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Nick: M'Terow
Nick: M'Terow
Nick: M'Terow
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Ensign Image
M'Terow Rrurr P'Nulish
   Species: Caitian
   Gender: Female
   Age: 20 to 24
   Height: 13 - 13 cm
Eyes: Gold, Cat eyes
Hair: Gold, Long, flowing, tied back for duty
Skin: Fur: Tortoiseshell Gold
Distinct Features: Head: Gorgeous fur that she hates to be touched
Body: slim but powerful
Build/Posture: Athletic, Seems always on guard
Clothing: Long hooded jacket, baggy clothes
Vocal Quality: Low, purring.. with a hissing sort of lisp on 's' when excited
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Active
Name: M'Terow Rrurr P'Nulish
Core Grade: O01
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for M'Terow Rrurr P'Nulish

Ensign M'Terow Rrurr P'Nulish
USS Excelsior

M'Terow was born on Cait about 23 years ago. She has gorgeous tortoiseshell gold fur, hair and eyes. Slim, powerful build. She is an orphan and slow to trust others. Dislikes human singing, especially female voices.

Her parents died while she was still a toddler and she was brought up by an aging grandmother who was somewhat relaxed in maintaining her mane and claws as she should, and M'Terow, being both without parents and without the classic pride in appearance favoured by most Caitians, found herself an outcast in school. Luckily she found a mentor in her science teacher, Csirl, who encouraged her to explore her abilities and taught her more about Caitain society.

Because of the disorganization in her early life she didn't take the oath at age twelve as is tradition, her teacher assisted her to take it at 14.

Although her grandmother was a lapsed worshiper of R'rikalla, M'Terow eschews religion of any kind. However, through the mentorship of Csirl she learned of Starfleet and grew to be fiercely loyal to its philosophy and mission, applying to Starfleet Academy and winning its acceptance was the proudest moment of her life, second only to graduation.

Despite her desire to seek out new life and new civilizations, she carries also her Cait prejudices, finding that how other life forms dress themselves can be rather strange or even absurd. She has learned to be diplomatic enough not to mention it. The habit of some to wear too much scent annoys her.

Due to the cooperative nature of most Caitians they are considered to be natural fits for jobs in diplomacy, medical, communications and sciences. But because of her rough upbringing M'Terow has a streak of rebellion and wished to study helm and tactical along with science. If there was such a thing as an intelligence branch, she might have set her golden eyes on it.

Now she has her first assignment aboard the USS Excelsior. Not only will the work be challenging but she will have to cooperate with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds. Although she is well trained in the basics of the jobs to which she will be assigned, one area with which she struggles is interpersonal relations. Her experiences as an outcast and outsider still colour her perceptions.

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