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Nick: LSwift
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Lieutenant Commander Image
Lieutenant Commander Leonard Korell Swift
   Species: Wolfen
   Gender: Male
   Age: 25 to 35
   Height: 199 - 207 cm
Eyes: Gold, Reflective
Hair: Longer Fur like a mane almost
Skin: Grey/Black fur
Distinct Features: Head: That of a wolf; Body: Furred tail, Digitigrade legs
Build/Posture: Muscular, Confident
Clothing: Normal, save for tailored tail-hole in pants. Barefoot.
Vocal Quality: Bass, British sounding
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Leonard Korell Swift
Title/Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief Medical Officer, Medical
Core Grade: O05
Sim: USS Ares

Biography for Lieutenant Commander Leonard Korell Swift

Personal data


Name: Swift, Leonard Korell

Gender: Male

Species: Wolfen – accurately described as a bipedal anthropomorphic wolf.

Age: 51 (Earth years), Wolfen apparently have a lifespan of nearly 250 Earth years.

Height: 6 feet, 7 inches

Weight: 285 lbs.

Eye color: Golden

Fur color/markings: Grey, Black along his backside, Light Grey along the belly, fingertips end in White.

Tail: approx. 2.5 feet long.

Profession: Medical Specialist

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Milana Faolin Swift, Maiden Name: Snow

Kin: Nala Arey Swift, Kora Herrel Swift, Kharris Wei Swift

Languages known: Standard, Klingon, Wolfen



Military data


Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Chief Medical Officer
Station: USS Hermes NCC-4501-G

Specialty: Field of Medicine; While he is very capable in surgery and field emergency medical aid, he seems to also excel at the study of chemical compositions.


Medical Readiness


Physical Health: Green

Mental Health: Green

Hearing: Superb/Very Above Average

Dental: Green – Although current Starfleet records do not have enough information on Wolfen bone structure, Dr. Swift has submitted several records now of a few “to remain anonymous” Wolfen jaw sets, obtained via means and communication with one Sei'Roff [Last name unknown].

Special Notes: Leonard has an incredibly keen sense of smell, as to be expected from a canine like race. His sense of hearing also far exceeds that of a normal human being, extending not only into hearing sounds of undetectable volume, but as well as undetectable pitches as well, compared to the hearing of an un-aided ear of a human.


Background Information


Leonard's history is a bit of an oddity, as most of what is visible to his profile is seen simply as "Classified"





Dr. Swift is not heavily religious, though past encounters do seem to have re-awakened some deep seated values centered around five “Pillars” of his religious values; Humility, Patience, Diligence, Servitude, and Honor, symbolized by their deity, known as “The Holy Dea'gre”. No literal translation exists at this time.



Swift hails from an alternate universe, and was born on the planet Frerrianghra in his universe, under Kehra and Loeno Swift, mother and father, respectively. Lived on planet Frerrianghra until the age of 8, when he was forced to relocate with Starfleet due to Klingon attack on the planet, resulting in the death of his parents.

He was found with a first aid kit while kneeling over his dead mother. It is suspected this is the reason he went into the Medical field. When asked for more detail, he usually tries to change the subject.

Until recently, Leonard was the only Wolfen known to the federation to exist. This changed after data was sent to the Federation involving a Wolfen colony on the planet Jessamine, a resort colony, in a distant sector. As that report was founded, more and more have been coming in. Current known numbers of Wolfen exceeds several billion, the vast majority inhabiting the homeworld in this universe known as Korin'Thalis.

Leonard has, due to his life and existence in an alternate universe, an understandable unease when around Klingons, though because of his past, he can speak Klingon fluently.


Awards and Promotions

201404.06 - Promotion - Lieutenant Jr. Grade
201502.03 - Promotion - Lieutenant
201505.12 - Award - Lynx Award, 1st award
201603.29 - Promotion - 1st Lieutenant
201604.05 - Award - Double Gold Log
201604.05 - Award - Lynx Award, 2nd award
201604.05 - Award - Axanar Humanitarian Medal
201604.05 - Award - Surgeon's Medal
201604.05 - Award - Life Saving Medal
201604.05 - Award - First Contact Medal
201604.05 - Award - Purple Heart

Late 2016-early 2017 – Promotion – Lieutenant Commander

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