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Nick: Katelyn
Nick: Katelyn
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C1 Image
Cadet Katelyn Sierra McCaffrey
   Species: Humanoid
   Gender: Female
   Age: 17 to 18
   Height: 166 - 173 cm
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Dark Brown, Long; straight
Skin: Fair
Build/Posture: Petite
Vocal Quality: Youthful; soft
Telepathy: Natural Telepathic block, also can see images from others minds
Duty Status: Active
Name: Katelyn Sierra McCaffrey
Title/Rank: Cadet
Position/Occupation: Security/Tactical Major
Core Grade: C1
Sim: Starfleet Academy

Biography for Cadet Katelyn Sierra McCaffrey


Cadet Katelyn Sierra McCaffrey


Starfleet Academy: Second Year

Rank: Cadet

Major: Security/Tactical


Name: Katelyn Sierra McCaffrey

Preferred Name: Kate

Age: 19

Species: Unknown--Shape Shifter; humanoid

Home Planet: Kaeriene Outpost

Date of Birth: Unknown, celebrates April 27

Physical Appearance of “regular” form:

Height: 5' 5”

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Lavender

Hair: Dark brown, Straight; Long

(Katelyn has chosen this appearance as her everyday form.  Her true original form is unknown, however it is suspected that her species normal form is humanoid.  She was originally found in humanoid form, however it is possible that she simply shaped into something that would be recognizable to the being that found her and simply remained in that form to the point of accepting it as her true form.  Either way Katelyn regards this appearance as her true form.)


Father: Dylan McCaffrey

Step Mother:  Loriann McCaffrey

Step Brother: Jonathan McCaffery

Personal History:

Dylan, Kate’s adoptive father, is a civilian scientist that works on various projects with starfleet on the Kaeriene Outpost located in the far northeast section of the Delta Quadrant.  On one of Dylan’s long distance travels, gathering material for his project involving exotic plant-life, Dylan found a two year old child on a deserted planet, wandering alone.  There was a small crashed craft that seemed to be connected to the child.  There was no evidence of the parents, and the craft’s computer was fried.  Not much was left to identify who the occupants were, besides the child, or where the craft had come from.

The child had led Dylan to the craft and at first he was alarmed to see the child running over to a cougar-like creature that was considerably larger than an earth cougar.  However, upon closer examination the cougar had recently died, and the child seemed very attached to it.  At the time, Dylan suspected the cougar had been some sort of pet of the child, judging by the reaction of the child to the animal, and the fact that there were no mammals on the planet--there was only plantlife, insects, and small reptilian creatures.

Dylan took the child back to his home base, the Kaeriene Outpost and was going to find a permanent home for the child.  However, through the process Dylan grew attached to the child and decided to adopt her himself.  Although he was a single man, who had always focused on his work and had never thought of being attached to someone or settling down, he discovered through his growing relationship with the child that he had truly been missing out.

Meanwhile, he also discovered a very special ability of the child--she could shape shift.  One day Dylan had seen someone with a dog, which reminded him of a dog he had as a child.  The kid soon-after changed into a spitting image of his old dog, only with the same lavender eyes the child possessed.  After the shock of seeing the child change form for the first time, he realized that the cougar-like creature might have been more than a pet--perhaps even a parent of the child.  Dylan accepted her ability and continued to care for her; taking her in as his own.  The child became known as Katelyn Sierra McCaffery.

A good friend of Dylan’s, Doctor Taylor Johnson, was a Counselor who lived and worked on the Kaerine Outpost as well.  He specialized in working with individuals of different species who have to learn to interact and live among predominantly members of a species not their own.  Taylor acted as an “uncle” figure to Katelyn, as well as her counselor; helping her to adjust to life on the outpost; especially as she grew older.

At first Dylan and Taylor thought Katelyn could only shape shift into animals because that is all she seemed to transform into.  However, when Katelyn was 6 years old, Dylan became romantically involved with a woman who had a 3 year old son.  Kate began to shape shift into a duplicate of the boy; especially when the boy was receiving a lot of attention from Dylan.  Since then, Kate has shown the ability to shape into several different humanoid species, including human, bajoran, and klingon, as well as seemingly any size of animal.  When she transforms into the other species, she takes on characteristics of that being right down to the cellular level so she registers as that being on any computer scan--but she seems to retain her own mental identity and still recognizes and understand everyone and everything she did in her ‘normal’ form.

