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Nick: JoshuaTrellis
Nick: JoshuaTrellis
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Captain Image
Captain Joshua Trellis
USF Host
   Species: Human
   Gender: Male
   Age: 30 to 35
   Height: 181 - 188 cm
Eyes: White with a faint glow
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights, Short
Build/Posture: Athletic, Average
Accessories: Dark wrap around glasses
Vocal Quality:
Duty Status: Active
Name: Joshua Trellis
Title/Rank: Captain
Position/Occupation: Former CO
Core Grade: O07
Sim: USS Excelsior

Biography for Captain Joshua Trellis

=/\=    Starfleet Command    =/\=

Personnel File

Joshua Trellis

ID# 90AG36768

NAME:             Trellis, Joshua
RANK:             Commander
POST:             Executive Officer
AGE:                     34
RACE:                    Human
GENDER:            Male
HEIGHT:            6' 0"
HAIR:                    Brown with blonde highlights
EYES:                    A dull white, with a soft phosphorescent glow, wear protective glasses to keep the light from his eyes. (see medical files.)


FATHER:     Karl Trellis         Owner of Trellis Antiques and Knick-
MOTHER:     Amanda Trellis CO-Owner
BROTHER:     Jonathan Trellis     Fst Lt. USS Discovery NCC 47213-C
                       Science Officer (KIA - USS Discovery destroyed during the Vulcan Occupation)

Date of Birth: Stardate 97806.24
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden


   Josh was born in Stockholm where he lived until he was five years of age. His parents moved to Montana, where his father began an antiques business. Most of the items were dated from the 19th-21st century in good to fair condition.
   Josh and his brother Jonathan, or as Josh called him Johnny, grew up as the best of friends, sometimes fighting but always making up two hours after any fight, like clockwork. Despite their age difference of four years they were always interested in mainly the same things, until his brother, at the age of 13, found out girls were not as icky as they seemed.
   Three years later Johnny was accepted into SFA despite his father's wishes. The incident caused a rift between the two and Karl and Johnny did not speak for three years. Karl allowed no transmissions from Johnny into the house.
   A training accident at The Academy almost killed Johnny, causing Karl to reconsider his stubbornness and once again make contact with his first born son. They were a family again and the next year they all attended Johnny's graduation. During their visit to the Academy Josh became highly interested in SF. For a year Johnny sent communiques home off and on. The stories of space exploration was enough for Josh to send his application to the Academy. Four months later he was accepted to the spring classes. Karl was displeased.
   His father, although angry, was not as harsh as he had been with Johnny. There was six months of the silent treatment but Karl finally came to his senses and knew this was right for his son's despite his objections.


Entrance Date: Stardate 99403.12



Stardate 99507.09 Received Deans Medal for Achievements
Stardate 99905.03 Graduated With Honors

First Starship Assignment
USS Columbia NCC 99513
Captain Daniel Mancuso
Stardate 0012.05
Security/Assistant Tactical officer

Stardate 0101.22 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Stardate 0103.24 Posted as Chief of Engineering
Stardate 0108.03 Promoted to Full Lieutenant and to second officer of the USS Columbia NCC 99153
Stardate 0603.29 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineering Officer of Station 37, Utopia Planetia Shipyards.


Stardate 0101.16    First Month Service Medal

Stardate 0101.16    Good Conduct Medal

Stardate 0101.16    Crew Recognition for
Merit,Service,Valor,Commitment & Resourcefulness

Stardate 0104.13    Escort Duty in POW Exchange Mission

Stardate 0104.13    Demilitarized Zone Protection Unit Citation

Disciplinary files

An incident between the Gorn and the Columbia resulted in a hull breach on the bridge. Many of the crew were able to brace themselves, except for the Security Chief Nina Arias. It was rumored that Trellis and Arias were romantically involved and the loss was devastating to Trellis afterward.

After a spatial body collision with the Columbia, Joshua Trellis attacked Captain Mancuso demanding answers for why the incident could have been prevented. Trellis was distraught at the loss of several of the engineers under his command when an asteroid breached several decks of the Columbia.
Captain Mancuso subdued Trellis and did not file a report of the incident, instead he had Trellis confined to the brig for a day with nothing else being said.

Joshua Trellis was under observation after a near fatal poisoning after imbibing the alcoholic drink known as Folusean Ale. He spent several days in sickbay as a result and was ordered to undergo counseling sessions afterward.


During a refit and upgrade of Columbia's systems, several of the command staff were sent to a frozen planet in the Durani system to oversee the dismantling of the research station Gamma 12.
During the operation, several crew went missing and at least six were killed. Reports from the surviving command crew indicate an alien presence infiltrated the research station and began to assume position in the base. While there were no indications that Changelings were present, the crew reported that it was difficult to tell who was who as things progressed. Paranoia ran rampant amongst the crew and the research station was destroyed. The surviving crew were picked up by the USS Addison before hypothermia could set in. All reports and files from this incident have been deemed classified by Starfleet Command.


Stardate 0105.28

*EMH reporting*

During an away mission to an alien vessel, Lt. jg Joshua Trellis received
surgery on his left eye due to a very small metallic particle. Received
second degree facial burns around the eyes that was repaired. Spent two days
in Sickbay for observation. Status of his left eye is sufficient after
surgery and observation.

