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Nick: Lana
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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant Ailana Styles
   Species: Humanoid
   Gender: Female
   Age: 20 to 22
   Height: 161 - 168 cm
Eyes: Aqua Blue
Hair: Dark brown with purple highlights, Short and Straight
Skin: White
Distinct Features: Head: Pointed ears, with 3 arrow shapped ridges on ear.
Body: Humanoid in appearance; physiology is somewhat different.
Build/Posture: Slender
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Strong telepathic and empathic abilities.
Duty Status: Active
Name: Ailana Styles
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Chief Medical Officer, Medical
Core Grade: O04
Sim: Starbase Everest

Biography for First Lieutenant Ailana Styles


File No. 2387311427




Starbase Everest: Chief Medical Officer

Rank: Lieutenant


Name: Ailana Darz

Preferred Name: Lana

Age: 24

Species: Zabrian (humanoid)

Home Planet: Zabria, but grew up on Betazed.

Height: 5' 4”

Weight: 135 lbs

Date of Birth: March 11, 2367 (Earth Standard)

Place of Birth: Betazed

Eyes: Aqua Blue

Hair: Dark brown with purple highlights. Short and straight

Features: medium sized, pointed ears with three triangle or carrot shaped ridges across the upper part of the ear.  Unlike her sister, she has no other markings on her ears.  Besides the aqua colored eyes and pointed ears, her outward appearance is otherwise indistinguishable from humans.


Mother: P'Katria Darz

Father: Detric Bur-Darz

Sister: Adrenna (“Addy”) Darz

Brother: Zyvekai'xhein (“Zee”) Darz

Traditional Zabrian Family Name: Vin'Darz. The “Vin” denotes noble title.  The nobility in Ailana's family came from her mother's side of the family.  The Darz family chose not to keep the “Vin” attached to their name once it was apparent that they would not return to Zabria.  They felt it unnecessary since they had no contact with other Zabrians.

Personal History:

Ailana’'s parents were scientists from their home planet, Zabria.  Detric was on long term assignment with his wife and ten year old daughter, Adrenna, when they received word of the Civil War.  They were ordered to return home at once.  Upon trying to return home their ship got caught in a space anomaly that sent them flying through a sort of sub-space tunnel.  When they were finally able to leave the tunnel they realized they had traveled halfway across the galaxy in a few seconds.  The trip had caused an overload in their warp-core and they were forced to abandon their ship in escape pods.  The escape pods landed on Betazed.  It was apparent that the Darz family would not be able to return to Zabria any time soon, so they decided to remain on Betazed and learn of their culture.  Ailana was born a couple months later.

Ailana has a strong bond with her family, especially her sister.  Their bond is rooted in their telepathic/empathic abilities.  However, even with this bond, Ailana has always been a free spirit, and she has often tested the boundaries.  She likes to feel like she is the one in control of her own life and, although she respects her family, she believes she should make her own decisions regarding her life.  Ailana always tried to do what her parents wished her to, but sometimes her free spirit would cause her to stretch the limits.  Often her parents would tell her that a child’s duty was to listen and obey and be taught by the adults of the family.  She was told that once a child becomes an adult they will have been taught and given the tools needed to succeed and they will be free to choose for themselves how to live their life.  The process of become an adult is called Xenringe, and as a child Ailana eagerly awaited the day she would begin the process.   

Ailana began Xenringe at a relatively early age compared to most Zabrians.  Her pointed ears and her eye color came just before her 19th birthday which marked the start of Xenringe.  Ailana was officially acknowledged as an adult during her Rite of Xen ceremony, giving her the freedom to choose for herself.  Much to the sadness of her parents, she decided to leave home and join Starfleet like her sister.  She wanted to experience life and learn of all the different cultures and wonders that the universe offers.  Starfleet would open the door for her to begin her adventure through the universe.  Her adventure would begin at Starfleet Academy where she would learn how to become a Starfleet Officer.

