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Nick: Meila
Nick: Meila
Nick: Meila
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Meila Styles
   Species: Vulcanoid/Ocampan
   Gender: Female
   Age: 11 to 12
   Height: 12 - 12 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown, Length: Just past shoulder; Style: wavy
Skin: Fair skin
Distinct Features: Head: Pointed ears--mixture of vulcan/ocampan shape
Clothing: Civilian clothes
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Can sense emotions/thoughts. Also can sense danger. Strength of abilities is unknown; not completely explored
Duty Status: Active
Name: Meila Styles
Position/Occupation: Adopted child (NPC) of Cmdr and Dr Styles
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Meila Styles


Name: Meila

Species: Human/Vulcan/Ocampan hybrid

Born: June, 2385 (best estimate from full medical physical conducted)

Planet of origin: Unknown. Found in a stasis pod with several other kids as part of a child trafficking ring. Saved by Starbase Everest crew.

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 92 lbs

Hair: Dark brown; wavy

Eyes: Blue

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Abilities: High capacity to learn. Her human/vulcan/ocampan mind takes in information quickly, as well as analyzes, and retrains that information at a far higher rate than typical children her age. This likely has to do with her ocampan lineage.
Seemingly photographic memory.
Telepathy of unknown strength/complexity, but suspected to have very strong abilities.


Meila does not remember much of her young childhood. She does recall the feeling of being loved once and being safe and taken care of by loving parents. Though she is not sure if this is a true memory, or just something her mind created to keep her going in the darkest; loneliest moments of her traumatic childhood. She doesn’t dwell on her past, but she does suffer from nightmares regularly. Meila, along with most of the “stasis” children are benefiting from regular counseling sessions.

The only thing Meila remembers about her time before waking up on the Everest in a stasis pod, is growing up in a child work camp in a place known as Reijax (a city on a possible trade world far on the outskirts of federation space; Meila is unable to provide much information on the city. She does not remember ever seeing Starfleet uniforms, though does remember hearing the words “federation of planets” and “starfleet” before in passing). Meila describes the town as very inhospitable. No one in the town were ever very friendly, the nights were cold and dreary, and the days were hot and humid. She suffered abuse from the adults of the work camp, and was made to do hard labor to “earn her keep”. Meila was provided with a measly amount of food, and a place to sleep which consisted of a few blankets on the floor in the corner of a room among several other child workers who shared the same sleep space.

Meila is about 8 years old, and was born sometime in June, 2385. However, given her partial ocampan heritage, her physical form, and mental capabilities are more like a 12 year old humanoid. She grows faster than typical humanoids, but slower than a full ocampan. It is unclear whether she will continue to grow quickly throughout her lifetime, or if it will slow down given both her Vulcan and human lineage. It is also unknown what her life expectancy will be as ocampans only live to 9 or 10 years, whereas humans live to a century, and vulcans live several centuries. The only thing for certain is she should live far older than the typical 9 or 10 years of an ocampan.

She has been placed under Dr Ailana’ Darz’s foster care on the Everest station and is settling quite nicely with the crew of the Everest. Her aptitude tests started weak, but has progressed at a very quick pace since she began studying at the Everest school. The teachers are constantly having to give her more and more challenging work on pretty much a weekly basis.

Meila is very pleasant and polite. She is also very caring, and always wants to help those around her. Meila is very intuitive and seems to sense how people are feeling, which is likely due to her telepathic abilities. However, she is very quiet with her telepathic/empathic abilities and does not openly exercise them--though this may be simply due to her lack of training in her telepathic abilities. Everything she does in regard to her mental abilities is instinctual, and non-invasive.

In addition to her school training, she has begun working as an assistant in the hospital. Most people find Meila very pleasing to be around, and there has been no complaints about her conduct or interaction with the crew.

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