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Nick: Mahrek
Nick: Mahrek
Nick: Mahrek
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Lieutenant Image
Lieutenant Mahrek of House Kehdar
   Species: Klingon
   Gender: Male
   Age: 20 to 30
   Height: 260 - 271 cm
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Very Dark Golden Brown, Long, wavy, full
Skin: Medium fair
Distinct Features: Head: forehead ridges, beard and moustache
Body: ridged spine, chest and feet
Build/Posture: Muscular
Accessories: Honor Sash with decorations
Equipment: Daqtagh
Vocal Quality: Smooth lower register tenor
Duty Status: Active
Name: Mahrek of House Kehdar
Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Security/Tactical
Core Grade: O03
Sim: USS Columbia

Biography for Lieutenant Mahrek of House Kehdar

NAME: Mahrek of House Kehdar
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
SHIP: USS Columbia
ASSIGNMENT: Security Officer
DEPARTMENT: Tactical and Security

SPECIES: Klingon
AGE: 21
WEIGHT: 203.2 cm
HAIR COLOR: Very Dark Golden Brown

HOME: Khadessah Outpost
INTERESTS: His Hobbies include studying all he can about the other races as well as any form of Martial Arts, and if he can ever get the chance, piloting some of the myriad forms of "fixed wing" aircraft from shuttles to the old Piper cubs and he would love to get more time behind the controls of some of the larger crafts in the Starfleet Armada. He keeps up his skills with the rattan sword club and has participated in many of the Bat'leth tournaments, usually placing within the top 20 of his age group

Father: Kehdar, one of the Klingon Empire's foremost teachers of Tactics and Strategy in their Academy
Mother: Beh'telak

Mahrek, of the house of Kehdar- Klingon, 21, 203.2cm, 105K(6'8", 231#) grew up on the Khadessah outpost, similar to the Khittomer posting but, fortunately for him, it was not betrayed to the Romulans the way that the other ill-fated one was. Hearing of the bravery of the Federation during that encounter, he wanted to investigate this group of disparate peoples further, trying to find out the reason that they would come to help a people so long accounted their enemies. He had heard the proverb of Kahless that "the enemy of your enemy was your friend," but he knew the hatred ran deep and hot between the peoples of the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Yet they had helped the Klingons at Khittomer, which was counter to all that he had heard in the past, so he pestered his family and then the Council to go to the Federation as an exchange student, trying to find out what drove those of the Federation to be as they were. From there, he enrolled in the Academy and ran into one of the ones that was on Khittomer, Worf, who he found out later was a distant kinsman. Talking with him and the experiences that Worf had had as a security officer, decided the young warrior on his career. He too would go into Security, helping protect the Feds the way that they had done back at the outpost. He excelled at the weapons classes and the hand to hand due to his greater strength and bone density but he never understood the requirement that he take dance classes to supplement the rest of his lessons until the instructor challenged him to an endurance race around the obstacle course. After he was roundly thrashed in the race, Mahrek started paying more attention to some of the reasonings behind the seeming idiotic classes he was assigned He enjoyed the cross-training that he had in the different areas of piloting and even the medical "Patch" classes he could see the need for in combat situations. Tactics was one of his favorites as he studied them in a new light after the dance classes, seeing in them the wheel and turn maneuvers that would mimic the dancers onstage.
While there he found a group that did a lot of the medieval and renaissance period fighting techniques as well as the other things involved with this so-called "Game" or "Dream," they called it by both names, though he could never understand why they called it either one. He got rather proficient with the use of the rattan sticks and shields , realizing the way that the two worked together to attack and defend and thinking how it could be adapted to the area that he was going into, till he heard stories one evening at the meeting of how some of the security groups, when the club was first starting, were coming together to work on such techniques with the club and grinning when they would get trounced, learning the way things needed to be worked on and how to better improve their own tactics against this "Shield Wall." Oh well, great minds usually had the same ideas. Now, if he could make a Phaser- or disruptor- proof shield, Security could go into a whole new direction.

He was assigned to the security team around the Federation Council because of his openmindedness toward the different races in the Federation and helped get rid of a few disgruntled citizens with little incident.From there, he was assigned to the USS Mischief, a prisoner transport vessel where they thought his size and intimidating appearance would help keep trouble with the criminals to a minimum. His daily Bat'leth practice, that he allowed, no, encouraged, the prisoners to watch, ensured that. From there, he was transferred to the USS Raptor as one of the team to help keep unfortunate incidents from Happening. After the Raptor he was assigned first to the USS Independance then the USS Ghost Rider before coming aboard the USS Columbia.

He is known for his attention to duty as he sees it and to details in overseeing the safety of the ship He is excellent with most kinds of weapons, spending many of his of duty hours working out in the gym on his weapons styles and often teaching classes to those interested
He has become adept at all martial arts including the various ethnic weapons of many species and is rated as a master in many of them, He enjoys many of the ancient styles of Terran sword fighting with emphasis on the medieval period of Europe and the feudal period of Japan


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