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Nick: KayshlDurandus
Nick: KayshlDurandus
Nick: KayshlDurandus
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Commander Image
Commander Kayshl Durandus
USF Host
   Species: Betazoid
   Gender: Female
   Age: 28 to 34
   Height: 14 - 14 cm
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red, Shoulder Length & Curly
Skin: White
Distinct Features: Body: a few freckles on the chest & sholders
Build/Posture: Thin & petite
Vocal Quality: Soft & sensual
Telepathy: Telepathic & empathic
Duty Status: Active
Name: Kayshl Durandus
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: Executive Officer, Command and Physician/Surgeon, Medical
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Hermes

Biography for Commander Kayshl Durandus

Cmdr Kayshl Durandus photo Kayshl_SD160501_1.jpg

=/\= Starfleet Personnel File =/\=

Commander Kayshl Durandus, MD, PhD

Current Assignment: USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G

Current Service Record

Rank: Commander

Position: Executive Officer (XO)

Post: USS Hermes, NCC 4501-G

Personal Information

Name: Kayshl "Kay" Durandus

Species: Betazoid

Age: 29 Earth Years

Birthdate: 870731

Height: 5"5

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair Color: Red

Parents: Pricsilla and Tarkis Durandus of the Third House of Betazed

Siblings: None

Marital Status: Single

Medical Information

Physical Condition: Excellent

Mental Condition: Excellent

Recognizable Features: Some light freckling along the chest, shoulders and face.

Special Abilities: Empathic & Telepathic abilities

Training Record

Institution: Betazed Ministry of Health

Specialization: Biology

Graduating Class of 2380 "Magna Cum Laude"

Institution: Starfleet Medical Academy

Specialization: Biology & Anatomy

Graduating Class of 2385

Service Record:

SD201101.19 - Medical Officer, USS Hermes NCC-4501-F

SD201108.16 - Chief Medical Officer, USS Hermes NCC-4501

SD201206.19 - Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer, USS Hermes NCC-4501

SD201303.14 - Extended Leave of Absence from USS Hermes NCC-4501

SD201305.21 - Federation Diplomatic Corps, Medical Physician

SD201311.29 - Medical Physician, USS Pasteur, Federation Medical Vessel

SD201401.21 - General Surgeon, Starfleet Medical Headquarters, ICU

SD201701.31 - Medical Physician, USS Hermes NCC-4501-G

SD201709.12 - Executive Officer, USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G

Promotion Record

SD104.12 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

SD106.07 - Promoted to Lieutenant

SD1108.16 - Promoted to acting Chief Medical Officer

SD108.23 - Promoted to First Lieutenant

SD401.21 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

SD 1206.19 - Promoted to Second Officer

SD410.28 - Assigned acting Executive Officer on board the USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G

SD411.11 - Promoted to Commander


  • Star of Eros - “For innovative excellence in writing, and for giving us the best Mirror Universe plot we have yet seen” on Stardate 201207.10

  • First Contact Medal - "For making First Contact with the Florians." on Stardate 201604.05

  • Axanar Humanitarian Medal - "For providing humanitarian services to the oppressed Florian society. Without such help, the population would not have survived" on Stardate 201604.05

  • Star of Eros - "In recognition of efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty" on Stardate 201603.08

  • Red Cross - For outstanding medical achievement during the line of duty, and “for keeping us all alive inside the Olson camp” on Stardate 201301.15

  • Blue Shield - "For Exceptional Medical Judgement in a Critical Situation" on Stardate 201108.21

Criminal Record

Stardate 201404.09 - Charged with aiding and abetting wanted fugitives and treason.

Stardate 201405.27 - All charges dropped and record absolved.

Case Details: On SD201404.08 Kayshl testified against her former Hermes crewmembers at a Federation Council trial over an incident with the Drasnians. Kayshl aided in the USS Hermes fleeing their trial. In typical Hermes style, the entire crew, including Dr. Kayshl Durandus, was pardoned in lieu of saving the entire planet from certain death. While the incident did sooth some of the tensions between Kayshl and her former commanding officers, they still do not speak much and she hasn’t set foot on the ship in years.

Service History

On SD201709.12 Kayshl received word that her alternate self, serving as XO onboard the USS Hermes, as well as Commodore Jerrid Billings, had both resigned. The ship recalled for repairs and retrofit then a new command and crew were assigned. She was offered her doppelganger's position as executive officer. It is uncertain whether this transfer was requested by Dr. Durandus, or suggested by Starfleet in lieu of dealing with the time and effort required to recruit a new XO with the same history and skillset with the ship.

On SD201404.08 Kayshl testified against her former Hermes crewmembers at a Federation Council trial over an incident with the Drasnians. In an odd and sudden turn of events, Kayshl aided in the USS Hermes fleeing their trial. In typical Hermes style, the entire crew, including Dr. Kayshl Durandus, was pardoned in lieu of saving the entire planet from certain death. While the incident did sooth some of the tensions between Kayshl and her former commanding officers, they still do not speak much and she hasn’t set foot on the ship in years.

