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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant Leyva T'Mai Torosi
   Species: Vulcan/Betazoid
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 35
   Height: 155 - 161 cm
Eyes: Black, Betazoid aniridia
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Fair
Build/Posture: Athletic
Vocal Quality: Firm
Telepathy: Fully telepathic and empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Leyva T'Mai Torosi
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Science Officer
Core Grade: O04
Sim: USS Darmok

Biography for First Lieutenant Leyva T'Mai Torosi

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==Starfleet Biographical Database==

Zooey Deschanel as Leyva Torosi

Personal Information:

Current Rank: First Lieutenant
Current Posting: USS Darmok,Science Officer
Race: Vulcan/Betazoid
Gender: Female
Birthdate: August 9
Birthplace: San Francisco, Earth
Age: 33 standard years
Parents: Commander Evan Torosi (deceased) Commander T'Lar
Siblings: None
Martial Status: Single
Children: 1

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 123lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark brown

B.A., M.A. Psychology, Summa Cum Laude Stanford University,
B.S. Vulcan Defensive Arts, Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts.
SFA Adv. Security Curriculum.
VSA: Xenotechnology Summa Cum Laude
VSA: Advanced Starship Systems Development Summa Cum LAude

Languages Spoken:
Native speaker
- Standard, Vulcan, Betazoid
Fluent - Bajoran, Klingon, Rigelian, Romulan, Trill, Ferengi, Cardassian, Benzite, Andorian.

Born to two Starfleet officers, Leyva Torosi is an interesting person to describe. Leyva stands a diminutive 5'2" tall in stocking feet and she weighs 123lbs. At first glance she appears to be stockier than average but closer examination shows she is simply a compactly built, well muscled young woman. Leyva's eyes are black and they display the typical Betazoid aniridia. Her ears have are slightly pointed yet still distinctly Vulcanoid. When on duty Leyva puts her hair up in a French Twist or a chignon and while off duty wears her hair down in a wavy shoulder length style popular on Betazed.

Leyva's childhood was spent on Earth. Though most of her young life, her father, Commander Evan Torosi, was serving as Chief Diplomatic Aide to the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth and her mother, Commander T'Lar, was, and still is, a well-regarded Starfleet Academy Instructor and Expert in Vulcan Defensive Arts. Her parents home provided for quite a unique environment. They were known for being able to seamlessly blend the openness and warmness for which Betazed are renowned with a measure of the stoicism and logic characteristic of Vulcans. This allowed young Leyva to be afforded many fascinating cultural opportunities. She was introduced to, and interacted with, various dignitaries and preeminent names in various fields from a young age. Her parents also saw to it that every manner of erudite pursuit and physical challenge were easily available to young Leyva.

A voracious reader from the age of three, Leyva was a quiet and polite child with a seemingly pensive and introspective personality. Leyva rarely sought the companionship of children her own age and seemed to be more comfortable among adults. These things combined with her frequently practicing and perfecting her Vulcan Defensive Arts skills led it to be assumed that she took after her Vulcan mother in most respects. At age 7 she underwent a battery of psychological testing which discovered to both the professionals and her parents surprise that she had apparently been born with active telepathy and had been managing, quite surprisingly, to both use and mask her abilities. A consequence of her abilities seemed to be a heightened ability to absorb the vagaries of languages almost instinctively. Many a visitor to events at her parents home were surprised to find a six year old greeting them nearly flawlessly in their own tongue.

At around age nine Leyva suddenly announced to anyone who asked that she wanted to be Zoo keeper when she grew up and proceeded to surround herself with a menagerie of creatures both indigenous to Earth and often those more exotic. She was known to carry one or more critters with her at all times -- even places and times where such actions were typically inappropriate. (It's rumored that for several months Leyva actually secretly kept a Targ in underused gardening shed on Academy Grounds e€" no one ever found out just WHERE an eleven year old managed to obtain a Targ, not to mention how she obtained the necessary food for it's diet!)

As she grew into her teen years she began taking care of a number of feral cats that perpetually make their homes on the grounds of SFA and she decided she would like to become a Veterinarian. Her general collection of creatures declined and she shifted her youthful exuberance efforts to help manage the feral cat colony at SFA. (Note: Even in absentia, Leyva maintains a presence in the active maintenance of the SFA feral cat colony and is a minor player/figure in the ever-ongoing campaign to get the keepers of cat companions throughout the Federation to responsibly spay and neuter.). Her two closest female friendships were forged during her work with this cause. Stella Farraday, who is now a successful criminal attorney in Los Angeles and Leticia Sorenson. A Veterinarian, Leticia lives in New Orleans LA with two sons who call Leyva Auntie.