The first year brought new and exciting experiences for Ailana and she loved it all.   She tackled her studies with enthusiasm and the vigor that came with her Zabrian youth.  The lack of need of sleep and the need to keep herself busy gave her the ability to take a class load double or even triple that of most academy students.  She pursued her interests and found that she had a love for both the medical sciences and the fascinating world of engineering.  This conclusion led her to major in both and due to her special Zabrian abilities and endurance she was allowed to do so.  Even with the challenging course load, Ailana continued to shine in her classes--impressing teachers and advisers alike.

Ailana learned not only about more species and cultures than she had ever imagined while attending the Academy, she learned more about herself and her Zabrian abilities.  When she was separated from family for the first time, her mental blocks caved and her psionic receptors were overloaded by an onslaught of thoughts and emotions from everyone else on the planet all at once.  She had been used to relying on her family to aid in forming and strengthening her mental blocks...and now she was unprepared to strengthen them on her own.

Fortunately, Ailana found a mentor who happened to have a lot of practice in controlling his own psionic abilities.  Malachi Styles, a fellow cadet, helped to reinforce Ailana's mental blocks until she could do it on her own.  He taught her how to control her abilities and learn how to be strong even without her family near.  The two formed a close friendship, which grew into something more.

However on their first date; during their first kiss--Malachi accidentally transferred a rather intimate memory of the futureverse Adrenna Darz (Ailana's sister) and the futureverse Jairryn.  Malachi had obtained this memory when the futureverse Jairryn had unknowingly shared it with him.  Malachi, along with other cadets, teachers, and the Dean, had been stuck in an alternate universe that was years into the future (in a "futureverse") where a horrible race called the T'Kill had tried to annihilate all other life in the universe.  In this futureverse Ailana's sister had been lovers with Jairryn, her best friend from Betazed.

When the cadets and staff had finally made it back to their normal time and universe they had all been sworn to secrecy.  They were not allowed to tell anyone about what they had experienced or seen, not even their families.

The images sent to Ailana accidentally in her kiss with Malachi had so completely disturbed and freaked out Ailana that she sent Malachi away without even listening to him.  Jairryn and her sister as far as she knew (and she would know about this type of thing) had never been more than just friends, so how could Malachi have had such thoughts in his mind?  How had he even known who her sister or Jairryn was?  She was confused and angry and she couldn't listen to what he had to say.

Eventually Malachi, frustrated by Ailana avoiding him and not allowing him to explain, kissed her again and this time transferred the rest of the story about the futureverse and everything that had happened.  It was the only way he could think of to get Ailana to understand that this whole thing had been a big misunderstanding, and that memory in his mind was from an alternate universe he experienced.  

Malachi certainly violated his orders to secrecy when he sent Ailana all the images and all the events that he experienced during the futureverse.  But Ailana finally understood why she felt as though some of the cadets seemed to know her before they even met her (because they actually met the future version of Lana in the futureverse).  No one else knows that she found out about the futureverse events because Ailana never told anyone, as it would get Malachi in trouble.  Ailana and Malachi continued to develop a relationship throughout their time together at the Academy.

About a year into the Academy, Ailana had to take a few weeks leave due to a medical emergency.  Her sister had fallen into a Zabrian coma for several days and there was nothing Starfleet medical could do for her.  It was up to Ailana to help.  Through their zabrian connection Ailana was able to search her sister’s mind and help heal whatever was keeping her mind and body from healing itself.  She then used her self-healing ability to aid in the healing of her sister.  The two had to recover from the ordeal on Betazed with their parents.  Zabrians heal much quicker when they are together (their healing abilities and mental strength increases as more family members come together).  Ailana continued to do school work as she was healing on Betazed and was able to stay fairly on top of things so that when she returned to the Academy she was easily able to continue her classes.