The extent to Kate’s shape shifting abilities is unknown, nor is the process yet fully understood by even Kate herself.  However, the more Kate focuses and trains using her abilities--the more control and understanding Kate achieves.  There is a definite telepathic component to her ability that allows her to duplicate people or animals from an individual's memory, as well as her ability to outright duplicate that individual.  Initially her abilities seemed to be more instinct than anything as she could not explain the process through which she controlled the transformations.  However she has become quite adept at shifting--even partial shifting which involves a simple thought in Kate’s mind that triggers whatever transformation she wants and to the degree of transformation that she wants.

When she was younger she kept her lavender eyes when she transformed, but as she grew older, and her transformations became more elaborate, she began to take on the eye color of whatever image she decided to shift to.

Dylan married Loriann and adopted her son Jonathan.  Kate learned to live with the new family members and came to accept the fact that she had to share her father with the newcomers.  She became close with her brother, and rather protective of him.  In her mind the only one who could tease her brother, was herself.  Anyone else who tried to mess with him--had to deal with her.

Kate liked living on Kaeriene, however as she grew into a teenager she became restless.  She wanted to explore and experience the universe.  Starfleet seemed a good a place as any to start; and at any rate it would get her off the outpost and out into space.  She applied to Starfleet and was accepted.

At first Kate had a timid start at the Academy--still a bit awkward and unsure how she fit in with her special abilities.  However, with the help of a security professor named Giles, who gave her private coaching, she learned to hone her shape shifting skills and use them to her advantage in her security/tactical training.  She became excited about the field and the possibilities for her future in Starfleet.

After her first year at the Academy had ended and just before the Fall term of her second year had begun, she had to take an extended LOA as her father had fallen ill and she wished to be home to care for him.  He had picked up an odd toxin from an exotic plant on one of the expeditions he went on for his research.  The toxin left him comatose for nearly ten months.  The doctors were finally able to bring him out of a coma however her father was then left paralyzed from the neck down.

Slowly her father regained some motion in his arms and hands, but still currently has almost no use of his legs and feet.  At this point it is uncertain whether he will ever regain full use of his limbs.  

Kate had remained by her father’s side throughout the past two years; diligently trying to help him recover and cope with his injuries.  After a one year LOA from the Academy, Kate was granted permission to complete correspondence courses at the beginning of the current school year.

By the middle of winter term her father and step mother convinced her to return to the Academy to continue her studies.  Kate knew her father would be well cared for and this was his sincere wish for her to go back to what he knew she loved.  And so she is currently back at the Academy attempting to re-integrate into Academy life after a 2 year absence.  


Shape shifting.  Shaping into animals seems to be her typical go to transformation, however she is able to transform into any humanoid she has had the pleasure of meeting as of yet.

Somewhat telepathic as a component of her shifting ability, but has not explored telepathic communication.  Has mentioned that she can see images from others’ minds, which is where she can get her ideas to shape-shift.

Kate has a natural ability to block her mind from others, although it is not yet a conscious ability.  If she doesn’t trust someone or feels alarm, her mental blocks seem to strengthen on their own.  If she trusts the person she is with, her mental block seems to naturally fade.  Dr Taylor discovered this over time, as he is a betazoid and initially could not sense her, especially when she changed shape; but as he formed a bond with the child as her “uncle”, he gradually has been let passed her natural mental blocks.  Now he can always tell when Kate is near, no matter what shape she is in.


Kate has had the reputation from former schools/public gatherings of having kind of a trickster personality, but mostly this stems from being misunderstood.  In reality she was simply an awkward teenager who liked to be liked and used her trickster mindset as a defense mechanism.  If she became uncomfortable or upset she tended to use her shape-shifting ability to escape the situation and often caused some humorous yet sometimes unwanted shenanigans in the process.  

When she first came to the academy she was insecure in her own abilities and unsure how to fit in with her new environment.  However, after obtaining private training, and experiencing some not so pleasant life events--she has matured and become more confident in her own skin.  

Though she is still somewhat guarded and a bit private when it comes to her personal life.  It takes a bit of time and effort for others to be let past her protective walls.  But once Kate lets a person into her world--she becomes a very loyal and protective friend to them.

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