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Nick: Kaelajh
Nick: Kaelajh
Nick: Kaelajh
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Commander Image
Commander Kaelajh Mai Quinn
Ret. USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Female
   Age: 25 to 30
   Height: 166 - 172 cm
Eyes: Black, but wears contacts so appears Dark Brown
Hair: Dark brown, Long, soft curls/waivy
Build/Posture: Athletic; muscular but feminine
Vocal Quality:
Telepathy: Very strong mental abilities, but uses mainly defensively. Has natural mental blocks that keeps telepaths/empaths from being able to get a read on her unless she allows it. She will not sense other’s thoughts/emotions unless she actively seeks them out due to her protective mental barrier unless those thoughts/emotions are extremely strong.
Duty Status: Inactive
Name: Kaelajh Mai Quinn
Title/Rank: Commander
Position/Occupation: First Officer
Core Grade: O06
Sim: USS Lexington

Biography for Commander Kaelajh Mai Quinn


Name: Kaelajh Mai Quinn

DOB: June 7th, 2364

Age: 27

Home Planet: Earth (adopted)

Species: Human/Betazoid

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single

Physical Characteristics:

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 5'6"

Build: Medium/Athletic

Hair Color: Long, dark brown

Eye Color: Black, but wears dark brown contact lenses

Family Information:

Adoptive Father: Admiral Samuel Quinn (Stationed at Starfleet Headquarters)

Adoptive Mother: Commander Raquel Quinn (Teaches at Starfleet Academy)

Starfleet Information:

Rank:  Lieutenant Commander

Current Assignment: USS Lexington, XO


Graduated with Honors Summer of 2382 at Starfleet Academy

Rank: 01 of 324, Valedictorian

Primary Areas of Focus: Astrophysics

Secondary Areas of Focus: Xenobiology

Service Record:

First Assignment: USS Aiden, Science officer (Served 2 years, 2382-2384)

Received Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2383

Transferred to Starbase Francis, Science officer (Served 3 years, 2384-2387)

Received Rank of Full Lieutenant in 2385

Received Rank of First Lieutenant six months later and became Chief Science officer

Transferred to USS Newton; Chief science officer (Served 2 years, 2388-2392)

Received Rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2388, and became Second Officer

Received orders to transfer to the USS Lexington in 2392 and given position of First Officer


Kaelaijh is a strong willed, intelligent woman.  She is close to her adoptive parents and strives to make them proud.  She followed in their footsteps joining Starfleet, and took after her adoptive mother in the sciences.

She is very athletic and thrives in highly competitive situations.  She enjoys anything that is physically and mentally challenging.

At the academy she fell in love with flying, and her favorite extracurricular activity was racing shuttles.  She has won many trophies both on the team level and on the individual level in shuttle racing.

Kaelaijh is able to associate with others on a professional level with exceptional ability, but her personal life is more guarded.  She socializes, but keeps people who are not in her immediate family at an emotional distance; only sharing superficial things about herself.

She has a strong work ethic, and doesn’t let personal issues affect her work.

Personal History

  • The first 5 years were very traumatic for Kaelajh, as she was held captive at a terrorist base from birth to age five.  Her father was murdered before she was born, and her mother was murdered at age 5 when she heroically managed to give their position away to Starfleet along with some information about the illegal nature of the base; causing a Starfleet raid on the base.


  • Starfleet brought the child back to earth were she was adopted by a Starfleet human couple stationed on Earth.

  • She received extensive counseling throughout her childhood.  In spite of her hardships, she was incredibly resilient.  Her mind naturally blocked out most of her memories from age 5 and younger.  With help from her counselors she learned to cope with her past and integrate into her new family.

  • She was a very bright child and had an aptitude for science and math.  Kaelajh was also very athletic growing up.

  • At age 17 she joined Starfleet and excelled in her classes, majoring in science.

  • At age 18 in the middle of her second year at the Academy she became very sick.  Her body began rapidly and very painfully transforming due to a genetic disorder.


  • After being rushed to a high priority Starfleet hospital, and spending 6 months being treated and recovering from her condition she was released and allowed to continue her studies at the Academy.

  • As a side effect to her condition and treatment several enhanced abilities surfaced or were identified as already present.

  • She worked with Dr Jay Renolds throughout the rest of her time at the Academy to work on strengthening/controlling her special abilities.

  • She belonged to the Helmsman club at the Academy, and won several trophies racing, both on the team level and individual.

Special Abilities:

  • Stronger than normal for a human/betazoid hybrid; comparative to Vulcan strength.

  • Keen senses—can hear a wider range of frequencies than is normal for her species, eye sight is better than 20/20, and adjusts to low lighting well (her night vision is better than most humanoids).

  • Improved hand/eye coordination, stamina, and ability to endure pain.

  • Very strong mental abilities, although she tends to use them more defensively than anything.  She has a natural block on her mind that causes most telepaths/empaths to not be able to get a reading off of her.  This block also protects her from sensing other’s emotions/thoughts when not actively seeking them out.

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