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Nick: Malachi
Nick: Malachi
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Malachi Jacob Styles
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 17 to 20
   Height: 2 - 2 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, Normal cut
Skin: White
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Malachi Jacob Styles
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief Science officer, Science and Acting Executive Officer
Core Grade: O05
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Malachi Jacob Styles

Biographical File

Number 75464283.
Malachi Styles

File Data:
Current Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Current assignmentStarbase Everest
Year born: 2368
Species: Hybrid: Human/Betazoid/Cardassian
Marital Status:Single
Parents: Father:(biological) AS-of=yet- uknown Cardassian
(adoptive)Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
Mother: Commodore April Styles-Fyrstk (deceased)
Siblings: Sister(s):
Luna, born Fyrstk (born Luna Styles) 10/2378, Jessica Megan Fyrstk, born 12/2381
Rohan & Ronov Fyrstk, born 03/2380
Physical Information-------
Weight-145 lbs
Build-Slim, muscular
Pre-Academy Education:
      Malachi was brought up on the starships his mother has served aboard. He has been enrolled in the Chi-Institute
Personal History
Mal with is mother, age 13      Malachi, born March 28, 2368, is one of five children born to April Styles-Fyrstk. Malachi was conceived when a Cardassian had bought April from a slave trader (see April Styles-Fyrstk official record for details). He impregnated April in the hopes of creating a powerful hybrid. April was rescued before Malachi's birth.
     At the age of two, Malachi was abducted by his biological father. It is unclear what the purpose of the abduction was, or how he was retrieved. The only official records, to date, show his reunion with his mother several months after the abduction, and April's encounter with Section 31. There were no signs of abuse to Malachi, however, experts recognized and diagnosed that Malachi would develop a powerful psionic ability. Though there were no physical signs of abuse, Malachi later remembered scenes from his captivity. He vividly remembered being poked and prodded by the scientist, and the "fish-smell" of the scientist's breath. He also saw glimpses from his mother's memories of him being held naked and in a cage no larger than a large dog's pen.
     At age 13, Malachi went to stay with his adopted father aboard the USS Eagle. In addition to his classroom studies, Malachi integrated himself into the Eagle crew, eventually moving into the sciences department for his specialty. In late-2382, Mal was given an acting ensigns rank aboard the ship and put into normal crew rotations.. Malachi has served on several away missions. SOme of which have taken him into other dimensions, and forward in time to an alternate futer where he met his future self, and twin brothers aboard the battered Eagle, which was one of a few remaining Starfleet ships struggling against the T'Kil invaders. Malachi has also developed a very close relationship with Dr, Melody (originally the ship's AMO, now counselor).

Starfeet Academy Days:

In May, 2384, Malachi left the Eagle. He spent two weeks with his mother and siblings, then traveled to Earth. He attended early, summer sessions, at Starfleet Academy. He started officially in the fall of 2384. Some of his class trips took him to places such as Vulcan and Feriginar.

During his time at the academy, Malachi made a few friends. One such person, and possibly his best friend, was Daniel Jona. Daniel was a Betazoid, majoring in Medical. Malachi and Daniel shared many adventures. Malachi also played a part in Daniel becoming involved with Dexlona, a friend of Daniel's from his boyhood days.

Hlaoa Zaiba'ny was another. She was a Lagier from the planet Nom. She and fellow Lagier, Okuyan Nucen'os, were admitted to the academy in 2385 as part of an exchange program. During a combat lessons class, Malachi and Hlaoa were paired up. Malachi decided to take advantage of an opportunity when Hlaoa's attention was diverted and bested her. Hlaoa thought this move sneaky and dishonorable and silently vowwed vengenance.

Malachi and Hlaoa, shared a fondness for dancing. Hlaoa used this commonality to bring her revenge about. She saw that any time she spent in Malachi's company would bring about a reaction from Nucen'os. She increased her time around Malachi, hoping to make Okuyan jealous. The plot culminated when Malachi and Hlaoa were practicing a new dance in the academy gym. During a dip, Hlaoa placed a kiss on Malachi's cheek. This sent Nucen'os into a rage. He entered the gym and "pushed" Malachi, which was actually a high energy burst of electricity. The charge, delivered directly to Malachi's chest, propelled him in the air and back against the opposite wall. It also stopped his heart, and resulted in second degree burns on his chest. When they realized what had happened, Nucen'os delivered another jolt to restart Malachi's heart. His injuries were then treated in the academy's medical ward. Zaiba'ny and Nucen'os were expelled from the academy for assault on a fellow cadet. They were later allowed to return, but had to wear a special shock dampening suit.