Toward the end of her time at the Academy, Ailana’'s mental and physical state began to decline.  She began skipping her sleep cycles which only served to worsen her health.  It was not until she began a Spirit Quest guided by a Zabrian goddess that she returned to optimum health.  Through her spirit quest she found spirituality and learned more about who she is and where she came from.  This gave her a new drive in life and helped her stay focused and healthy, which was exactly what she needed to prepare for her graduation and becoming a Starfleet officer.  

Ailana graduated after two years at the Academy and received the rank of Ensign.  However, before she was able to start her career an unexpected event happened that threw her on a different kind of adventure.  After her graduation party at her home on Betazed, she went down to her father’s lab to talk to him.  Her father had been acting pretty crazy for several months, spending all his time in his lab and completely ignoring his family.  He had even missed Ailana’s graduation which had greatly upset her.  When she went to confront her father, he was almost in a psychotic state barely even acknowledging her.  She sensed his urgency as he worked--he was frantic to finish his project ‘in time’, whatever that meant.  Soon, Ailana’s mother joined them in the lab and they both tried to get her father to leave the lab.  They were very worried about his health.  They were unsuccessful, and soon a portal began to be formed in the lab.  A few seconds later Ailana, along with her mother and father were sucked into the portal, landing in an alternate universe.

Ailana spent 13 months in that alternate universe helping people of that universe fight against an evil, powerful race called the Durath, as well as working to save her father and her uncle (who had been trapped in that universe for nearly a century and was the reason her father had created the portal in his lab).  The Darz family was able to return to their correct universe after helping defeat the Durath.  However, the device that sent them back to their universe was unable to send them back to the correct time and the Darz family ended up a year into the future in their universe.  So, although Ailana was only gone for 13 months, she actually missed 25 months of time in her universe.  As the family traveled back to their home, Ailana delivered her mother’s baby, who was born nearly two months shy of the 18 month normal pregnancy for a Zabrian.  Ailana now has a baby brother.

Within a couple of months of returning home, Ailana had made sure her family was healthy and taken care of, debriefed Starfleet, and caught up on the important events she missed from the past two years.  Then she returned to active duty and received her first post as a medical officer for Starbase Everest serving on the USS Infinity.

It had been quite a shock to Malachi Styles, who was Chief of Science for the Everest and acting XO at the time, to see Ailana enter his office reporting for duty.  He had not been informed of Ailana’'s return from the alternate universe, let alone her assignment to the same ship as him.  After an initial awkwardness, a few months of getting use to each other again, and a clearing of any misunderstandings, the two rekindled their romance and are now one of the favored couples on board the Starbase Everest.

Ailana has recently been given the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the Starbase Everest and has the pleasure of commanding an excellent staff in the state of the art medical facility on board the newly rebuilt Starbase.


Telepathic/empathic abilities

Heals quickly



Horseback riding

Mountain climbing


Ailana is free spirited and strong willed.  She loves to experience life to the fullest and is always eager to learn something new.  Ailana is use to being around telepaths and empaths who generally know what she feels or thinks so she is often straightforward and doesn’t try to hide her emotions.  Ailana’'s sister is more guarded and tends to hide her true emotions to people outside her family, because of this Ailana has learned how to do the same thing when necessary.  She respects her sister’s wishes and keeps things that she knows about her sister guarded from others.


2387:   Accepted into the Academy; first term attending: Summer 2387.

2389: Graduated from the Academy; double majored in Medicine and Engineering.  Two days later, Ailana ended up stranded in an alternate universe with her mother and father.

2391: Delivered her mother’s baby, and returned to home to the prime universe.  Two months later she accepted her first assignment as a medical officer for Starbase Everest serving on the USS Infinity while the Starbase is being rebuilt.


SD 201411.27 -- Reported to the USS Infinity and began her first assignment as a medical officer for Starbase Everest; working on the Infinity until the starbase is finished being rebuilt.

SD 201502.22 -- Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

SD 201607.24 -- Promoted to the rank of Full Lieutenant and given the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the newly rebuilt Starbase Everest.

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