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Nick: KoeLaryn
Nick: KoeLaryn
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First Lieutenant Image
First Lieutenant Koe Laryn
   Species: Jerradoian/Bajoran. see Bio
   Gender: Male
   Age: 35 to 45
   Height: 15 - 15 cm
Eyes: Borwn
Hair: Light Brown/ dirty Blonde, Close cut
Skin: Right to Left Facial and shoulder scars
Distinct Features: Head: Nose ridges,Scar on right side of face
Body: Scars across right shoulder down back and side
Build/Posture: Average, Normal
Clothing: Standard uniforms
Accessories: Male Earrings and Nose jewelry
Equipment: Standard issue equipment
Vocal Quality: Smooth
Telepathy: None
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Koe Laryn
Title/Rank: First Lieutenant
Position/Occupation: Security officer, Security
Core Grade: O04
Sim: Outpost Phoenix

Biography for First Lieutenant Koe Laryn

Koe Laryn Bio Effective date: 10-18-2011
NAME: Koe Laryn
RANK: First Lieutenant
SERIAL #: 41963b4a2
SPECIES: Bajoran
HOME WORLD: Jerrado/Bajor
AGE: 35
HEIGHT: 6'3”
WEIGHT: 220 lbs
RELITIVES: Brother: Rake Laryn (DECEASED) Parents: unknown


Mr. Laryn originally comes from the power generation moon Jerrado prior to its conversion to a power station for Bajor. While still a young boy, Koe was taken to Bajor with his brother Rake and placed with a state run home for juveniles in the Ilvian province. Rake and Koe often were in trouble and had to grow up fast as the Cardassians started their occupation with vigor. The Cardassian Advisors lulled Koe and Rake like so many others into a false sense of security at the time and it was not until the Advisors turned into occupiers that their true goals were uncovered. Koe joined the local resistance cell and later recruited his brother and together they went on many missions. They suffered the usual detaining and beatings but never gave in and managed to survive. The straw that broke the camels back was when Koe and Rake went to gather information on the Cardassians, this outing turned in to one of the more famous skirmishes. In the Sovain Valley, Koe's brother Rake Laryn was killed by an overloaded Cardassian phaser pistol. This took a heavy toll on Koe who later toned down his encounters and started learning Engineering at Ilvia, The provincial capital of Ilvian, at an underground school. This education leads Koe to be selected for a fact-finding mission to a nearby Cardassian carpool. This mission was the one in which Koe was captured and sentenced to Elemspur. Elemspur was a monastery turned into a re-education camp by the Cardassians. Koe voluntarily took a harsh sentence to save other resistance fighters and their families, but the conditions at Elemspur almost made him change his mind. For some reason Koe was later transferred to Terok Nor as a engineering lackey since the commandant of Elemspur found out about his teachings and got drunk in a bar in Tozhat and let it be known about his Bajoran engineer. Koe remained here until the Cardassians retreated. Shortly after his freedom, Koe was offered rank in the new government, forming on Bajor but turned it down and petitioned to join Starfleet Academy and was accepted.
Koe completed his academy training and began looking forward to his first assignment. That first assignment came as an engineering crewman on the (CLASSIFIED File), USS Roberts. The circumstances are unknown. When Koe awoke, he was aboard the USS Eclipse and under guard. He was transferred to HQ and question at length and released to the CO who found him in the first place. Captain Quell saw something and agreed to take him aboard Eclipse as a crewmember. Koe has the upmost respect and admiration for Captain Quell. Koe was assigned to Engineering and moved up in that position until he became chief engineer. He began working with another crewman who eventually took over after Koe resigned the chief’s position and took a spot in security and department head. After his slot in Security, working with the same group that had him under guard, Koe began to wizen up with age and soon decided to explore and reflect on his life with a new assignment and ship. Koe went back to engineering and did part duty in security on the science vessel USS Knightly NCC 74626. He loved this duty until his beloved ship suffered an unstoppable warp core breach while studying stellar matter inside Gorn space, with their permission, and had to evacuate. Captain Uglinkle ordered everyone to the escape pods and sent the distress signal that brought the Gorn frigate to the rescue. The Gorn rescued the survivors. Most of the engineering dept. and the Captain did not survive. Koe meet a gorn crewman, he called Iggy, and became friends with. Iggy and Koe spent many hours together during the return voyage to Federation space, and many hours talking about all things similar between their home worlds. Koe found out that Iggy was an OPS officer and this helped spur Koe’s interest in Astrogation. The two often were found in the Gorns Stellar cartography dept, going over charts and looking for possible colony suitable worlds. He thinks this is why the Gorn Captain was so helpful in getting him and his survivors back without incident or causing a political mess. Iggy keeps in contact with Koe; the two even send pictures of their current assignments whenever possible. Koe hopes to have Iggy aboard Lexington in the future.