When she turned 15 years old, Leyva had successfully completed all secondary school requirements and began taking college level classes at Stanford University. Though she initially enrolled thinking she would study to be a Vet like her friend and mentor Leticia Sorenson in the course of taking the required psychology and sociology classes she found herself fascinated by the minds and actions of sentient beings and switched her major to Psychology. In two years she completed her Undergraduate Psychology degree and went on to complete her Masters Degree in Psychology. She spent an extra two years at Stanford taking various Xeno-Psychological classes and fine tuning her skills in several languages. She completed her studies there at 21.

Soon thereafter Leyva moved to Vulcan to study at The Vulcan Defensive Arts. She spent four years there in intensive training. Despite her facility with hand-to-hand combat styles she found being one of only two non-Vulcans in the program to be more challenging than expected and became good friends and possibly more with the other outsider studying there, a Klingon named Karl'eth. While not in official classes, Karl'eth taught Leyva moQbara

Upon her return to Earth, Leyva entered Starfleet Academy where she chose to pursue a path leading toward a career in Starfleet Security. With her other undergraduate degree and already advanced knowledge of Vulcan Defensive Arts, she was able to bypass many lower-level classes and dedicate additional time to dabbling in other areas such as Force-Field Dynamics. She graduated SFA at 29.

Traveling with Leyva are her two Siamese cats, Sally Ride and Valentina Tereshkova (Sal and Val). One her companions is with her at almost all times when she is not on duty. In her spare time she has helped design specialized force-fields for her cats one which allows them to be contained in a skin-tight force-field via their collars so that they are able to interact without fear of allergen transference and is fine-tuning a larger force-field container used for both travel and living quarters for the cats.

During her time at the Academy Leyva had met and took martial arts classes with Will Chambers and his girlfriend Sarah Winters. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that Will had also been assigned to the Darmok and as a result of working together closely on a couple of projects as well as practicing moQbara together the two have become good friends. She has also become close to her roommate, Lt. Camelia Breaux since being bunked with her on the Darmok.

Since joining the USS Darmok Leyva has been busy from day one when she was unexpectedly thrust into leading the protection detail for the daughters of Admiral Oliver while the rescue of their brother from a vengeful Orion Pirate was in progress. She takes her job very seriously and among other duties she has performed a check of all weapons lockers and also set up a program and schedule for the crew's weapon recertification.

Leyva has also found herself increasingly involved with the Science and Engineering areas in addition to handling her Security duties. She assisted Engineer William Chambers with the decryption of and interfacing of an alien language with the Darmok's computer. She also was one of the key systems developers and programmers for the TripleM, the winning entry in the rescue mole competition hosted by Captain Foster of Starbase 24.

While the Darmok was at Starbase 24 for repairs Leyva met Tralh Tedor M.D. at Betazoid/Bajoran doctor and they have since declared themselves Imzadi and become engaged.

Leyva played a large role in the investigation and retrieval of apparent survivors of a starship crash on the non-warp capable planet Dran. Beginning with a mysterious fragment of metal matching Starfleet alloys it was soon learned that the USS Wellington, a Nova class science vessel had crashed there two years prior – the survivors reported 10 years had passed and had families and histories to prove it. Leyva wrote and executed a plan to retrieve and safely house the Wellington's crew while on the Darmok for transport to the nearest Starbase. Most of the Wellington's crew elected to be transported to the Darmok and repatriated --with a few exceptions who requested to stay for personal reasons and two others Lt. Commander Thomas Bennett and Lt. Carol Welding who were suspected of evading prosecution for sabotaging the Wellington and contributing to cultural contamination on Dran. Leyva helped capture the traitors and performed follow up interviews on the crew members requesting to be left behind and forwarded her findings and recommendations to Flt. Cpt. Seven and Admiral Oliver.

Leyva recently had the opportunity to meet her relatives on Betazed for the first time and received a warm welcome into the family. Amidst a whirlwind of Betazoid festivity she met her eight cousins, aunt, aunt's husband and members of his family. Leyva is a member of the Eleventh House of Betazed, which she learned is “The House of Inquisitiveness”. Her father's sister Elidh is currently the Matriarch of the House.

