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Nick: Kirei
Nick: Kirei
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Image
Lieutenant JG Kirei Nozomu Chaplin Zanzibar
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Kirei Nozomu Chaplin Zanzibar
Title/Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position/Occupation: Science Officer, Science
Core Grade: O02
Sim: USS Independence

Biography for Lieutenant JG Kirei Nozomu Chaplin Zanzibar

Personal Information
Name: Kirei Nozomu Chaplin Zanzibar (Birthname: Atama Takasugi)
Species: Orion (raised by Humans)
Age: 23
Height: 5'
Weight: 130
Hair Color: light brown, shoulder length, naturally curly
Eye Color: navy blue
Skin Color: pale green
Parents: Abandoned her at birth, adopted by Adam and Alexandra Chaplin
Marital Status: Married to Demetrius Zanzibar

Starfleet Information
Rank: Ensign
Post: S.S. Nigala
Position: Science
Commanding Officer: Captain
Executive Officer: Commander

Academy History:
Atama is very smart and is doing junior grade work in science. She loves to read and rather do schoolwork than have friends. She did get teased severely because some cadets didn't like the fact that a little freshmen could do their grade level work. She had only two friends, but everyone else was mean to her. Almost everyday, Atama would get sauced and or homework torn in two. Every 3rd year graded mission that was being recorded, Atama went on and completed each one. Also at the academy, Atama created a program to customize bridge chairs.
One day after the teacher saw how upset Atama was, decided to allow Atama to take two years of tests since she was doing third year work. Atama was smart enough to skip two years and is now in 3rd year classes
For the next few years, Atama stayed top of her class and also provided help to those who asked her. Atama's best friend during academy years was a boy who she helped in science. His name is Demetrius Zanzibar, a boy with a metal arm. One day while Atama was helping Demmy (easier for her to say) on an assignment, she noticed that Demmy was feeling depressed. Atama wonders what is getting Demmy down. Atama sees his arm and runs towards the science lab to figure out a way to help.
An explosion in the science lab caused her deepest secret to be brought into the opening. The dean is her foster father, her real parents abandoned her because they were in command of a mission and the dean saved her. Raised her and taught her telepathy, but he never let Atama call him "dad" with others around. when Atama learned the truth, she went into emotional shock and her gift was covered by sadness. Demmy was losing his mind and Atama tries to calm him down, but he ends up injuring Atama.
Atama has a very unique blood type: Type R+. R stands for rainbow and she was wounded on her back from hitting the wall many times. It is unique because she is the only one at the academy that has it. The dean contacted Atama's real parents and ordered them to come and save their daughter. Allice and Edward Takasugi come home from their mission, only to save Atama and to also give Adam Chaplin full custody of Atama, they finally see that to Atama they are monsters and that she will never be happy if they took her away from Adam.
Atama never heard from Edward and Allice Takasugi ever again, until she took a trip to Earth when she was 23. She went down with Demmy so that he could get his upgraded arm. Some of the men at this building that we went to, pricked her 7 times, and found out that she has 7 different blood cell types that when flowing together, they create a rainbow. After a final operation, Atama's blood cells will regenerate during sleep at night.
But that wasn't enough proof for Edward, who wanted Atama as his daughter, so he kidnapped her and took her out of telepathy range. This was a test of where Atama's loyalties were lying. Edward thought that if he got his daughter away from Adam Chaplin that Atama would decide to join his ship. But he was wrong. Atama held her ground and wouldn't let Edward touch her, and when Demmy was brought on board, her Pirate gene showed itself for the first time ever. She aimed her phaser at Demmy, but couldn't fire. She loved this boy with all her heart and would not harm him. Atama throws down her phaser and runs into Demmy's arms, so happy that she has the right loyalties. Atama picked Starfleet over her birth parents, because Starfleet was where she was raised and its ethics are something that she has earned to uphold and strive to always reach for.

Starfleet Record:
While being relieved of duty, Atama went through the painful operation for a third time, her pirate gene was completely removed and Atama was no more. Instead Kirei Chaplin (the name Adam gave her, meaning 'beautiful') was able to come to the surface and live a new life.
Kirei soon found out that the operation on Earth had partially failed and she was still carrying the pirate gene. She was so upset because now her future in Starfleet is on the line. Billings, Zanzibar and now the Captain knows about her restless nights for the last 4 months. After one time in stasis, her gene was destroyed, but now her body is out of balance and she aimed a phaser at the Captain, thinking that the Captain is her birth father, Edward Takasugi. The Captain has told her that if this didn't work, then she might have to leave Starfleet, and that is the last thing on Kirei's mind. Kirei was raised around Starfleet, she loves Starfleet, its the only place where they didn't abandon her. She is scheduled for stasis every night so she can get some rest, but after what happened on the bridge, she thinks that she will be under constant surveillance until her loyalty can be proven again. This is exactly what Edward wanted from the beginning and if what the Captain did didn't work, then he will get his wish, the daughter that he abandoned as a baby, removed from the place and people that she was raised around.
She is still going to find her birth parents and face them one last time, hopefully before her wedding to Zanzibar. Billings has agreed to go with her on her quest, because he was the first one that she threatened on duty. At the end of the quest, she was able to defeat her father, and get her pirate gene removed for good. In the end, Billings handed her a small friend, a tabby kitten, which she named Nozomu, which means Hope in Japanese. Her future was now secure in Starfleet, but about a week after her wedding, she disappeared for four months. She was actually on a quest with her friend, LTJG Heiwa Neko, and Heiwa's cousin, Ensign Rainbow Kern, escorting a new recruit to the Academy, there she stayed until she was called back to her ship. When she arrived back at the Columbia, she found out that she was kicked off, so she transfered over to the SS Nigala, bringing with her, her kitten, her belongings, and a small shuttle given to her by Billings, she calls it USS Kiseki.

Graduate Class:
Percentile: 95
Majors: Holo Technology, hand-to-hand combat, weapons class
Medical Information:
Physical Condition: Very stable
Mental Condition: Very stable
Recognizable Features: always carrying a book PADD
Special Abilities: learned Telepathy from her foster father

Starfleet Service Record:
Promoted to Lt JG Stardate 0706.04
Transfered to the SS Nigala Stardate 0801.30
Recorded Medals and Awards:
Lynx Award "For distinguishing herself by outstanding professional achievement"

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