Koe's next assignment was to the USS Sutherland, again as an engineer/security officer. He meet and dated an earth girl by the name of Kathy Hues, her assignment was to medical research. The two spent their off times together until she left for another assignment pertaining to her career. Koe returned to Earth and reentered the Academy while serving at the famed Jupiter Station. Koe loved this so much that he has several holograms of the station and models. The lure of the stars again pulled at Koe so he requested space duty by getting assigned to Vulcan in hopes of getting assigned to a Vulcan ship. Koe has no dislike of the Vulcan people but he ended up requesting ship duty again after only 3 months on station. He found that the reserved, logical, very scientific nature of the Vulcan culture to be a tad much so he again begged HQ for transfer and was granted such to a temporary slot on USS Enterprise, While she headed to his permanent slot on USS Ticonderoga. A change in orders while enroute, placed Koe on the USS Majestic instead. While on Majestic, Koe was injured pulling injured crewmen from a damaged section of the outer hull caused by a rogue asteroid that was not detected until just before impact. Majestic was cruising at sub impulse while doing a level 3 diagnostic at the time. Koe was transfer back to Earth after the battle where he spent a full year recovering and learning to reuse the right side of his body. Some scars exist but he’s refused any repair work to remove the scars. Saying “I like them; they remind me that I saved two crewmates that might have died, Its kind swashbuckler looking”. After Koe was cleared for duty again, he was assigned to USS Leeds as a Security officer. Leeds was assigned to Captain Ben Sisko’s Fleet that was part of Operation Return. This operation was instrumental in regaining control of DS9 from Dominion Forces, who had taken it in the opening start of the Dominion/Cardassian war. He found this to be very important to him as it helped him feel like he was helping his homeworld and deceased Brother Rake.
While on leave at DS9, Koe met Captain Fondo and had dinner and drinks with him as he was intensely curious about Bajoran culture. Koe helped him with his research and Captain Fondo Talked about his former command, USS Lexington. After his meeting, Koe requested assignment to USS Lexington and was assigned. Koe has been pulling various duties aboard until his name was moved to the bridge duty roster, as OPS, after a fellow crewman had to be reassigned to his home world for personal matters, something about next in line for the thrown as the rumor mill talks.

Ensign Laryn was assigned to the engineering dept on the starship USS ROBERTS shortly after graduation and remained here until the events on stardate: 020318.2145. Mr. Laryn was somehow transferred to the USS ECLIPSE in a time not of his own but almost identical in every way. Ensign Laryn is awaiting assignment of duties by the ships CO and/or XO until such a time as HQ decides whether or not this could destroy this time line. It was decided that Laryn's presence in this dimension will not harm the timeline in any way, some infer that, his being here will help. The help is still under dispute but at the moment he is a welcomed crewmember of the USS Eclipse under Captain Darius Quell. Laryn's skills are put to the test every time Captain Quell takes a new mission. Lt Laryn was soon placed into the Chief Engineer slot and held this position until he reached a point where he felt his assistant was better able to hold the slot and stepped down but continued to work with his one time assistant. This partnership worked well for him. Captain Quell needed a new Chief of Security and moved Flt Laryn into that slot. The duty assignment has its risks but its felt that Flt Laryn can handle anything that comes his way.
Flt Laryn transferred to engineering on USS Knightly NCC 74626, an Intrepid class science vessel that was patrolling the Gorn Hegemony when she experienced a warp core breach, Most of the engineering crew, and Captain Pivititii were lost with the ship, while buying time for the rest of the crew to escape. The survivors were picked up by a Gorn Frigate and taken to the nearest Federation Starbase/outpost. The Gorn Captain was stated as saying “It’ssssssssss all good, (hisss) for ourrrrr peoplessssssss friendssssssshipssssss”. Mr. Laryn was impressed by the Gorn despite an underlying mistrust of both crews during the voyage to Federation space. Mr. Layrn then transferred to the, Nebula-class, Deep-Space Exploration vessel USS Sutherland NCC 72015. This tour went without incident and Flt Laryn began taking duty tours at OPS... Flt Laryn return to Earth for some extra courses in OPS control and Astro-navigation while pulling Duty at Jupiter Station. At the First opportunity upon completion of classes, Laryn asked for and was granted a Tour on Vulcan. Flt Laryn requested reassignment after 3 months and was granted a temporary slot on USS Enterprise while enroute to USS Ticonderoga for permanent assignment. But a change in orders soon found Flt Laryn assigned to USS Majestic NCC-31060 instead. At this duty station Flt Laryn was injured and spent a year at star fleet medical undergoing treatment and rehab to regain use of his entire right side. After being cleared for duty again, Flt Laryn was given duty on USS Leeds, Another Nebula class starship. Mr. Laryn has just finished duty on the USS Leeds NCC-70352. Where he has earned the respect of his fellow crew and command crew. Mr. Laryn was assigned to the Leeds just prior to her assignment to the task force, under Captain Ben Sisko, that retook Deep Space 9 from the Dominion forces in Operation Return . While on leave at DS9, Flt Laryn meets Captain Zaphod Fondo. The two have spent much time and communiqués discussing Bajoran culture. Flt Laryn Has been assigned to USS Lexington NCC 14427-C as an OPS office and Astrogation officer. Flt Laryn was recommended to this position, unbeknownst to him, By Captain Fondo. Captain Fondo felt that with their prior meetings and correspondences, That Mr. Laryn would like the assignment. Mr. Laryn is a promising officer and HQ looks for a bright career from him.

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