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Nick: Khevok
Nick: Khevok
Nick: Khevok
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Commander Image
Commander K'hevok
   Species: Klingon/Vulcan
   Gender: Male
   Age: 50 to 60
   Height: 208 - 217 cm
Eyes: Black, Klingon-style, Vulcan eyebrows
Hair: Black, Long Wavy
Skin: Dark Brown
Distinct Features: Head: Klingon forehead, Vulcan ears
Build/Posture: Heavy, Muscular, Normal
Clothing: Standard
Accessories: IDIC Symbol
Vocal Quality: Booming Bass
Telepathy: Vulcan tepepathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: K'hevok
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Chief of Engineering, Engineering and Second Officer, Command
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Aldrin

Biography for Commander K'hevok

Starfleet Department of Records:
Docket Number: 628-18-01UNK
Commander K'hevok
Stardate 201804.27

I. Status
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Department: Engineering
Current Post: 2nd Officer

II. Physical Description
Race: Klingo-Vulcan
Age: 54
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 247 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Klingon forehead, Vulcan ears

III. Family:
Mother: R'Vixis - Klingon
Father: Sonak - Vulcan
Siblings: None
Spouse: Captain Cersei Anya Naal (common law), Trill (joined)
Children: Khelina Sarea Naal, 5 years, 1/2 Klingon, 1/4 quarter Romulan,
1/4 quarter Trill

IV. Background:
K'hevok was born of a Vulcan male and Klingon female, who were stranded
on the third moon of Alpha Monocerotis III.  His early years were very
traumatic.  Because of his mixed genes, he was very ill.  Finally, after
three years, the hodge-podge family was rescued.  It was Vulcan
technology that gave K'hevok a chance at a healthy life.  Six months
after their rescue, Sonak and R'Vixis separated. K'hevok lived with his
Vulcan father until he was 6 years old, until he became too unruly.  He
then lived with his mother 7 years, until he entered his first Pon-far. 
It was for this reason that his mother decided that she could not raise
him. Because of his heritage, he was placed in a Klingon foster home.
After his 21st birthday, he left the foster home and went from place to
place.  He eventually found his way to Earth, where he became interested
in Star Fleet.  After several attempts, with the help of some very
influential friends, he was able to enter Star Fleet.

K'hevok failed his first two attempts in Star Fleet Academy. Finally, on
his third attempt, he graduated.  It took him twice as long as any one
else to graduate, but he made it.

Hkevok was aboard many ships, where he would advance quickly.  He worked
his way up through the ranks to the position of Captain of the USS
Intruder (ASG).  He has also served as Helmsman, Tactical and Security. 
But, just as quickly, his temperament would get him in trouble.  After a
few demotions, He was given an ultimatum: He could serve aboard the
Aldrin; if he failed at that assignment, he would be banned from Star
Fleet permanently.

V. Psychological Profile
K'hevok's dual psyche has altered between stoic Vulcanism, and
head-strong Klingon. Usually, one psyche is doinant, while the other
surfaces occasionally when provoked. There have been instances where a
highly intense event triggers a transposition of the dominant psyche.
However, currently both psyches are active, causing K'hevok to refer to
himself in the duality.

K'hevok is very protective of his wife and child, and has been know to
become somewhat agressive on their behalf.

Cdr Khevok
USS Aldrin

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