Stardate 0107.09

*EMH reporting*

An explosion during battle caused Lt. Jg Joshua Trellis to fall and sprain
his right arm. It was examined and he was released.

Stardate 0107.11

*EMH reporting*

Lt. JG Joshua Trellis was brought to sickbay in a comatose state. Scans and
reports, from the security officer Ensign Tolk, indicated he had extreme
alcohol poisoning from Folusean Ale. There was extensive kidney and liver
damage that required surgery to regenerate the cells that had dissolved from
the affects of Folusean Ale on the human body. Lt. Trellis spent four days in
observation for scans of any neurological damage. The damage was minimal but
there were minimal fluctuations in the optical nerve center. It is
recommended that he receive medical updates once a month. It is also
recommended that he receive weekly psychological exams once a week, since it
was determined that this was no accident, but self-inflicted.

Stardate 0109.27

*Dr. Julian Bashir reporting*

Lt. Joshua Trellis of the USS Columbia, has arrived and asked for my expert opinion on an extremely unusual and most interesting case. For the past two months he has silently dealt with a sensitivity to light that has, at times, caused him extreme agony.
At first glance the optical scans revealed nothing, until I read over past medical reports, written by my holographic counterpart on the Columbia. Emergency holograms are not programmed to suspect the unimaginable, which is why I believe this problem was overlooked. (On an unrelated note, I believe security measures should be looked into to prevent engineers from overriding EMH programming. Medical issues, no matter how minor, should be diagnosed through an actual physician, unless there is an emergency. Hence the term Emergency Medical Hologram. I have made my objections to Lieutenant Trellis' unathorized use of the EMH known)
Lieutenant Trellis' eye injury months ago, with the addition of Folusean Ale somehow interacted. The Lieutenant informed me that the ship they were investigating was over 300 years old, he did mention something about ghosts, butI find that irrelevant and preposterous.
Three hundred years is a long time for a ship to be adrift and even in the vacuum of space there have been instances of living bacteria being reported. It's my opinion that, when Trellis' left eye was injured, the metallic particles could have been carrying some unknown micro bacteria. The bacteria, mixed with the effects of the substances in Folusean Ale into his blood stream have produced something never recorded in Starfleet medical history, at least as far as I have been able to determine in my research.
The combination of the two events happening to one person is astronomical and I highlydoubt such an occurrence could happen again. I'm going to continue with my testing and evaluations while the Lieutenant is still with us here at DS9, I'm also attaching all data to this report and forwarding it to Starfleet Medical Headquarters as well as the Columbia's database. I'm also recommending that Trellis return for checkup the next time they dock, since the Columbia will be in the system for the next couple of months.

Stardate 0111.28

*Dr. Julian Bashir reporting*

My theory about micro bacteria turned out to be correct. After extensive research, and scans during this recent follow up, I've discovered a microorganism at the base of Joshua's optic nerve stem. For the moment the microorganism is not a significant threat to the Lieutenant's eyes, save for the sensitivity to light, nor is it a physical threat to his health except for the fact that in normal lighting it impairs his ability to do his duties.
Since our last visit Joshua has discovered that low light conditions are no problem for his sight and his headaches are not as frequent. I have replicated him a pair of darkened glasses, for him and will make it a medical necessity in his records to ccontinue to wear them until we can remove these 'parasites'.
At this point in time I have done all I can do for him and he is in otherwise good health. There is a side effect that is beneficial for the Lieutenant however, an ability to see in the dark. This parasite is benfitting the host with excellent night vision and will continue to do so as long as the lighting conditions allow, in this case being, no light whatsoever I'm afraid.
This optic nerve condition, while fascinating, is up to Starfleet Medical researchers now, but I will of course continuee studying the data as time allows. I also do not believe an attempt to remove these microorganisms would be wise at this time, a few invasive scans had a painful effect on Joshua and I believe any attempt to remove them could have serious and potentially fatal results for the Lieutenant.
On a side note, the Lieutenant has jokingly called his condition 'The Trellis Headlight Syndrome", I'm pleased to hear that he is being positive about this, but I believe Joshua would benefit from counseling sessions, not only for this but from pyshcological issues stemming back to the cause of his Folusean Ale incident. He would not discuss his reasonings for imbibing of a beverage in such quantities that are fatal for a Human, but something tells me past traumas are to blame.
As before all information is being forwarded to Starfleet Medical and the Columbia's medical database.

Post Columbia update

Joshua Trellis has undergone extensive testing and scans to evaluate his condition with the microorganisms in his optic nerves. Three attempts to remove the parasites have failed, one attempt almost costing Trellis his life.
Four years after the initial incident it was determined that the growth of the microorganism was stable and was no threat to Trellis' health with the exception of his sensitivity to light. Trellis has since learned to live with the fact that this parasite is not going anywhere and with the weekly counseling sessions has learned to put a lot of his past traumas behind him.
A transfer from the Columbia to Station 37 located at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards have allowed Trellis to continue his engineering duties while in a more stable environment. Currently Lieutenant Commander Trellis is undergoing weekly counseling sessions with Commander Amanda Hudson.

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