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Nick: LtCmdrRelok
Nick: LtCmdrRelok
Nick: LtCmdrRelok
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Relok
   Species: Vulcan
   Gender: Male
   Age: 34 to 39
   Height: 173 - 180 cm
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black, Long hair worn in a ponytail
Skin: Dark Tan
Build/Posture: Lean, neither thin nor muscular
Vocal Quality: Baritone
Telepathy: Weak Touch Telepath
Duty Status: Active
Name: Relok
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief of Sciences, Science
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Relok

SD 201801.20

Lt. Cmdr. Relok #B# =$= =#= (o>) {>~}
Chief Science Officer, USS Darmok


Species: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Age: 54 (appears mid-thirties)
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs. (79.4 kg)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black, straight, long, neat ponytail
Skin Tone: Deep Tan
Build: Lean, neither thin nor muscular
Voice: Baritone


Father: Commissioner Torek, Ministry of Geophysical Statistics, Vulcan
Mother: Dame T'Pen, Priestess of the Order of the Sehlat, Vulcan
Sibling: Sister, Y'vet, Adept of the Order of the Sehlat, Vulcan
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None
Birthplace: Chetzoplan, a region in the southern hemisphere of Vulcan dominated by rain forests


. Relok's mother, T'Pen, is a high-ranking priestess of the Order of the Sehlat, a group of Vulcans that revere the strength of the sehlat even while maintaining the logic and calmness revered by most Vulcans. Relok's sister, Y'vet, followed in their mother's footsteps into the Order.
. Relok's father, Torek, is a high-ranking administrator and official within the large organization in charge of mapping and measuring various statistics of the planet. Relok takes more after his father in his affinity to careful measurements and analysis, while fostering athleticism and agility promoted by followers of the Order of the Sehlat.
. While the Order of the Sehlat frowns on the domestication of sehlats and adherents do not keep them as pets, Relok was exposed to sehlats in the wild. A "coming of age" ritual practiced by the Order, similar to the Forge Crossing, is to send an adolescent Vulcan alone into territory known to be inhabited by sehlats, equipped only with a dagger and a canteen, to emerge on the other side in four days in possession of a sehlat fang (how the initiate comes by the fang is immaterial to the quest). Relok underwent this rite when 12 years old and suceeded. (He does not discuss the ordeal, arguing from logic that a solitary experience is intended only for the one experiencing it - if it were meant to be shared, the experience itself would be shared.)
. In adherence to the religious practices of his mother and sister, Relok often practices a Vulcan form of Tai-Chi and martial arts, and frequently engages in holodeck "hunting" trips in sehlat-prowled jungles. Unlike many Vulcans, those that follow the Order of the Sehlat argue that logic clearly indicates their species is equipped to eat meat (Vulcans do possess teeth of the incisor and canine types, after all), and will therefore do so.
. Overall, Relok's appearance and attitude are an odd mixture of the usual attributes of Vulcan logic, with various Terran Meso-American Indian (Mayan, Incan, Aztec) rituals and attitudes, among which is his reverence of the sehlat resembling the Aztec's Jaguar cults.
. Also, it is worth remembering that Relok's sub-species (his race, if you will) is NOT from the usual hot deserts typical of most Vulcans, but rather of high-altitude tropical rain forests or cloud forests, such as those found on Earth in Columbia in South America.


SD 201801.22 = Transferred to USS Darmok as Chief of Sciences.
SD 201206.25 = Promoted to Lt. Cmdr. Transferred to Starbase Antonia as Supervisor of its Phase Seven Expansion project.
SD 200510.10 = Promoted to Fst. Lt. Assigned to Midgard Station to oversee development of the Orlanian Linear Accelerator Alignment.
SD 199909.15 = Promoted to full Lt. Continue with the Houma Outpost overseeing the expansion of the protective barriers used to observe the indigenous peoples.
SD 199306.25 = Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade. Tasked with tracking the migratory nomads of the Houma indigenous peoples.
SD 199002.25 = Graduation from Starfleet Academy as an Ensign (Age 26). Assigned to Houma Outpost performing Geoplanetary Surveys for the placement and development of observational areas for recording the development of the indigenous species.
SD 1987-1990 = Rapid advancement through Starfleet Academy (Age 23-26).
SD 1982-1987 = Attended Vulcan Science Academy (Age 18-23).
SD 1980 = Achieves status of Sentinel in the Order of the Sehlat (Age 16).
SD 1976 = Initiation Ceremony and induction into the Order of the Sehlat (Age 12).
SD 196401.15 = Date of Birth, Chetzoplan, Vulcan.


#B# Beta Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Beta Quad)
=$= Gold Medallion (exceptional log writing)
=#= Silver Medallion (exceptional attendance)
(o>) Vulcan IDIC award for graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy
{>~} The Fang of the Sehlat for Initiation into the Order of the Sehlat

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