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Nick: Khevok
Nick: Khevok
Nick: Khevok
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Name: Khevok

Biography for Khevok

I was born of a Vulcan male and Klingon female, who were stranded on a habitable moon. My early years were very traumatic. Because of my mixed genes, I was very ill. Finally, after three years, we were rescued. It was Vulcan technology that gave me a chance at a healthy life. Six months after our rescue, my parents separated. I lived with my Vulcan father for until I was 6 years old, until I became too unruly. I then lived with my mother 7 years, until I entered my first Pon-far. It was for this reason that my mother decided that she could not raise me. Because of my heritage, I was placed in a Klingon foster home. After my 21st birthday, I left the foster home and went from place to place. I eventually found my way to Earth, where I became interested in Star Fleet. Many attempts later, with the help of some very influential friends, I was able to enter Star Fleet. I failed my first two attempts in Star Fleet Academy. Finally, on my third attempt, I graduated. It took me twice as long as any one else to graduate, but I made it. I was aboard many ships, where I would advance quickly. I worked my way up through the ranks to the position of Captain of the USS Intruder (ASG). I have also served as Helmsman, Tactical and Security. But, just as quickly, my temperament would get me in trouble. After a few demotions, I was given an ultimatum: I could serve aboard the Aldrin; if I failed at that assignment, I would be banned from Star Fleet permanently.

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