When she is not on duty Leyva is pursuing a distance degree in Starship Systems Development from the Subspace Studies Institute arm of the Vulcan Science Academy.

Leyva is currently conducting a series of beginner moQbara classes for the Darmok crew.

On SD 201002.14 Apparently due to bad feelings generated when Leyva didn't believe Tedor was being entirely truthful with his answers to questions she asked him about her appointment to the VSA, Leyva's fiance and Imazadi saw fit to break off their engagement via e-mail.

201112.02 Began a brief but intense relationship with fellow Darmok crew member Lt Scott Freebyrd.

USF Service History:

Stardate 0904.28: Received notification from Admiral Oliver of posting to USS Darmok.

Stardate 0905.29: Joined USS Darmok at Starbase 84.

Stardate 0905.29: Found herself in charge of protecting Admiral Oliver's daughters during the rescue of their brother from an Orion Pirate.

Stardate 0907.24: Promoted to Lt. j.g.

Stardate 0908.29: Worked with Ensign William Chambers deciphering a complex alien language and interfacing the alien systems with the Darmok's computer.

Stardate 0909.04 - Stardate SD0910.09: as part of Team Darmok, assists in the development and programming of a mining rescue mole to enter in contest.

Stardate 0910.09: Piloted Team Darmok's TripleM in Rescue Mole Contest

Stardate 0910.16: Participated in rescue of crew of disabled mole after completing contest.

Stardate 0910.21: Accepted First Place Award on behalf of Team Darmok for the TripleM (rescue mole)

Stardate 0910.21- 0911.06: Participated in Away Team investigation of Starfleet personnel and starship fragments discovered on non-warp capable planet Dran.

Stardate 0911.13: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Stardate 0911.19 Prepared a detailed plan for handling and housing the survivors of the crew of the USS Wellington aboard the Darmok.

Stardate 0912.05: Admitted as a 3rd Year Student to the Starship Systems Development Program Vulcan Science Academy via their Subspace Studies Institute.

Stardate 0912.18: Participated in the apprehension and arrest of Lt. Commander Thomas Bennett and Lt. Carol Welding suspected of sabotaging the USS Wellington and violating the Prime Directive on Dran.

Stardate 0912.22: Conducted a number of investigations into the exception requests of Wellington crew members who did not want to return to the Federation.

Stardate 1002.02: Announced that she will be holding upcoming beginning moQbara classes for interested crew members.

Stardate 1002.03: Worked with Chief Engineer Nomra and other members of the Darmok's crew to implement her ideas for specialized drones. These drones were designed to protect the space creatures known as the Phanometra from the Kraylons, who were hunting them to extract a substance that can prolong the life of their ruler.

Stardate 1002.19:Began holding Beginner's moQbara training for Darmok crew

Stardate 1003.03: Recieved implant to allow access to Reconn Shuttle and Dome.

Stardate 1003.09: Participated in covert Away Team mission to contact Starfleet observers in place on a pre-warp planet in Farlom system with Cmdr. Akarn and Cmdr Kar'ral. Piloted Reconn Shuttle.

Stardate 1004.09: Promoted to First Lieutenant and transferred to Reconn Dept as Reconn Officer

201203.08 Leyva requested and received a LOA to defend her theses at the Vulcan Science Academy. After attaining her academic goals, Leyva was recruited by Rear Admiral Joe Chess,to work on a classfified project with the Advanced Technologies Division of Starfleet Research and Development.

201308.12 Upon successful completion of the project, Leyva petitioned Admiral Chess to allow her to be reassigned to the USS Darmok.

201311.12 Leyva's request to return to the USS Darmok was approved. She was assigned as Science Officer.

Academic Highlights:

Adv Security Procedures
Adv Small Arms Familiarity and Identification - Starfleet and Federation Worlds
Adv Marksmanship
Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts Suss Mahna
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts V'shan
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts Taroon-Ifla
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts Ponn-Ifla
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts Kareel-Ifla
Adv Vulcan Defensive Arts Undisclosed Techniques
Small Combat Unit Tactics and Procedures
Combat Psychology
Combat Triage and First Aid
Small Arms Familiarity and Identification Non-Starfleet/non-allied species
Small Arms Weapons Maintenance and Repair
Starship Weapon Systems Operations
Starship Security Systems
Starship Tactics
Martial Arts Anbo-Jitsu
Martial Arts Karate
Martial Arts moQbara
Starfleet Orders and Directives
Federation Law
Jurisdictional Factors in Starfleet Security
Earth Based and other Allied Security Organizations
Intrasystem Peacekeeping Operations
Arrest, Restraint and Detention
Anti-Terrorist Tactics and Hostage Negotiation Training
Search and Rescue Procedures
Tactical Analysis
Interspecies Ethics
Interspecies Protocol
Shuttlecraft and Small Ship Piloting
Force-Field Dynamics Small Enclosure Creation and Modification
Psychoanalytic Theories
Research Methods and Practices
Abnormal Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Physiology of Additions and Addictive Behaviors
Psychoanalytic Theories
Klingon Psychology
Ferengi Psychology
Bajoran Psychology
Betazoid Psychology
Vulcan Psychology
Non-Race Specific Psychology
One on One Counseling
Psychology Phobias
Common Psychological Issues
Telepathy and Empathy as Adjuncts to Psychological Evaluation
Adapting Psychological Evaluation to Other Species
The Role of Empathic Communication in Psychological Settings
Advanced Starship Systems Development

Personal Interests:
Cooking (And eating!), Holodeck Programming, Martial Arts, Animal Welfare, Cats, Languages, Temporal Physics, Forcefield Technology, Computer Programming, Systems Design and Xenotechnology.

Updated Medical Officer's Report:
SD 201002.10 Cmdr. Teilani Drake, CMO USS Darmok

Lt. Leyva Torosi is in excellent health and has been deemed physically fit for duty. She has no known allergies, is current on all immunizations reguired and has not been exposed to any pathogens of concern. She exhibits only slightly less physical strength than a full Vulcan and has above normal Vulcan tolerance for pain.

By her own admission and personal observation, Lt. Torosi only sleeps 2-3 hours per night. Even though tests do not show significant deleterious effects from this sleep deprivation, I have noted in her file and recommended at least 5-6 hours of regular sleep (especially during regular duty) as any lack of attention could prove to be a liability during her scheduled duty, on the ship as well as during away missions.

Lt Torosi is a dedicated member of the crew and has integrated herself well into the duties and obligations of a Security Officer. She has full medical clearance.

Updated Psychological Evaluation:
SD 201002.01 Dr. Jason S. Oliver, Chief Counselor, USS Darmok

Leyva Torosi has integrated well with the crew of the Darmok. Always willing to lend a hand, she goes above and beyond without burning candles at both ends -- showing that while resourceful she knows her limits as well. A dedicated officer to ship and crew, Lieutenant Torosi is level headed and intuitive. All psych evaluations are in the green indicating that she is a well balanced individual.

Psychological Evaluation: Nasi Cumarkh, Psy.D.
While Cadet Torosi is more than fit for Starship duty she possesses a personality that make her difficult to classify at times she can seem much younger than her years. This may be due in part to her mixed Vulcan/Betazoid heritage -- each of which she displays to varying degrees. Her control over her telepathic and empathic abilities is extraordinarily tight and she is well versed in both using and not using her abilities as is appropriate. She is comfortable with authority figures, extremely loyal to her superiors and tends to follow regulations very closely. Beneath a facade of introspection she is often keenly observing, assessing and analyzing her surroundings and those around her. She is then able to put this information to use in her interactions with her colleagues and associates. Cadet Torosi does not make friends easily but it should be noted that her friendships, once formed, are long-lived. Her bond with the Earth species known as cat is especially deep and she feels incomplete without the companionship of one or more of these animals. Note: The most significant finding regarding Cadet Torosi is her seeming aversion to accolades and recognition for achievements. Despite exemplary performance in her studies throughout her life and her high intelligence and fitness levels, she does not possess the array of commendations and awards one might expect. When questioned directly Cadet Torosi responded that she "Did not seek what she did not need".

Medical Officers Report: Commander Valen Tren, MD
Cadet Torosi is in vigorously excellent health and is physically fit for duty. She has no known allergies, is current on all immunizations required and has not been exposed to any pathogens of concern. She exhibits only slightly less physical strength than a full Vulcan end has an extraordinary tolerance for pain. By her own report Cadet Torosi only sleeps 2-3 hours per night but tests do not show she suffers from any deleterious effects from this seeming deprivation.

FILE LAST UPDATED Stardate SD 201311.12

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