of the U.S.S. Excelsior which is on display in the Captain's Ready Room as well as several sculptures on display in her office and quarters.

Masters Equivalent in: “Therapeutic Creative Self Expression”

After the religious caste system was disbanded and other avenues of study opened for N'Tazzia, she chose to obtain a Master's Degree in “Therapeutic Creative Self Expression” - degree similar to Counseling and Art Therapy, focusing on encouraging the subject to engage in a chosen form of artistic expression as a method of exploring their feelings and thereby decreasing their stress, depression and other similar conditions.

Starfleet Academic Highlights:

Medical and Counseling Credentials/Degrees:
Master of Science: Counseling (M.S.C.)
Starfleet Certified Counselor (S.C.C.)
Federation Board Certified Professional Counselor (F.B.P.C.)
Awarded PsyD/Doctor of Psychiatry Licensed to Practice by Starfleet Medical as a Psychiatrist.
Awarded M.D. Licensed to Practice by Starfleet Medical

Specific Classes/Concentrations Related to Counseling Etc. Etc.:
Common Shipboard Psychological Issues
Depression and Mood Disorders
Fears and Phobias
Helping Others Manage and Relieve Stress
One on One Counseling
Addictions Counseling
Marriage/Family/Relationship Counseling
Family Counseling
Grief and Loss Counseling
Performing Psychological Evaluations
Art/Creative Expression As A Therapeutic Tool
Small Class/Seminar Facilitation
Active/Conscious Listening
Workplace Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Child Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Combat Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Exo-Psychology: Tesshuan Psychology
Psychopathic and Sociopathic Behaviors
Eating Disorders and Treatments
Social Anxiety
Relaxation Techniques
Meditation Techniques
Pharmaceutical Therapies
Alternative/Complimentary Medical Practices
Herbal and Folk Remedies
Adolescent and child psychiatry
Pain medicine
Sleep medicine
Forensic psychiatry
Disaster & Crisis Intervention
Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Advanced Studies in Human Behavior
Applied Behavioral Analysis/Criminal Psychology/Criminal Profiling
Diseases of the Brain
Anatomy of the Brain
Advanced Research in Psychiatry
Emergency Medicine: Triage
Emergency Medicine: Field Medic/First Aid
Emergency Medicine: Medical Equipment Operation
Emergency Medicine: Trauma
Emergency Medicine: Acute Disease Presentations
Emergency Medicine: Toxicology and Hazardous Materials Exposures

Cultural Studies:
The Prime Directive
First Contact Procedures/Protocols
Public Speaking
Inter-species Ethics
Inter-species Protocols
Inter-species Relations
Crew Morale and Fitness

Computer Operation
Computer Programming (Basic)
Holodeck Programming (Advanced)
Starship Sensor Operations
LCARS Research
Basic Transporter Ops
Hand Phaser (Advanced)
Other Energy Weapons: (Familiarity)
Small Spacecraft/Shuttle Piloting: Basic

Academic Publication History:
The Collapse of the Religious Caste System and the Corresponding Effects on Tesshuan Society
Rebuilding Self-Identity Under A New Understanding of Tesshuan Origins
A Manufactured Society: Exploring the Possible Motives of the Tesshuan Progenitors
Tesshuan Pairing/Marriage Conventions as Compared to Various Other Species
An Exploration of Aberrant Psychological Issues on Tesshua
Efficacy of Indigenous/Folk Remedies in Medical Treatment: The Placebo Effect or More?
A Study of the Tesshuan Brain
Research Model: Recurrence of Brain Tumors
Using Common Mediation/Diplomatic Procedures on Tesshua

USF Assignment/Promotion History:

Stardate 200910.18 -- Officially assigned to the USS Excelsior
Stardate 200912.20 -- Promoted to Lt. j.g. by Rear Admiral Styre
Stardate 201006.01 – Promoted to Lt. By Cmdr Vendetta
Stardate 201102.23 – Promoted to 1st Lt. By Captain T'Ashal

Starfleet Commendations/Awards:
Given the Golden Laurel Branch Medal for Outstanding Diplomatic Service after successfully negotiating an agreement between contentious governmental factions on her homeworld of Tesshua.

Additional Shipboard Activities and Duties:
N'Tazzia serves as “Morale Officer” for the crew.
She offers non-counseling related classes in painting and sculpting for crew.

While Tesshuans no longer are placed into special designations at age six and hence no longer are given a corresponding prefix -- P', N' or D' which indicated their designations, many Tesshuans still use these old prefixes out of habit. However, the prefix designator is never used in speech or when addressing a Tesshuan. Additionally it should be noted that Tesshuans use no surnames. The proper method for addressing a Tesshuan in Starfleet is to use their rank designation followed by their name without the P', N' or D'. Example: Lt. Tazzia.

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