In January 2386, Malachi was awarded the Starfleet Rescue Operations medal, for his actions at Rigel IV. The planet had come under attack by the Borg. Despite the overwhelming devestation, and fatalities, Malachi maintained constant sensor feeds to all the shuttles and rescue teams working to assist the inhabitants of the planet.
mustang shuttle   For the school year 2385-86, the sophmores project was to design a speeder-shuttle to race with. The shuttle had to be completely designed by the cadet. Wanting to come up with a different design, Malachi came up with Mustang. He had the shuttle built by Aster Enterprises, who specialized in luxury liners and other civilian shuttles. Luktra Fyrstk, Mal's adopted grandfather, worked for Aster, when he was younger, and maintained contact with the shipbuilders.
  Junior year proved to be no less tumultuous. While on a scientific cruise on the Academy's starship, the U.S.S. Ii>Sutherland, the ship was investigating an anomalous storm with highly unusual readings. The storm grew rapidly, suddenly overtaking the Sutherland. The ship was propelled ten years into the future and an alternate time line. In this alternate future, the T'Kil had beatend down Starfleet forces, and taken over the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans and other races were nothing more than a handful of ships trying to maintain their freedom.
  Details of the Sutherland's actions, and involvements in this future-verse are highly classified. The cadets were all sworn to the strict silence regarding this entire situation. Malachi did meet a future version of Cadet Ailana Darz, and her sister Adrenna. He then met this universe's version upon their return. Malachi did strike up a friendship with Ailana, despite not being able to tell her about the future-verse happenings.
&bnsp; In August of 2387, Malachi was summoned to Starbase 292, where his mother was commanding officer. There he learned his mother had been fatally wounded by a Firegon agent. The agent's true objective weas to blow up the station to kill "the Enemy's" family. THe person they referred to as "the Enemy" was Malachi's father-by-adoption, Commodore Lukas Fyrstk. The agent failed in his mission to destroy the station, but did shoot April Styles-Fyrstk, and abduct one of her twin sons, Ronov Fyrstk. Malachi joined his father in tracking down "Ronnie," and rescuing him.
  After his mother's death, Malachi had decided not to return to the academy, so he could help his father with the children. Commodore Fyrstk insisted Malachi return to classes and finish his senior year.

Post Graduation

  After graduation, Malachi took the assignment of science/operations officer aboard the Mars Perimeter Defense ship, U.S.S. Shitaq. He had taken this position after being recommended to it by then provost of the academy, Commander Rhea Janseen. One of the advantages this post held for Malachi, was it kept him close to Earth and to Ailana.
  In late 2388, after her own graduation, Ailana Darz while home visiting her parents, disappeared into an alternate dimension through a portal created by her father. Malachi spent most of his off time trying to find a way to retrieve his girlfriend, or at least contact her to be certain she was okay. When he transferred to Stabase Everest, in 2390, he was hoping the equipment aboard the space station would provide him more technological advantages to find her. Just barely two weeks after he had transferred, the station came under attack and wa destroyed. Malachi's ever-diligent work in determining the origins of the attacker, and a defense against their weapons led to his early promotion to full lieutenant.
  In August of 2393 (USF Stardate 201607.24), Malachi was promoted to lieutenant commander and offered the position of acting executive officer of Starbase Everest, which he accepted.
Starfleet Record
Due to Malachi's status aboard the Eagle, his official record starts from his appointment as Acting Ensign.
2382(late) Granted the acting rank of ensign aboard the USS Eagle, NCC 9561, by Commodore Lukas Fyrstk. Assigned as assistant science officer
2384Took Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Ranked 3/100
2384Started in the fall semester at the Academy. Major: Science; Minors; Operations, Engineering
2386Awarded Starfleet Rescue Operations Medal
2388Graduated Starfleet Academy in the top 5% of the graduating class. Promoted to the rank of Ensign.
2388Assigned Science/Operations officer aboard the U.S.S. Shitaq, in the Mars Perimeter Defense force.
2389Assigned temporary Chief of Science post aboard the U.S.S. Sutherland, for the summer cruise while the Shitaq was in dock for upgrades.
2390Promoted to lieutenant junior grade and transferred to Starbase Everest
Promoted to lieutenant commander and acting executive officer of Starbase Everest

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