Kayshl spent the next year on sabbatical on board the Federation hospital ship USS Pasteur, aiding on miscellaneous Federation Diplomatic Corps missions to various Federation allied aid locations throughout the sector. On SD201401.21, she transferred back to Starfleet Medical on Earth where she presently works as a General Surgeon in the ICU wing.

After an incident where her Imzadi and fellow crew member died, Kayshl spent months grief stricken. Tensions were high between her and her command as she blamed them for the incident revolving around her Imzadi’s death. No longer able to cope with the grief and memories surrounding her on board the USS Hermes, she submitted an Extended Leave of Absence on SD201303.14.

Upon Commander Kennesaw’s promotion to acting XO of the USS Hermes after Commander Kirk became severely injured during an away mission, Kayshl was promoted to acting Chief Medical Officer of the USS Hermes on SD 201108.16.

Commander Kirk was treated for traumatic transhumeral amputation, tachycardia, hypertension, Class III Hemorrhage, peripheral hyperfusion and severe blood loss. It was also discovered that Commander Kirk has undergone genetic modifications which has given him the ability to regenerate at the cellular level. He was released to light-duty and monitored by medical personnel.On SD 201108.16, Commander Kirk resigned from the USS Hermes; it is unknown whether the knowledge of his genetic modifications has any influence on his resignation.

On SD 201107.05, Kayshl returned from an away mission with Captain Billings and Commander Kirk both severely injured. Captain Billings was treated for compressive asphyxia, oxygen deficiency, seizure, internal bleeding, several rib fractures & minor abrasions. He was released to light-duty and monitored by medical personnel. Kayshl was awarded the Blue Shield for her actions in regards to Doctor Kennesaw's treatment on SD 201108.21.

Personal History

Born and raised on Betazed, Kayshl is the sole heir to Pricsilla Durandus of the Third House of Betazed, married to Tarkis (Duval) Durandus of the Thirteenth House of Betazed. Kayshl spent most of her childhood living on Betazoid with a close relationship to a childhood friend named Helyana **Betazoid personnel file not retrievable**.

In 2374, Pricsilla Durandus and her husband volunteered on a Starfleet Outpost orbiting Betazed to provide medical assistance to Betazed & it's allies during the Dominion War. After the conclusion of the war, Kayshl's parents remained on the Starfleet Outpost as civilian advisers, and Kayshl returned to Betazed.

To honor her mother and ancestry of the Third House, she enrolled at the Ministry of Health on Betazed in 2376 and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2380. After a year of practicing medicine on Betazed, she decided to pursue a career with Starfleet. Her mother, being a Starfleet civilian advisor, was in full support of her decision.

In 2381, Kayshl enrolled as a student at the Starfleet Medical Academy studying biology and anatomy. In 2385 she graduated and anxiously awaited her first assignment as a medical officer aboard the USS Hermes, NCC-4501-F on SD 201101.19.

On SD 201112.14, while trapped in a Neelon prison, Kayshl had a near-death experience while plummeting to her death off a cliff. The experience, which was shared by Civilian Ethan Grimms, who was in the prison and falling with Kayshl at the time, caused Kayshl to seriously question her religious beliefs.


**Note from Starfleet Intelligence: The following personnel information is marked restricted -- clearance level 3 or above required. The information contained within this personnel file pertains to an alternate universe, as referenced by the official records received by the USS Hermes, NCC-4501. Any personnel and locations referenced herein are considered hearsay by Starfleet Intelligence, and have been compiled by the individual in question. Any additional detailed information pertaining to the multiple individuals in the present timeline needs approval from Starfleet Headquarters and Starfleet Intelligence.**

On SD 201112.20, Kayshl was accidentally merged with an alternate universe version of herself from a timeline where the Dominion won the war against DS9. The merge took place after a transporter accident. Kayshl was beamed aboard during the failed Neelon Federation acceptance negotiations, where she was vicariously trapped in a subspace Neelon prison. As of SD 201201.17, the psychological side effects have yet to be known and the two consciousnesses still remain in Kayshl’s mind. Lt. Sara Fray is working with her alternate universe version, Sara Billings, as well as the Hermes Transporter Chief to separate the consciousnesses. A full workup will be ordered once a solution has been found. Kayshl's mental and physical health is being monitored closely by Dr. Diana Shepard. Currently, Dr. Shepard has not declared Kayshl unfit for duty due to the psychological anomaly.

On SD201401.21, the USS Hermes engaged the Klingons in an alternate reality and destroyed their vessel. As a result, several Federation allies were rescued and returned to their ship in an alternate timeline. In that timeline, Kayshl was Captain of the USS Hermes and widow to Jerrid Billings. Due to her infatuation with finding her long lost husband, she left her timeline in order to serve under Fleet Captain Billings onboard the USS Hermes, 4501-G.

**Last Updated SD 201709.12**

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